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Upflush Toilets

Best Upflush Toilets

Find the best upflush toilet for your home here. We look at the leading brands in the industry and what you can expect from each.

Saniflo toilet reviews

We look at one of the biggest brands on the market and analyze their strengths and weaknesses through in depth reviews. Are they right for your bathroom requirements? Find out here.

Pros and cons of upflush toilets

Learn about the pros and cons of macerating toilets here. We look at a whole range of things including where they can be installed, costs associated with them, water usage, and their general design.

Basement toilet options

Some people would love to install a toilet in the basement. A second bathroom always comes in handy. But this often means it falls below the sewage line. This is where a macerating pump is beneficial. Learn more about your options here.

How to clean an upflush toilet?

Keep your toilet in top shape by learning these handy cleaning tips. Get rid of those lingering odours for good, and make your bathroom more hygienic and welcoming for all visitors.