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9 Best Toilets in 2024 (Top Brands, Flush Types, & Reviews)

What is the best toilet and which form of measurement should determine this? Manufacturers will tell us their unique innovations give them an edge over the competition. Others will say flushing performance and the ability to handle waste in bulk effectively. You could also argue that toilets receiving the highest rated consumer feedback are the industry leaders. But how do you choose between these claims? Our in depth reviews could be the solution.

We have analyzed the many different specifications, features, and brand information for the most powerful flushing toilets and applied a score for each. In tallying up these scores, we can give each toilet a rating based on in depth research, rather than guesswork. By doing this, you end up with improved reporting accuracy, which will help you find a good toilet.

Top rated toilets

  1. TOTO Ultramax II
  2. TOTO Drake II
  3. KOHLER Tresham
  4. American Standard Champion 4
  5. TOTO Eco Soiree
  6. KOHLER Karing
  7. TOTO Neorest
  8. KOHLER Memoirs
  9. EAGO TB336

TOTO Ultramax II MS604114CEFG

TOTO have always been among the leading toilet manufacturers. We feel the Ultramax II combines flush performance (800g), aesthetics, and efficiency (1.28 gpf) really well to provide a excellent family bathroom solution.

We always recommend checking the feedback from consumers before you buy anything. If the majority of reviews are positive, then it's usually a sign of good quality. Unsurprisingly, this particular model has plenty of positive sentiment surrounding it from multiple sources.

Compare products using our toilet ratings

We have produced a comparison table of the top 9 toilets based on thorough analysis below. Find out how the editorial picks match up against their competition. We look at a products specs in detail to remove much of the intensive research involved. By doing so, the whole buying process becomes less time consuming and streamlined.

TOTO Ultramax II TOTO Drake II KOHLER Tresham American Standard
Champion 4
TOTO Eco Soiree KOHLER Karing TOTO Neorest KOHLER Memoirs EAGO
Model number MS604114CEFG CST454CEFG K-3950 2034.014.020 MS964214CEFG K-4026 MS992CUMFG K-6669 TB336
Rough in 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12"
Flush type Double Cyclone Double Cyclone AquaPiston Siphonic action Tornado Power Lite Tornado AquaPiston Siphonic Jet
Trip lever
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.6 1.28 1.28 0.8 /1.0 1.28 1.28
MaP 800g 800g 1000g 1000g 600g 600g 800g 1000g
Rim height Height without seat
16-1/8" 16-1/8" 16-1/2" 16.5" 16-1/8" 15-1/2" 15 9/16" 16-1/2" 16-3/8"
Elongated .
WSA Water surface area
7-1/8" x 9-1/8" 7-1/8" x 9-1/8" 11-1/2" x 9" 7-7/8" x 9-13/16" 12" x 9-1/2" 8-3/4" x 7-1/4" 11-1/8" x 8-1/2"
Water level Rim to surface
5-1/2" 5-1/2" 5-3/8" 5-7/8" 4-7/8" 5-3/8"
Dimensions 28 3/8 x 16 1/2 x 28 3/4 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4" 28.5 x 16.5 x 14.5" 17.8 x 29.8 x 29.5" 28.1 x 14 x 27.8" 25 x 22 x 32" 32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5" 31.4 x 28.2 x 20.1" 27.8 x 15 x 16.8"
Weight 99 lbs 94 lbs 72.8 lbs 118 lbs 90 lbs 110 lbs 120 lbs 101 lbs 122 lbs
Trap size 2-1/8" 2-1/8" 2-1/8" 2-3/8" 2-3/16" 2-7/8" 2-1/8” 2" 2"
Flush valve 3" 3" 3" 4" 3" 3" 3" 2" 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White Cotton, Beige, Bone White, Biscuit, Bone White, Linen, Bone Cotton, Colonial, Beige White White White, Sandbar, Black White
Soft close
Rating 88% 86% 86% 85% 85% 85% 85% 84% 83%

In Depth Toilet Buying Guide for Homeowners

Knowing what to look for when buying a new toilet can be advatageous in many ways. Not only will shopping be less time consuming, you'll also have an idea of what your own bathroom requires. We go through the most common features and functions below. We also aim to ensure readers understand which measurements they need to avoid mismatches. The highest rated toilets combine everything in this list together effectively to produce a durable and reliable option for your home.

What's your rough in size?

The first basic, but important step nonetheless, is to find out which rough in size you require. Don't guess this measurement as getting it wrong will cause frustration in the form of gaps behind the tank or being too close to a wall. So how do you go about doing this?

Get yourself a measuring tape and measure from the base of a finished wall to the center of the flange. This should also be from the wall, so remove any skirting boards or other obstacles in the way to get an accurate measurement. The industry standard is twelve inches, but some older homes and specialized buildings may require ten inches or fourteen inches. If you plan on getting a TOTO, think about utilizing a UniFit adapter.

Which is better one piece or two piece toilets?

When manufacturers use these terms in their descriptions, they are simply letting you know if the products bowl and tank comes separated from one another. One piece means it comes as a full package, two piece means the tank needs to be screwed or bolted onto the bowl.

One piece toilets



Two piece toilets



Elongated bowl vs round bowl

Thinking about the shape or your toilet bowl may seem like a pointless exercise, but it is quite important you understand the differences between them. Quite often it can effect space and user comfort.

A round shaped bowl is designed for the purpose of saving space and saving cash. Which can be a very handy features, but you are certainly sacrificing comfort and user experience by going this route. However, this will depend entirely on a users current circumstances.

So aside from the ways elongated shape bowls can be beneficial listed above, they can also be more suited to men for obvious biological reasons. The shape is more accommodating for them. Square bowls can also be a good alternative from purely a design perspective. They're not known to be the most comfortable however.

Comfort height vs standard height

A standard toilet height typically measures 14 1/2" from the base to the rim. On the other hand, comfort height toilets usually measures around 16 1/8" from the base to rim, with the seat pushing it into the 17-19" range. By making the toilet bowl taller, it enables it to meet criteria from the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA for short. This ensures greater accessibility for people with disabilities, senior citizens, or even tall people.

So whilst ADA toilets have their advantages, it's easy to overlook what standard size bowls have to offer consumers. For one, they are a better choice for shorter people, which also means they are suitable for family households. In addition to this, some experts argue that they provide a more natural seated posture which will play a part in preventing constipation. The science behind this is down to the squat position and how the hips are located a bit lower than your knees whilst seated. This is not achievable on an ADA model unless you get a stool to place your feet on near the base.

Concealed trapway

Which toilets are best? Concealed or exposed? Those with a concealed trapway have several advantages compared to ones where the trap is exposed. The main one is the improved aesthetics. Skirted sides around the bowl give them a contemporary feel which is great for people looking to modernize their restroom.

Then there is the smoother surface with fewer nooks and crannies for germs and dust to build up. For someone wanting to keep their loo in top condition, the simplicity of cleaning such styles will be welcome.

However, because the manufacturer adds in extra materials to produce this effect, they tend to be more expensive than standard units.

Trap size

Some say a larger trap is better. But how much of a difference does it make and is it all marketing hype? Most products measure 2-1/8 inches. However, now high end toilets with larger trapways are in demand. Our opinion on the matter is these bigger sizes are unecessary simply because the MaP testing uses waste of 7/8" in diameter to determine the effectiveness of the flush. Most humans don't excrete waste larger than that, so the majority of modern toilets with standard trap sizes should be effective enough. Go too large and performance can sometimes suffer as a result.

Types of toilet flush systems

Single flush - The most common type of flush. Unlike dual flushing toilets below, these units will only send one batch of water through the bowl when flushed. However, they can also be among the most powerful. They can come with high efficiency, or standard features.

Dual flush - Are they any good? The best dual flush toilets provide users with the choice of two diffent power options whilst remaining efficient. These two power options are usually operated with the use of two buttons on top of the tank. You'll discover one uses less amounts of water, which is designed for handling liquid waste, and one that uses significantly more water. That heavier flush is for the removal of solid waste from the bowl.

It's a popular pick among consumers because it's flexible and allows users to decide when to opt for performance over efficiency.

Low flow - A low flow toilet is a product which is designed to be both economically and environmentally friendly. The water savings made by choosing these over standard variants can be quite significant. Comapred to 1.6 gallon units, these will consume just 1.28 gallons and below which is known as WaterSense criteria. To give readers an idea of the sort of savings that can be made, that can equate to 13,000 gallons over a year. What's more, depending on where you're from, you may be entitled to tax rebates by using a eco friendly toilet. Use this tool to see if this applies to you.

Gravity fed - Toilets operating on a gravity fed flush are the most common. To put it simply, this style relies on the amount of water in the tank and the volume let through the flush valve via gravity to clean the bowl. The way it achieves this is not fixed, but jet nozzles and rim holes are among manufacturers favorites.

Pressure assisted - These are among the highest performance options. They utilize air pressure to achieve a strong rush of water once the trip lever is pulled. One benefit of owning this type is less tank sweating which can leak water over the floor. The reason for that is down to the water being held in what's known as a pressure vessel inside the tank. This is similar to how insulated toilets operate in order to stop the build up of condensation. However, these can quite a bit louder than gravity based units.

Upflush - Ideal for bathrooms below or far away from the sewer line, upflush toilets use macerating pumps to send waste upwards where the traditional methods won't cut it. They are popular for basement installations and non permanent locations.

Flush activation

This refers to the point in which the flush mechanism is activated. The two most popular choices are trip levers and buttons. However, there are also hands free options which are commonly referred to as touchless toilets.

Buttons are typically found on dual flushing toilets to make picking between two flush powers more user friendly. Trip levers will usually be found on the left side or front of the tank and will typically be made of a chrome material. But you also have the option of a right hand trip lever too. Lastly, touchless options will operate through a sensor in the tank which users can float their hand over. That's a more hygienic option that doesn't require a user touching anything.

Aside from these three methods, there is also the more traditional, victorian style known as a high-tank, pull-chain toilet. They have tanks installed overhead (typically around 70 inches in height), which then operates like any other type of tank. The only difference is, the flush is activated by pulling a long chain. However, these can be quite time consuming and difficult to install, especially if you've no prior experience in plumbing or DIY.


The type of gloss used plays an important role in keeping the bowl clean. The top toilet manufacturers advertise their own gloss innovations. For example TOTO use both SanaGloss and more recently, CeFiONtect. American Standard use EverClean, KOHLER CleanCoat, and Duravit have WonderGliss. To put it simply, these are specially designed finishes that protect the bowl from the build up of mould, bacteria, and limescale. Essentially, it's a way to protect the ceramic layer and keep the bathroom cleaner for longer.

Water surface area and level

If you compare toilets, the water surface area, or water spot, is dictated by the weir, the trapway, and how the bowl is moulded. The taller the weir, the higher volume of water in the bowl. There are several advantages for the surface of the water covering a larger and deeper area and it's not just to do with improved aim. Manufacturers frequently note how it plays a role in keeping odors down. You can find products individual measurements in our comparison table at the top of the page.

However, despite the positives, you should also be wary of an abnormally large water surface area as poorly designed and compact units can leave the water level sitting far too high in the bowl. So you need to think about where it is in relation to the rim height to avoid splashing and other inconveniences. In our opinion, a good ballpark figure of rim to water should be five inches and above.

MaP scoring - Which toilet has the best flush?

If you're reading this, it's very likely this question has crossed your mind. There are a number of flush mechanisms and flow rates to come to terms with, which can make learning about a specific units performance difficult. This is where MaP comes into the equation.

The MaP toilet rating system is seen as the industry standard when is comes to understanding a toilets flush performance. On a scale of 0-1000, MaP rates how well a product flushes waste. It's important to note that this doesn't test bowl washing ability or splash. It is however, a third party company which is paid a test fee by manufacturers to see whether or not their products pass or fail. If multiple leading brands see it as a suitable quality assurance assessment, you should too.

The highly recommended toilets fall into the 1000-600 grams category. Which really describes it handling between 21 and 35 ounces of waste effectively. Then there is the recommended category which is between 350-600 grams. Most, if not all of the leading brands will have these levels of performance. However, if you're not sure, our comparison table above lists each products individual score.

We don't suggest choosing a toilet below the two categories above as the flush performance is not great. MaP do go on to say between 250-350 grams is acceptable and the bare minimum you should aim for. Anything less than that, 0-250 grams should be avoided.

The specific waste weight ranges are chosen based on medical research. The 250g figure given ensure it can handle 95% of males waste from one sitting and 350g 99%. So what should you take away from all these statistics? Anything 350g and above is more than enough for the average person, and anything higher is just for show. Interestingly enough, the Enivironmental Protection Agencies WaterSense label also requires that exact figure.

Contrary to popular belief, the products high on this scale are affordable. Just remember, the better the flush, the less likelihood of clogs. In our opinion, that's a worthwhile investment if it means avoiding that. A plumbers costs can add up quickly.

Water consumption - What is the best GPF for a toilet?

Low flow toilets have gained popularity in recent years. Thanks to design improvements and flush innovations, the best value toilets are now able to use just 1.28 gallons of water per flush whilst still handling waste as effectively. The differences between both the standard and efficient models is really about federal and EPA standards. Whilst federal standards allow the top flush toilets to utilize a high flow, 1.6 gallons per flush, EPA have a criteria of 1.28 and below. These will be given the WaterSense label and ensure consumers make up to 20% or more savings in water. This could add up to a significant 13,000 gallons for your average family or $110 every year. Considering the durability of many of these products, this can mean up to $2200 over a units lifetime. So there is a real environmental and economical advantage to owning one.

In addition to this, WaterSense compliant toilets should also be able to handle 350 grams or more. They conduct a waste extraction test for this. This further backs up the MaP criteria of what an effective flush should be.

You may also notice some dual flush toilets have a heavy 1.4 gpf flush alongside a lighter one. These can still comply with the residential toilet guidelines as long as the average of both falls under or equal to 1.28 gallons. Just keep an eye out for the label.


Waste outlet

Think about where your waste outlet is. The majority will find an outlet which passes through the floor to the sewers, however, some will require a rear discharge toilet to send waste through the back. If you're unsure which you need you may want to consult a plumber. It's usually quite easy to tell the difference between them both, as long as you don't have a skirted exterior that removes the visibility of the pipes.

If your doing a complete re-design of your bathroom, and starting from scratch, we would suggest sticking with floor outlets, simply because pipes running downwards will naturally be better at pushing waste through via gravity. Not only that, but you may require extra building work on your walls for rear flushing models, as many of the products require some kind of tank and carrier system in the wall. (Similar to wall hanging toilets). This can be a far more expensive and time consuming undertaking.


Wall mounted toilets - Wall hung options are truly a designers dream. They offer that unique style that traditional options don't have. For starters, almost all of them come with a smooth, ridgeless, and skirted bowl. There is something pleasing about the plumbing materials and pipes being hidden from view.

Then there is the tank or, lack of, often being installed behind a finished wall using a tank and carrier system. The advantages of owning one aren't just beauty deep either. They are a great solution for saving floor space something that consumers are increasingly looking for when upgrading their bathroom.

However, alongside these positives, there are negatives at play. If you're looking to buy a wall hung toilet, they are more expensive than many standard units. Many homeowners will also require the skill of a professional plumber to get it fitted as it gets built into a wall and the pipes sometimes need to be re-routed and adjusted. They will also need to patch up the tiles on the floor if you're upgrading from a standard floor mount toilet. All of these thing are additional expenses that can add up quickly.

It's also worth noting that they require thicker walls to meet the required weight support and tank implementation. Not every residential home has that luxury. Many people will need their bathroom remodelled before buying one.

Floor mounted toilets - As the name would suggest, this style are bolted to the floor and are common in American homes. The great thing about floor mount options is that their is no shortage of product ranges to choose from. You name any flushing mechanism you want, and chances are it's available.

They are also more affordable than their floating toilet counterparts. So for those looking for the best budget toilet, we advise sticking to them.

However, if you compare both styles side by side, we believe the majority of readers would agree that floor mounts are less atractive, and tend to be quite large which is not ideal for people needing something with a low profile design.


The toilet seat you purchase should match the bowl shape. It should be made from a material which is easy to clean and strong like plastic. Users should also look into the easy to remove and quiet close hinges that prevent the seat and lid from slamming shut.

There are also plenty of alternative luxury products like heated and padded seating. Bidet toilet seats are another advanced option that makes cleaning and wiping more effective thanks to a water spraying nozzle.

Some seats will come with the toilet, however, others will not. In those cases, you'll want to look at the specification sheet provided by manufacturers. They usually come in PDF format and will have a list of compatible seats in terms of size and shape.

Best Toilet Brands. What's the verdict?

The top toilet brands certainly share some similarities. They offer unique innovations in how they utilize water, adjust designs to make users more comfortable, and improve upon external aesthetics to accommodate varying tastes in style. There is a reason the same few company names pop up time and time again when shopping, and thats down to the product quality they're offering users.

TOTO - As a market leaders, TOTO toilets have a touch of quality you don't often find elsewhere. Founded by Kazuchika Okura in 1917, TOTO produce a wide range of sanitary hardware including lavatories, faucets, showers, and baths. Ultramax, Drake, Entrada, Clayton, Neorest, Aquia, Connelly, Carlyle II, Nexus, Maris, and Promenade are just a few of the popular product ranges they offer.

You'll find the ratio of positive customer reviews far outweighs the negative for this brand all around the web. That's a good sign of quality and an indicator of reliable performance. In fact, we selected the Ultramax II as one of the best flushing toilets overall in our research.

KOHLER - A sought after brand for several reasons. KOHLER toilets have long been at the forefront of sanitary ware innovations. They offer excellent flushing systems, beautiful contemporary designs, and certainly pay attention to details in what makes a product comfortable and convenient.

They were founded in 1873, and their headquarters is in Kohler, Wisconsin. A fitting place we think. They produce a number of kitchen and bathroom parts, and have a great number of favored product ranges including but not limited to Tresham, Adair, Numi, Wellworth, Corbelle, Archer, Cimarron, Memoirs, Veil, Karing, Persuade, and an editorial pick known as San Souci.

Sterling - As another company with a lot of history, dating back to its foundation in 1907, Sterling Faucet Co. have built up a name for itself through producing some of the finest faucets and brassware. KOHLER acquired them in 1984 when they began producing a number of affordable, mid price range toilets for sale.

Some notable ranges include Rockton, Karsten, Riverton, Windham, and Stinson. They also use terms like dual force technology and luxury height to describe their dual flushing mechanisms and comfort height seating.

American Standard - This brand make a number of first rate commercial and residential toilets. They also have expertize in the kitchen too with a number of sinks and faucet products. They fall under the LIXIL Water Technology umbrella who have a number of other well known names operating under them including Crane Plumbing, GROHE, and Eljer.

American Standard toilets design innovations include the VorMax self cleaning system, and an EverClean glazing surface which is designed to fight mildew, mould, and fungus. Then there is the EZ-Install system which saves users time setting it up.

Some of their most popular ranges include Cadet 3, Colony, Edgemere, and Town Square.

Gerber - Founded my Max Gerber in 1932, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures build some terrific products that are sustainable, and environmentally friendly, often meeting the criteria WaterSense. Their Viper and Avalanche ranges were well received by consumers, winning awards.

They have a great amount of choice when is comes to bowl shape and sizes, and are a solid option for the economical factor.

Mansfield - Mansfield Plumbing Products were founded in 1929 and have their headquarters in Perrysville, Ohio. Their bathroom fixtures include some outstanding solutions for commercial, institutional, and residential settings. Another popular brand name under their wing is Carona.

Some of their current ranges include Aegean, Adriatic, Alto, Baltic, Barrett, Brentwood, Cascade, Summit, and Montclair. Overall, they make some great toilets that would work well in a family home.

Niagara - Advertising to consumers with the slogan "Welcome to the water revolution", Niagara are a brand which pride themselves on producing water saving toilets. They have engineered their flush mechanics in order to find the right balance between having performance and keeping water flowing rate low.

The company was founded by Bill Cutler, starting out with shower heads, then moving onto a full set of efficient washroom hardware.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, they offer a number of case studies on their website showing how many gallons of water have been saved in both residential and commercial environments. Quite often you'll find after fitting new and improved systems, they are able to achieve savings in the tens of thousands. Quite impressive.

A popular innovation of theirs is Stealth and Ecologic technology, and product ranges include Phantom, Nano, and Sentinel. They also pioneered flaperless toilets.

Duravit - With a number of great collections, fixtures, and attachments, Duravit have built up quite a reputation for themselves. Innovative product improvements such as WonderGliss, and rimless toilets set the bar high when it comes to cleaning the bowl effectively.

Consumers will undoubtedly appreciate their vastness in variety. Wall mounted and floor mounted choices are just the beginning of their products. They also sell a number of other lavatory fittings such as sinks, baths and showers.

Definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing brands on the market, many of which takes advantage of skirting and curved bowls to achieve a modernistic theme. Some collections to keep an eye on include Architec, Happy D.2, DuraStyle, Starck 1/2/3, Vero Air, 1930 Series, Darling, D-Code, and P3 Comforts.

WoodBridge - Based in California, WoodBridge Bath are another one of those manufacturers that fly under the radar. Despite not having the same rep as the market leaders above, they produce a number of affordable, home toilets that have great feedback from buyers online.

Their T-0001 and T-0019 models in particular seem to be among the top sellers on a variety of different sources around the web.

Ove - Specializing in furniture, lighting, and bathroom hardware, Ove Decors have a excellent range of products. Some of their most popular ones Include Tuva and Beverly. Both include some great mechanisms that are fully automated, hands free, and convenient. Several units come equipped with bidet sprays and dryers. You can even change the seats temperature.

Swiss Madison - If you're somebody who likes to prioritize aesthetics, the Swiss Madison brand could be a perfect match. Looking through their product catalogue, they have some highly attrctive designs, many of which include sides that have been smoothed over, giving them a modern theme that many bathrooms lack. Recommended ranges include the St Tropez, Concorde, and Sublime II.

Icera - The Icera home & bath company has been around since 1995 and produce a number of contemporary bathroom suites. Their products are known for the EcoQUATTRO flushing system. It's a fancy name for combining water efficiency, power, and effective bowl rinse in one. They also claim to have slightly larger water spots and trap diameter than the industry standard. Product lines worth checking out include: Julian, Cadence, Karo II, Malibu, Muse, Octave, Presley, Riose, Vista, and Richmond.

Delta Faucet - Delta are a fairly well known name in the industry. They manufacture fixtures for professionals and the average joe that are inexpensive. A key innovation of theirs is the SmartKit tank to bowl connection, which can help stop leaks and make them easier to install. Their catalog includes the Luxford, Prelude, Riosa, Turner, Haywood, and Foundations lines.

Toilet company comparisons

With so many companies to choose from, it's easy to get confused. Which brand name is the biggest and most reliable? Which is the most durable? Which one is more likely to come with useful innovations? We try to answer these questions in our comparisons below.

Intelligent toilets

With the advances is modern technology and the world constantly evolving to improve on products that better meet consumers needs, smart toilets are becoming familiar sights in washrooms. But how are these different to your everyday standard units?

Well to start with, they focus on improving user convenience, comfort, and hygiene. Heated and self cleansing toilet seats with bidets attached are just a few examples of what's involved in these innovative, intelligent designs.

What's more the bidet wand comes with a number of water power and heating settings that you have full control over for ultimate comfort and hygiene.

Then there are nightlights that sense when you are close and light up the bowl which is great for those of you not wanting to switch on the overhead lighting.

And when you've done your business, a hands free flushing mechanism will automatically flush the loo for you. These are usually the same as the touchless products we described earlier in the guide and involves moving your hand over a sensor.

Neorest from TOTO, and Numi from KOHLER are just a couple of toilets we recommend looking at if they sound like a match.

The downside of getting one is they are quite expensive in comparison to standard toilets and not a suitable option for people with a low budget. However, if price isn't a problem, consumer feedback around the web will show how happy the majority of buyers are after purchasing one.

Composting and self contained toilets

A composting toilet is designed to create compost from human waste by separating liquids and solids. Some of these will be self contained, others will have a more remote composter away from the bowl, perhaps in the basement or outside in the yard.

They are often associated with outhouses and other outdoor purposes. But some manufacturers are challenging this misconception. For there are now a number of options built for consistent residential use.

Perhaps the biggest advantage in switching to a composting unit is their ability to save water. Some will be completely waterless, others will use very small quantities, but one things for sure, they are green and economically friendly, potentially stopping residents wasting thousands of gallons of water per year.

Consumer reviews

If you're a regular online shopper, you will be aware of customer feedback left on e-commerce stores all around the web. And just like any other consumer product, toilets have been reviewed in depth. Pay attention to both the one and five star reviews to get an unbiased overview of a products weaknesses and strengths. Important complaints to look out for include leaks, clogs, and flush performance issues.

Expert reviews

Whilst feedback from a customer can be useful in pointing out a toilets flaws and defects, information from an expert can give you an insight into specifics. Opinions from professionals, be it plumbers or handymen are worth taking into account. We read Terry Love toilet forums, and Consumer Reports on a regular basis because they have people with experience posting there. We recommend that you do too.

Bathroom size

How big is your bathroom? If it's spacious, you've got a greater range of product choice. However, for readers who don't have that luxury, there are compact toilets that are specifically designed to save as much space as possible. Their bowls tend to be smaller than average and the tanks low profile. There are even triangular shaped tanks to fit into a corner nicely. There are plenty of ways to keep the wall-print and footprint to a minimum, read our 24 & 25 inch and 26 inch depth guide for some ideas. Thinking about, and planning around any cupboards or vanities is also sensible as you will want to leave yourself enough leg room without feeling closed in. Over the toilet storage with cabinets and shelves, and toilet and sink combos can help free up space elsewhere.

Bathroom location

Where your restroom is located in relation to where the sewer line is will effect your decision when you buy. For example, if you're looking to install a basement toilet, you will probably need specialized upflushing products with a macerating pump as gravity won't be doing the work for you. It's this flexibility that will allow consumers to install their bathroom anywhere. SaniFlo are one to watch in that space and provide numerous pumps and special equipment for this very purpose.

Ease of Installation

If you've no experience of D.I.Y or home improvement in general, you should be thinking about the installation process and the potential work involved. Is it going to be a job for a qualified plumber? Will you need to take out the old one first? Will new pipes need to be fitted? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you begin shopping for a new toilet.

There are some steps you can take to make the set up task easier like knowing your rough in size, and getting a one piece instead of a two piece. You don't want to go choosing a wall mounted option if you don't have any construction experience or aren't willing to hire a professional. Keep it simple.


Quiet toilets are becoming increasingly in demand. In a busy household, there is nothing worse than a loud flush putting you off your work. Fortunately, the leading manufacturers have made design adjustments to address this issue. Even the previously noisy pressure assist toilets are bearable with a quieter flush. However, if yours is quite old, it might not be up to modern standards. That's when you start thinking about getting a replacement.

Costs and budgetting

It's so easy to pick one of the cheapest toilets. But a lot of buyers don't think about the bigger picture. Yes, you're getting something inexpensive in comparison to other price tags, however, ask yourself about the longevity of the product. Do you want something that will fail or break after a few years, or do you want something that's durable and stands the test of time, often decades? We don't believe you should be searching for discounts when it comes to bathroom hardware as it's something you and your families use on a daily basis.

So what are the best toilets to buy? With respect to budget, they are products that are designed to stand the test of time and provide convenience, comfort, and performance together. Which are not always attributes associated with a lower cost.

With that being said, consumers should also ask the shop if it comes with the seat and supply line. Additional expenses like that can creep up on you because of poor research. Do your due dilligence and you will likely get better value for money.


In a perfect world, we wouldn't encounter any problems with our purchases. HOwever, because there are a number of issues that can pop up on regular basis, be it leaks, cracks, or general faults, it's extremely important you ensure that you have some kind of warranty policy in place. Buying a toilet isn't a decision that should be taken lightly, as more often than not there is quite a bit of money involved. So, making sure you're covered in the event something goes wrong should be on your list.

As you shop around, you may notice the average models offering a simple one year limited warranty. This isn't really something we would consider a lengthy amount of time as we should be wanting something to last a decade or two. However, going for improved coverage in this respect often means the consumer ends up paying a lot more money for something over ten years.

However, you'll often find that reputable brands like TOTO and KOHLER will provide a rolling or smaller extension to the one year policies if you get in touch with them. By sticking with industry leaders, you're less likely to find yourself in a spot of bother, and that's something we recommend.

Common toilet problems

As with any consumer product, toilets certainly have their flaws. However, if you spend time researching what others are saying about a specific model, you can lessen the chances of buyers remorse. There are a number of online shopping sources that you can use to your advantage and gather information about the common issues customers have faced. These include Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair. We use these all the time to get the lowdown on whether or not we're dealing with a high quality toilet.

If there is an unusual amount of negative feedback surrounding flushing power, splashing, clogs, or leaks, we suggest avoiding those products. The same applies to mounting issues, cracks, and the tank running constantly. Being pro-active in identifying these issues early is smart, and something readers should be doing every step of the way. It could save you money and headaches in the long run.

List of the best rated toilet reviews

We've reviewed our top 10 picks below, bringing together information about the specifications, features, and design to give readers a full overview of their capabilities.

1. TOTO Ultramax II MS604114CEFG

As one of the best selling toilets, the MS604114CEFG Ultramax II offers unrivaled value for money in our opinion and has plenty of interesting specifications on its list. It features a highly efficient flush mechanism which utilizes just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It combines this with a double cyclone system to clean the bowl effectively and is able to achieve a powerful 800g flush rating on the MaP scale.

It comes with a taller, 'universal height' toilet bowl which ensures greater accessibility for consumers with mobility problems. By adding an extra inch to the bowl height, they take a lot of stress off the joints when sitting down. Ideal for people in their senior years. From the base to the rim it measures 16-1/8 inches and from base to seat it measures 17-1/4 inches, meeting ADA height standards.

The bowl is elongated which is something the most comfortable toilets have, plus a fully glazed inside with SanaGloss which is put there to prevent waste sticking to the bowl and ensuring the water cleans the surface thoroughly, leaving it immaculate. Staying on the subject of hygiene and germs, a water surface area of 7-1/8" x 9-1/8" will help keep lingering odors down and leave things more pleasent for the next user.

A seat comes with the toilet. Interestingly, shopping around, this isn't always expected. Sometimes this will be something you purchase separately. However, the MS604114CEFG includes a soft closing seat which is designed to prevent it from slamming shut.

However, it doesn't include modern innovations such as bidets or heated seating. With such a fast moving, technologically advanced world, this is a drawback but not a deal breaker. These are still seen as luxury functions for convenience and user comfort for the time being.

Overall, this could be an excellent toilet for home use. It combines efficiency and power together in one package to achieve an all round solution for your washroom. Feedback from buyers around the web further highlight its effectiveness and it should certainly be on your watch list.


The CST454CEFG from the Drake II range, is one of the top two piece toilets available. Aside from the world reknowned brand, the spec list and flushing performance stand out.

Like the MS604114CEFG, this also achieves a MaP score of 800 grams. High on that scale, and recommended too. It achieves this using powerful, double cyclone technology swirling water through the bowl. And even with all this, it still meets WaterSense standards, with 1.28 gallons per flush. A sensible choice for people wanting to save on their water bills.

Users looking for a taller toilet bowl will be happy to know this meets ADA criteria, adding a inch or two to the height. From the base to rim, it measures 16-1/8 inches, with the addition of a seat, that will make it that little bit taller than standard bowls.

It includes a 2-1/8 inch trapway, 3 inch flush valve, and a water surface area or spot of 7-1/8 inches by 9-1/8 inches designed to play a role in stopping lingering odors rising.

Externally, it may not be as attractive as its one piece counterparts, but it does offer consumers plenty of choice in color themes, with bone, colonial, cotton, and beige all options. It also fits the most common rough in size of twelve inches.

We believe this is an excellent alternative to the Ultramax II. Solid performance, and a simple, yet effective design for user comfort.

3. KOHLER Tresham K-3950

Another manufacturer who often goes toe to toe with TOTO in the bathroom industry is KOHLER. They also have a solid reputation in this field, and the Tresham range helps demonstrate that. The k-3950 model has a more traditional style tank and bowl, along with a strong flush and various comfort features.

It received one of the highest toilet flush ratings on the maximum performance scale, which is 1000 grams. And whilst we believe anything above 500g is more than sifficient for the average person, the extra strength shouldn't be ingored either. There is far less likelihood of it clogging up.

It includes a highly efficient flush, utilizing 1.28 gallons through a AquaPiston mechanism. In laymans terms, that can save you around twenty percent a year, which can equate to thousands of gallons. The more people in your family, the more this figure rises. Over the lifetime of usage, this can be quite significant.

This is another right height toilet, with a rim height of 16-1/8 inches, being pushed into ADA's 17-19 inch range with the seat attached. Numerous sources online will often describe this height as a suitable choice for the elderly and disabled. However, the added height can make access more difficult for the younger and shorter users. So really, going for such a design feature is something an individual decides and will based upon home circumstances.

It has an elongated shape bowl that will fit a 12" rough in and the tank has a ridged exterior which helps it stand out against a number of smoother surface options.

If you're looking for a comfortable and highly accessible unit, the K-3950 could be a decent shout. However, think about your budget range as the seat and water supply line doesn't come with it.

4. American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4

For those of you hoping to find a product with a simple, modernistic design in a one piece format, the Champion 4 2034.014.020 from American Standard could be a excellent fit.

Buyers wanting one of the strongest flushing toilets will enjoy the mechanism on this unit. It utilizes 1.6 gallons of water through a siphonic action system. Combined with its EverClean gloss, this will help ensure the bowl stays cleaner for longer. The idea behind this gloss is to form a protective layer above the china, preventing and fighting, mildew, mould, and all kinds of bacteria.

Once the seat is attached (it isn't included with this model), the bowl height will meet the ADA requirements of between seventeen and nineteen inches. Height to the rim measures sixteen and a half inches. There are advantages and disadvantages for choosing this enhancement, many of which we cover in our guide above. Users will need to find the balance between accessibility and comfort for the average user in the household.

Includes a larger than average 4 inch flush valve, and a 2-3/8 inch trapway. Product dimensions as a whole are 17.8 by 29.8 by 29.5 inches. It's also floor mounted, fits a 12 inch rough, and the trip lever is found on the front of its tank.

This could be a great alternative to those shoppers wanting high performance, without concerning themselves too much about overall flow rate and efficiency.

5. TOTO Eco Soiree MS964214CEFG

The Eco Soiree is in our view one of the best TOTO toilets. The CST454CEFG and MS604114CEFG may of come out ahead, but this is certainly a worthy alternative. The construction and form is unique with a concealed trapway round the bowls edges, and a nice, large elongated shape for male user comfort. Of course, there are competitors offering similar features, but they are rarer, and don't usually provide the same reliability that is sometimes associated with this brand.

Whilst browsing through the specifications, you may notice this uses the dependable and well known dual cyclone flushing system (AKA Tornado flush). The good news is this gets a strong water flow through the bowl (1.28). And despite low water consumption, it's still rated at 600 grams through MaP, which is more than enough to handle most consumers waste, plus it's also WaterSense compliant. This is an imperative area we've focused on in this guide. Scroll back up for more information on the benefits of low flow toilets, both economically and environmentally.

It's got a high profile tank, a beautiful bit of skirting round the bowl, and a chrome trip lever which blends in nicely with the rest of its decorative design. It also includes a quiet close seat. While we advise sticking with bright colors in your bathroom, there can also come in bone, colonial, cotton, and beige. Depending on where you buy, you may also be able to find Ebony, but this won't come with the CeFiONtect surface gloss.

Overall, this could be a decent pick for those with a fairly large restroom. Not ideal for compact spaces, but for people wanting comfort, perforamance, and style, this could be one to watch. The feedback from consumers we've found tend to back that up too.

6. KOHLER Karing K-4026

The Karing range is up there among the best KOHLER toilets. Combining luxury, intelligence, and performance in one package, this could perfect for someone wanting to add a modern touch to their washroom.

The elegance of its exterior in undeniable. The smooth skirting on the bowl looks fantastic and will make cleaning that little bit easier thanks to the lack of gaps in which bacteria and dust can find a home. So, for those wanting a product that is easy to maintain and keep in a hygienic state, you may wish to keep tabs on this one.

A closer look at the technological aspects will allow you to discover a motion activated lid, plus a LED night light that illuminates the surrounding area effectively enough to not switch on the main lighting. It's also got a carbon filter which will work towards filtering out smelly odors, leaving it a more pleasent space after use.

The inclusion of a bidet seat and all its functionality alongside that is sure to provide excellent convenience and hygiene. The way this works is a want shoots a spray of water to the front or back region ensuring cleaning is easier that using toilet paper. But it doesn't stop there. You'll also get the chance to change the water temperature and dryer settings. If you're worried about the cleanliness of said wand, don't be. This is a self cleansing wand that throughly rinses itself after each use.

It deals with the waste in the bowl by sending 1.28 gallons of water through power-lite technology. This is gravity fed, has a 600g MaP ranking and is controlled using a remote. It meets CalGreen and EPA WaterSense standards too. So, if low water consumption is a priority in your search, this may be the right choice.

Externally, it appears to be very minimalistic. It's got a tankless, one piece design, and a beautiful, elongated skirted bowl. Definitely one of the more aesthetic picks on our list.

However, through all the advantageous ways the technological improvements can benefit us, there is a drawback. And that is they aren't suitable for people looking for a bargain. These are naturally more expensive than your average loo. But if you can afford it, it could be well worth it for the convenience. It even comes with a remote control.

7. TOTO Neorest MS992CUMFG

This is another one of those ingenious, cool toilets that shares many similarities with the Karing above. Designed to make lavatory usage effortless, the MS992CUMFG gives you control over the seat and lid, water power, air filtering, and much more.

It's equipped with a handy automatic flush, which is great for preventing the spread of germs and providing buyers with a hygienic, sanitary experience.

The flush itself offers two different levels of water power. 0.8 GPF for liquid waste, and 1.0 GPF for solid waste. As touchless models go, you won't find many offering a dual flush system like this. This also means it's a low flowing product, and a sensible choice if you're into environmental protection, or looking to save some cash on water bills. Compared to standard, 1.6 gallon units, it can help you save more than 20%, which can equate to thousands of gallons, or hundreds of dollars over a longer period of time.

Similar to the K-4026, the Neorest also provides consumers with a bidet wand. This is a must have feature for people wanting to own the top sanitaryware. Its ability to clean up, is far better than traditional means, and you also get a built in dryer too. The aerated water spray it shoots out, is fully controlled by you. It has three different modes (soft, front, and rear), and also includes two different power settings (oscillating and pulsing).

If you've ever sat down on a seat and hated how cold it was, you'll definitely appreciate the heated seat setting. Perfect for those winter months. Again, this is something the user has full control over by making adjustments to the temperature.

Whilst standard models only have the ability to increase water spot sizes to absorb bad odors, this comes with a clever air purifier which is a great solution to this problem.

The bowl is universal height, meeting ADA standards, plus the trapway is concealed and skirted. What stands out the most is the fact you don't have a visible tank. This makes it incredibly low profile, and potentially a solid pick for compact bathrooms.

Consumer feedback is mostly positive from the sources we've investigated, and it certainly has plenty of good features and functions. However, be prepared to spend more to get your hands on such a model. Compared to traditional styles, these aren't cheap.

8. KOHLER Memoirs K-6669

For someone looking for a more unique take on style, the Memoirs Stately Comfort range could be a fantastic option. With ridges surrounding the tank and bowl, plus a hidden trap skirting, this is one for those love traditional themes.

Aside from the aestetic points it picks up, it also includes a solid, Aqua Piston flushing mechanism that achieves 1000g (MaP). Which certainly packs a punch, despite being designed for water conservation. (1.28 GPF).

Other key features of the bowl include the skirted exterior which covers the majority of gaps that usually get filled with dirt and other unwanted germs. The height of the bowl is slightly taller than standard, suitable for people wanting a toilet geared towards ADA criteria. There are plenty of benefits for these height increases, some of which we outline in the buyers guide above.

For consumers who tend to be fairly picky when it comes to colors, you'll probably appreciate the color variety on offer here. You have the normal white, biscuit, and almond. However, for someone wanting something a bit different, there is also ice grey, dune, black, and sandbar.

However, through all the good points, users should know that the seat isnt included and will be an additional expense. The k-4733 Glenbury or the k-4636 Cachet toilet seats are compatible with this model.

9. EAGO TB336

For shoppers looking for a economically friendly, or green toilet, the TB336 could be just what you've been searching for. The highly efficient flush gets the most from less water (1.28 gallons), and by going this route, you set yourself up for potential savings on your water bill. It may not sound like much, but the thousands of gallons saved can certainly add up to a substantial amount over the lifetime of the product.

At first glance, you may have noticed it has a blocky, contemporary exterior. But this can easily distract you from the real benefits of owning a unit with such a design. For starters, the added simplicity of cleaning and washing the sides and bowl is good. With less nooks and crannies for bacteria to get into, the maintenance tasks become more effective. Then there is the slow close seat, complete with a lid to match.

The inclusion of a large water spot ensures odors are minimal, and it will fit a standard 12 inch rough in. Users should know before hand how much space they have to work with, and be able to have a rough estimation of the dimension limitations. This model measures 27.8 by 15 by 16.8 inches for reference.

Both the inside and outside are fully glazed, providing the perfect surface for an effective flush that leaves the bowl spotless after each use.

Its not necessarily a brand North Americans will recgnize straight away, neither is it a household name. But the designs speak for themselves, and going by consumer satisfaction through online reviews, there are plenty of happy customers for this particular model. Too many complaints around the web would be a huge red flag in our book, so checking that the majority of feedback is positive is an important step.

Anatomy of a toilet. How each part works together

Understanding the inner workings of a modern toilet, along with knowing commonly used terminology, is a sensible step to take before you begin shopping. Listed below, you'll find a number of parts, what their jobs are, and where they're located.

Tank - The toilet tank holds the water. It is central to the flush mechanism and includes a float ball, fill valve, flush valve, overflow tube, and a flapper inside. On the exterior, there will be a trip lever or button to control the flush action.

Bowl - A toilet bowl will be what you are seated on. They come in all shapes and sizes which we go into detail on further below. There is the trapway, weir, and S bend which is the passage waste takes once the toilet is flushed.

Materials - The material used in construction will usually be described as vitreous china through online stores. The layman term for this is porcelain. This is really a mixture of clay and water being poured into a pre-set mould to achieve the manufacturers desired bowl and tank shape. Add in the glazing, heat it, and you have the finished product.

Seat - A toilet seat will latch onto the top of the bowl. These are screwed or bolted on for stability and include hinges to lift and close the seat with ease.

Water supply line - The line which connects the tanks supply to the main water supply. These can be plastic, copper, or stainless steel.

Flapper - This is what the tank uses to seal and keep water inside the tank until someone trips the flushing mechanism.

Refill tube - Once someone has finished flushing, this will bring new water back into the tank ready for the next person.

Float - The float is simply a valve which operates in a way that lets the fill valve no when to stop sending new water in. It prevents the tank overflowing.

Waste outlet - Refers to the hole or drain in which waste is pushed through. These are usually between three and four inches in diameter. If your toilet has a big waste outlet, there is less chance of it clogging.

Wax seal - The wax seal plays an important role in preventing leaks from occuring at the base where water transfers to the drain pipe. It will also help reduce the emission of odors from the sewer. So how often should wax seals be replaced? They are designed to last the lifetime of the product. They should last decades. However, occasionally you'll need to change it if any of the problems it solves above present themselves.

Floor flange - Makes sure the base and wax seal above are securely connected to the waste outlet.


Auger - An auger is also known as a drain snake because it has the ability to be inserted into the bowl and extend through the trapway to reach and break down blockages.

Plunger - Two examples of these are cup and flange plungers. They are both used for clearing a blocked passageway. They create a tight seal in the bowl which is used to send increased water pressure through the trapway as you plunge it. This results in a push and pull motion that gradually works towards removing the clog.

Toilet paper holders - A simple holder that holds the rolls of paper in a easy to access location. These can be freestanding or mounted to the wall. Keep in mind that you'll have more control over the height of wall mounted ones. You'll also have a choice of either single or double post. Single post are a lot easier to put the roll in place.

Grab bars - Installing grab bars on a nearby wall can make sitting down and standing up easier on your joints as you're distributing some of your weight onto the bars. A sensible safety feature for those with mobility struggles.

How often do you need to replace a toilet?

What is the average life expectancy of a toilet? A durable one should last at least a decade. So finding a replacement once every ten to twenty years should be a smart estimate. If you're sensible in the research process, longevity and overall reliability will be something you prioritize, bettering your chances of choosing something that stands the test of time. However, if you cut corners, or go looking for cheap toilets, the probability of being faced with frequent issues such as leaks and faulty flushing mechanisms increases.

How long does it take a professional to install a toilet?

Most plumbing professionals will be able to install a standard toilet within one to two hours, and should cost around the $500 mark. This will vary from state to state of course. However, if you want something more difficult installed like a macerating or wall hanging toilet, this could be considerably longer as there is more work involved.


The best toilets on the market all have something in common. A solid list of specifications combined with positive feedback regarding flush power and design. We advise you take the ones with the top ratings and run through the feature list. By comparing it to the criteria we've outlined above, you will have a better understanding if it's a good match for your bathroom or not. TOTO came out on top overall, but that doesn't necessarily it's the right choice for your situation. Be sure to read our buying guides on the various flush types and manufacturers for more clarity. Each of which you can find on our menu.

While all views listed here are our opinions, but we try to remain as unbiased as possible throughout, relying on facts, figures, and feedback whilst coming to conclusions.