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Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas 2024 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

If your bathroom suffers from a lack of space, there are several pieces of hardware outlined here which may solve your problems. One of the most effective ways to make the most of unoccupied space is to install over the toilet cabinets and shelving units.

Because they slot above an existing piece of sanitary ware, it will free up floor space for other fixtures such vanities, showers, and sinks. Even the most compact washrooms can benefit from this type of design.

Our picks

  1. Zenna Home Drop Door 9401W
  2. Zenna Home 3-Tier 8765GY
  3. BestComfort Wooden bathroom organizer

Zenna Home 9401W

Made by Zenith products, the 9401W has a beautiful exterior that's finished in white and will match many traditional toilet colors. It offers a great mix of shelving and cabinet sections meeting the needs of a variety of storage requirements.

Two cabinet doors fitted with tempered glass windows conceal the contents of the upper shelves, with a single lower shelf located just above the tank.

You'll need to be aware of your current toilet height so that you know it will fit. It can be installed above anything below 30.75 inches from the ground. However, for those of you with taller products, there are additional extensions that you can purchase, giving you an extra 4.5 inches of height to work with. The product number for this is 9319WKT.

The manufacturer describe it as being easy to assemble and its full dimensions are 8.2 by 23.2 by 66.5 inches.

Zenna Home 3-Tier 8765GY

For those of you not keen on the cabinet design, this 3 tier shelving unit could be a good alternative. It's made from wood for strength and durability and is finished in a grey / pewter color. This color isn't always going to be the go to choice for some consumers, but for others, the contrast between light and dark can improve the overall aesthetics of a room significantly.

Because there are three separate tiers of shelving, there is plenty of storage space for your toothbrushes, towels, hair trimmers, and any number of small accessories that we use on a day to day basis. With this installed, you will no longer need to clutter up any vanity countertops, leaving the room feeling less closed in and more spacious.

To give you an idea of the sizing requirements, this will fit above any tank that is less than 35 inches from the floor. More than enough for a standard sized toilet. The overall product dimensions are given as 9 by 24 by 66 inches, and it weighs just shy of 18 pounds making it fairly easy to move around the home.

BestComfort Wooden bathroom organizer

The BestComfort shares many of the qualities we found in the Zenith 9401W above. However, instead of the cabinet shielding the majority of its contents from view, this ones glass is more see through. You won't need to open it to remember what you put inside it.

It's constructed in wood and finished in a bright white color, which we always say has its advantages. Not just because it can brighten the room up, but because brighter colors tend to make rooms feel more spacious and homely.

While installing it, you may need to hammer a few bits and pieces into place around the back as well as drilling parts together to ensure it's stable and unlikely to fall on you when you're sitting down.

The dimensions are 7.5 by 22.6 by 61.3 inches and it weighs 37 pounds, so it will require a bit more strength to move it into its final location, but nothing too difficult.

Something that can be overlooked when using this type of hardware is the amount of weight it can handle. Each shelf on this particular model can handle up to 11 pounds, so don't put anything too heavy on them.

Other things to consider

Bowl shape - While these units themselves can help you use otherwise unused space, there are other things you can do to ensure you make the most of your compact bathroom. Keeping the bowl depth shorter and round will help you achieve this. Here are a few options:

24 and 25 inch length

26 inch length

Clearance - You may want to save as much floor space as possible, but you'll still need to ensure there is enough clearance from either side so that it doesn't become a health and safety issue.

Consumer feedback - You should get your customer reviews from multiple sources. Never check them all in once place. Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, and other big hardware shops online will all have feedback of there own. Look for clear and obvious signs that the product is of a poorer quality. Things like shelves falling or breaking easily, or stability issues would be good places to start.


Fitting some storage such as cabinets and shelves above the toilet can make a big difference to those of you without the luxury of a big bathroom. Whichever style you choose, make sure you do your due dilligence and understand what their strengths and weaknesses are.