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Space Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have a large bathroom? There would be fewer worries and less planning required to bring your ideas to life. Unfortunately, for those of us with small bathrooms, we have to get creative to make the most of the floor space available. We've listed out a few ways in which you can maximize your bathrooms potential below.

Corner toilets

Corner toilets are similar to standard toilets. The main difference between them is the tanks shape. A standard tank is rectangular or block shaped. A corner tank is triangular. Having such a design allows the toilet to make use of space between two walls, preferably a right angle, but it can be used in other ways too.

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Short bowl depth

Your bowls depth is how far it extends from the wall. How long is it from the tank to the front of the toilet bowl? Depths of 30 inches are quite popular, but that's not a great solution for saving space. For this, you can opt for either 24-25 inch length, or 26 inch length toilets.

Round bowl

A round shaped bowl is usually shorter in depth than an elongated one. While they may not be as comfortable as elongated bowls, they have the advantage of being quite compact.

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Over the toilet storage

Something that all compact washrooms have in common is the limited storage space to keep towels, cleaning supplies, spare toilet rolls, and other sanitary care products. A large vanity isn't going to work in this scenario. However, storage shelves or cabinets that are fitted above the toilet could be a great alternative.

Toilet and sink combinations

You can install what's known as a jail toilet sink combo. The way this works is a basin replaces the tanks lid and makes use of the tanks water to help you wash your hands. This removes the need for a freestanding sink altogether.

Corner tubs

Similar to the corner tanks above, these are bathtubs which have a triangular edge. They can slot into the corner and can be quite spacious depending on the brand you choose.

Install a medicine cabinet

Replacing that stand alone mirror with a medicine cabinet could be a great solution to store your toothbrushes, shavers, cream and other bathroom accessories. No longer will they need to take up room on the countertop.

Towel racks on the door

You don't need to own freestanding towell racks. Instead, why not install the racks on the back of your bathroom door. This is a simple option that can be used to hang not just your towels up, but dressing gowns, clothes after the shower and more. If you want something even simpler than this, a couple of hooks will get the job done.

Change the door

If your door has a more traditional hinged design that swings open, you may find that a sliding bathroom door is more effective because you can make better use of the space surrounding it.


If you do plan on getting a vanity, make sure there is plenty of drawers and storage inside for your supplies. The more you make use of the space within, the less cluttered it will be.