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Saniflo Toilet Reviews (Brand Buyers Guide & Ratings 2022)

If you find yourself in need of a upflushing toilet system, one of the first manufacturers we think of is Saniflo. They have a wide range of products that are perfect for both temporary and permanent installations.

Many of their products feature a macerating pump that grinds up waste into manageable sizes, ready to be pumped to the sewer lines. These designs are very effective for locations that can't rely on gravity fed mechanisms.

We've hand picked a few of our favorites and rated each of them below. Find out what we criteria we look for in our ratings here.

Our pick

Saniflo SaniCompact 023

The SaniCompact is a self contained toilet that has quite a basic exterior. There is no visible tank because everything is found within and powered by electricity. This makes it an excellent choice for readers looking to save floor space.

Something that stood out to us was the ability to connect to a sink. It can be very useful to have both operating on one plumbing system. To give you an idea of its pumping capabilities, it can send waste upwards nine feet and up to one hundred feet horizontally. This will be enough for the majority of residential fittings.

Compare toilets

SaniCompact SaniPLUS SaniAccess 3
Model number 023 13007005 8713606
Elongated .
Dimensions 18.2 x 14.5 x 15.8" N/A N/A
Weight 62.2 lbs 99.7 lbs N/A
Concealed trap
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White
Rating 85% 84% 84%

About the company. Who are they?

This is a company that build specialized kitchen and bathroom hardware. They help their clients create their half bath installations, thanks to their reliable, innovative products.

The parent company behind them, SFA, invented the toilet macerator. This was a big step forward as it allowed people to connect their waste pipes to sewer lines in locations that they couldn't before. The whole idea behind this was to make things easier to set up without renovating the whole house.

They are a global manufacturer that have a great reputation in the industry. We've found plenty of positive feedback around the web for their products while conducting our research.

List of in depth reviews

Saniflo Sanicompact 023

The 023 has a unusual exterior. Upon first look, you realize there is no tank. Well, while it may appear that way, the real reason for this is because all the mechanisms required to flush the toilet are built inside. This allows it to be more compact than many of its counterparts, and a great choice for consumers with a small washroom.

The bowl is elongated and floor mounted. This tends to have a slightly longer depth than round shaped bowls, but it makes up for this by offering users more seated space and comfort.

The flushing mechanism itself is quite efficient too. It only uses 1.3 gallons of water per flush. Many standard products in the industry use 1.6 gallons, so that's quite a difference.

Should you wish to do so, you can also connect it to your sinks outlet. The motor behind all of this is able to pump waste up to 100 ft horizontally and 9 ft upwards thanks to its 3600 RPM motor that offers 0.3 horsepower.

The seat is included, the bowl is made from porcelain, and it's finished in white. The product dimensions given are 18.2 by 14.5 by 15.8 inches.

While the other choices below offer plenty of advantages, the 023 topped the list thanks to the compact nature of its design. Being able to fit into smaller spaces is always a plus.

Saniflo SaniPLUS 13007005

The SaniPlus is another fine example of why this company is a market leader in this niche. The ability to install a bathroom anywhere in your home without the need of smashing up the floor should certainly be appreciated.

It comes equipped with the pump, bowl, and tank all in one package. The bowl itself is elongated in shape, which is the best choice for those of you looking for the appropriate leg support.

So how does it differ from the 023 above? Well, the most obvious difference we see that it can send waste further through the pipes. Instead of nine feet up, this one can do fifteen feet. Instead of one hundred feet horizontal, this one can do one hundred and fifty feet. So this is a better option for those of you looking for extra range.

Some people are concerned with the noise levels of its flush. The actual noise measurement is given as less than 53 dBA. And once activated, the running time usually last between ten to twelve seconds.

Saniflo SaniAccess 3 8713606

Similar to the SaniPlus, this unit is able to send your waste upwards up to fifteen feet and up to one hundred and fifty feet away from the soil stack.

The motor and pump system rotates at 3600 RPM, enabling it to churn up both waste and toilet paper with ease. For strength and durability purposes, this blade is constructed in stainless steel.

Like the 13007005, it take around 10-12 seconds for the flushing action to complete. The great thing about it is its versatile nature. You can attach other sanitary ware such as baths, sinks, and showers to it.

Once again, it's elongated in shape, but it doesn't have the benefit of being compact like the 023. However, it's a solid choice that will get the job done.

Other things to consider

Bowl - We believe that there should be a lot of focus on the type of bowl you get. We're not just referring to the shape here either. Things like the overall height should be taken into account. You should be thinking about whether or not a standard bowl is good enough for you, or if you need something taller and chair height.

Aesthetics - For those of you wanting to keep things contemporary and aesthetically pleasing. There are a couple of features to watch out for. One of these is the skirting around the bowl. Smooth sides all the way around the bowls edges add to the overall appeal. When you compare it to exposed trapways, there is a noticeable difference.

Then there is making sure the color themes match up. This doesn't necessarily mean that the primary colors. For example, smaller things like the trip lever matching the faucets and shower heads can really help visually.

Other brands - While this brand is a popular choice among consumers, it's important to remember who their competitors are and what they can offer you. Thetford and Dometic are two such examples. Some of you may not have ruled out the standard gravity models, if that's the case, we have detailed guides on Mansfield, Ove, Toto, American Standard, Sterling, Niagara, WoodBridge, Kohler, and Swiss Madison.

Water usage - It doesn't matter what type of toilet you end up fitting in your home, it's important to learn about how much water it uses. These days, products no longer have to rely on large quantities of water to flush out all the waste from the bowl. Improvements in flushing mechanisms mean that they can achieve the same results with less water. If this is something that interests you, look out for the WaterSense label when shopping. This highlights a products ability to save water.

Gloss - Bacteria, mildew, and mold are things that have been sticking to the inside bowls surfaces for a long time. This can result in horrible odors. But advancements made in materials and technology mean that this build up can be limited. What are we referring to? A type of anti microbial gloss that covers the ceramic, protecting it from damage, and ensuring that the surface is smoothed over in full. When you activate the flush, water sent through will wash away the dirt and germs more effectively because the gloss is designed to stop things sticking to it.

Consumer feedback - If you're anything like us, you should put a lot of time into researching products before we buy. Especially if they're fairly expensive. One method we use to gain a better understanding of a products pros and cons is through the reading of customer reviews around the web. Doing this can help you understand all the potential drawbacks before you part with your cash.


In our opinion, Saniflo toilets are one of the better brands to look into for things like basement bathrooms, where your lines are located beneath the sewage pipes. They've got the variety required to get the job done, with built in pumps that ensure waste fits through smaller pipes. However, it's always worth thinking about what the competition are offering and how they compare. We've written numerous guides that can be found on our menu that are all designed to help you make a more informed decision.