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3 Best Corner Toilets For Your Bathroom (Triangular Tank Guide 2024)

People with a small bathroom will want to use the limited space they do have wisely. This can often mean buying hardware and fixtures that are compact by design. Corner toilets are a great example of this. Used correctly, they can increase the perceived amount of floor space available in your washroom.

Plumbing professionals and manufacturers often label them as triangle toilets because of their unique, triangular shaped tanks. In this guide, we shall hand pick and review several of these products and provide our readers with detailed information on each of their capabilities, dimensions, how they compare to one another, and much more.

Our picks

  1. American Standard Cadet 3
  2. Renovator's Supply 10688
  3. Renovator's Supply 17668

American Standard Cadet 3 270BD.001.021

The 270BD.001.021 includes some fantastic features that convinced us to make it our top pick. It's built to be more accessible for all users thanks to it's taller than average bowl. This makes it ADA compliant and easier to sit upon. What's more, you can expect top tier flushing performance too as this scores 1000 grams on the MaP scale.

For us, this ticks all the boxes for those looking to buy this particular style. It may not be the most water efficient model available, but it makes up for that through its compact design, and flush power. In other words, it's fit for purpose.

Compare toilets

Analyze each of the specifications side by side using our comparison table below. This will help highlight the key differences between them and any potential advantages that come from that.

American Standard
Cadet 3
Renovator's Supply Renovator's Supply
Model number 270BD.001.021 10688 17668
Rough in 12" 12" 12"
Flush type Gravity Dual Dual
Trip lever
GPF 1.6 0.8 / 1.6 0.8 / 1.6
MaP 1000g N/A N/A
Rim height Height without seat
16-1/2" 16" 14-7/8"
WSA Water surface area
9" x 8" N/A N/A
Water level Rim to surface
Dimensions 32 x 19.2 x 31.5" 33.8 x 19 x 32.2" 30 x 17.2 x 29"
Weight 59 lbs 46.5 lbs 38.6 lbs
Trap size 2-1/8" N/A N/A
Flush valve 3" 2" 2"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece .
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors Bone White White
Soft close
Rating 83% 81% 81%


A good toilet works well in the environment or space given to it by consumers. That's why macerating units work well in the basement and comfort height models are great for people with disabilities or joint issues. This applies to corner toilets too. They are able to take up floor space that would otherwise go unused between two walls. By doing so, it can give the impression that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. The great thing about this, is that it opens up more possibilites for your home. You could use the extra room to fit a shower or a sink, whereas before this may not of been possible.


The main problem we see with this design is there isn't a lot of variety in product choice. They are only made by a limited set of brands, so they may not be produced by a company you've had positive experiences with in the past. This may also mean you have to sacrifice certain specifications you would otherwise have options on.

The other issue with them being designed for quite enclosed areas, is that they aren't able to give users the most comfortable experience. The bowls are often round shaped, and the seating position that provides may not offer enough leg room for some. This could be especially true for taller people. Getting an ADA bowl is a good way to solve this.

Triangle toilet reviews

Want a closer look at the specifications and inner workings of our picks? We've reviewed each in further detail below, giving readers the chance to separate those that meet your households requirements, from those that don't.

American Standard Cadet 3 270BD.001.021

We've covered the Cadet 3 collection in detail before, but none with this particular design style. Externally, the 270BD.001.021 has many of the attributes associated with saving space. Aside from the triangle tank, the bowl is round front, which is built less for comfort but more for compact areas. This also means it doesn't protrude too far from the wall.

It's ADA compliant, also known as right height, with a rim that's 16-1/2" tall. Once you purchase a seat to go with this model (it doesn't come with one), this will push it above the required 17" to meet those standards.

You can also expect a surface that fights bacteria and odors, keeping the lavatory smelling fresh for longer periods of time. This type of anti microbial surface is known as EverClean, and it's a layer of glazing that protects its ceramic construction. By making the surface smoother, it covers pores which are the common areas in which bacteria thrives.

It includes a built in flapper that's chemical resistant, and has a three inch flush valve that can send larger quantities (1.6 GPF) of water through the bowl, achieving improved power. However, whilst this is seen as a model which conserves water better than old 5.0 and 3.5 GPF units, it's still doesn't meet the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria. Choosing a 1.6 GPF over a 1.28 GPF could mean a difference of tens of thousands of gallons saved across the products lifetime.

Despite not having the best water efficiency available, it still holds it's own against many of its competitors on the market. In fact, through this extra water usage, it achieves the top MaP score of 1000 grams. That is the maximum you can get and a solid indicator of power and performance that potential buyers can use before they make a purchase.

It has a reasonably large trapway size (2-1/8 inches) capable of handling more waste through it, and a generous water surface area of 9 inches by 8 inches, which is another feature brands use to fight back against bad odors.

Users are also covered by a solid five year warranty policy which protects you in the event that the product becomes defective.

Overall, we believe there are many benefits to owning this toilet. It's made by a manufacturer that is well respected in the sanitary ware industry, has strong flushing performance, and isn't too big to cause problems for those wanting to limit the amount of floor space taken up.

If you found this helpful, you can learn more about the types of American Standard toilets here.

Renovator's Supply White Porcelain 10688

The 10688 shares several similarities with the Cadet 3, but also a few differences in design too. Like the other, it can tuck neatly into the corner, making the most of the space available. However, unlike the 270BD.001.021, this model is equipped with an elongated shape bowl. In comparison to the more common types of bowls used with this style (round front), it offers people extra leg room, and a more comfortable experience. Being comfortable whilst seated is important, it allows you to relax.

It runs on a dual flush system which has a light flush of 0.8 GPF and a strong flush of 1.6 GPF. Choose between either to handle the the type of waste in the bowl. 0.8 GPF for liquids, and 1.6 GPF for solids. This is all operated via a button on the tank lid, which sends the water through its two inch flush valve. It's important to note that while the 0.8 gpf is highly efficient, it doesn't quite meet WaterSense standards.

It's constructed in a grade A vitreous china, and is coated in a Reno-Gloss glazing which is designed to protect the surface of the bowl from stains, scratches, and bacterial build up.

Since size is important part of many buyers research, lets look at the various dimensions and projections. First up the bowl height. Listed as a sixteen inch seat height, this doesn't quite match the seventeen inch height required to be labelled as a product with ADA accessible design. from the base to the top of the tank, it measures 32-1/4 inches. The tank width is 19 inches and its projection from the back corner is 33-3/4 inches.

Readers should note that this unit does not come with floor bolts or bolt covers. These will need to be bought separate to the rest. Additional expenses like this can often pop up, catching you off guard. Make sure you set aside a little extra in your budget to accommodate these potential extra costs. However, it does come with a seat which has slow close hinges preventing it from slamming shut.

Overall, we like this product. The ability to choose two different flush powers is a good feature to have. It also has a nice sheffield theme, which is contemporary and looks great.

Renovator's Supply 17668

The 17668 is a two piece toilet, which unlike one piece options, requires a bit of extra work in the installation process as the tank and bowl are separated upon delivery. This is a little more time consuming, but is far easier to carry both parts to their final location in the house.

The external material is a glazing which protects the ceramic from damage and also helps the flush clean the bowl more effectively as germs and dirt is less likely to stick.

With a seat height of 14-7/8 inches, this is categorized as a standard height bowl. Whilst chair height options are proving popular in more recent times, standard sizes still offer the most natural position for comfortable bowel movements. However, those of you taller than average or with disabilities that hinder your movement or cause joint pain, may prefer getting the 270BD.001.021 of American Standard above.

Like the 10688, this operates on a dual flush mechanism, utilizing the same amount of water for the different waste types (0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF). It's gravity fed and has a standard two inch flush valve, which isn't the largest by any means. It isn't WaterSense certified, but it has the capability and functionality to save thousands of gallons of water per year for users upgrading from older 3.5 GPF or 5.0 GPF units.

It's floor mounted, has dimensions of 30 by 17.2 by 29 inches, and will fit a 12 inch rough in. You also get a slow closing seat as part of the package.

Taking all the specifications into account, we believe this is a smart choice for people working on a tighter budget. It may not be the most advanced product out there, but it'll get the job done.

Other things to consider

Rough in - You may already know the location in which you shall be installing it, but you still need to know what your rough in size is. We have a guide showing readers how to measure this on our home page. This is simply the distance of the closet bolts from the wall. Many of you will require a 12" size, as this is seen as the standard. However, some users may need a 10", or 14" size. You can also find some great tips here.

ADA vs Standard bowl - We've touched on this subject above in the most basic terms. However, to put this into actual measurments, standard size bowls will be around fifteen to sixteen inches in height to the top of the seat. ADA bowls will be somewhere between seventeen and nineteen inches. Standard are better for bowel movement posture within the body, but comfort height are a sensible choice if you want less stress on the body while sitting or standing. However, you can get the same posture advantages using a taller bowl if you purchase a short stool that you can rest your feet on at the base.

Bowl shape - Many smaller toilets will feature either a round or round front shape bowl. The reasoning behind this is simple, they don't have as much length on them and stay closer to the wall. That makes perfect sense for these particular models. But what about those of you with bigger washrooms? If saving space isn't a big issue for you, then get yourself an elongated bowl they are generally seen as more comfortable, and better suited to the male anatomy.

Mounting type - Most consumers will prefer a floor mounted product simply because it fits the current plumbing installation and where your pipes are located. However, those of you not afraid to do a bit of D.I.Y and renovation will also have the option of fitting a wall mounted toilet. There are plenty of advantages of doing so. Not least of all the improved aesthetics and flexibility in where you install it. However, for people not looking to spend a lot, this can get quite costly as many of them require specialist in wall carrier systems that hold and conceal the tank.

Glazing - You may of heard us mention brand centric glazing above like EverClean and Reno-gloss. This is a type of finish or coating that plays an important part in protecting the china and stopping the odor causing germs from filling the pores. They are two examples from just two companies, but you'll want to ensure any product you choose has it. Other names you may come across include Cefiontect and SanaGloss.

Flushing mechanism - Aside from the advantages of using the individual flush systems and innovations out there, what it all comes down to is choosing between single or dual flush. The main differences between each is down to how water is used, and how many gallons of it.

A single flush mechanism will make use of one batch of water through the valve, usually activated by pulling a trip lever. However, a dual flushing system lets users pick between a partial or full flush depending on what sort of waste it will be handling. More often than not, this is controlled by a set of buttons on the tanks lid.

The partial option is usually low flow, and consumes very little water. This is ideal for liquid waste. The full option will use a heavier weight of water through the bowl, with less emphasis on conserving water, instead aiming to achieve enough power to remove all solids from the bowl. Combined, they give consumers more control over how they flush and the amount of water they use.

MaP performance - We always look at how MaP are rating a particular products flush. It's a reliable, unbiased, third party way of gathering data on the kind of power and waste handling capabilities you can expect. We believe you shouldn't need to choose anything that scores less than 500 grams these days. If you do, make sure you stay above 250 grams as this is only categorizes as acceptable by Maximum Performance. Anything below that is poor and not worth buying.

Water savings - To give readers an idea of the amount of water they can save by upgrading to a watersense toilet, we've created a useful calculator that not only highlights the amount of gallons you stand to save, but how much in utility bills. We recommend going this route where possible as it can have a positive impact both environmentally and economically.

Water level - The water surface level plays a role in several things. The first is the size of the surface area, also known as the water spot. The bigger this is the more there is to aim for, and less chances of streaking. It also helps keep odors down. This is a dimension that naturally gets bigger the higher up the bowl it goes. However, you need to find the right balance between size and distance from the seat because once it's too close, your going to get wet through splashing. Not pleasent.

Brands - The big companies in the bathroom industry like Mansfield, Kohler, and Toto, are usually big for a reason. Most of them have proven themselves over the years and built up a solid reputation through the production of quality toilets. This much is clear if you've spent time reading what customers and plumbers are saying about them. As a rule of thumb, the sensible thing to do is stick with these well known names. However, there are also some great alternatives, that we feel get overlooked and deserve more credit. These include Gerber, WoodBridge, Icera, Mirabelle, Sterling, Ove Decors, Delta, Swiss Madison, and Eljer.

Budget - Prepare yourself for any hidden costs that may present themselves to you while shopping. Some companies don't include everything you need to install your chosen product together. Instead, they tend to upsell the smaller fixtures like the seat, supply line, and bolts separately. Individually, each of these things are small expenses, but all together, this can be quite costly. So make sure you're aware of this and read the details in the fine print as these additional expenses may catch you off guard.

Colors - We suggest going with brighter color themes over dark ones. We think colors like bone, cotton, and white look cleaner, more homely and work better with the sunlight. Darker colors tend to bring down the rooms mood, and any any dirt and mineral deposits are visible in the bowl earlier.

Consumer feedback - If you're not sure about the quality of a specific product, why not read through the customer reviews. They often provide a helpful and detailed insight into what to expect from your purchase. This will not only help you identify the areas it excels, but also any potential defects you may run into.


Buying a corner toilet is one of the sensible routes forward if you have a compact bathroom. Alternatively, you could get a model with a round bowl and short depth, but they don't slot snugly in between two walls like the triangle tanks.

With that said, ensure you've read through the pros and cons above to help you decide if these are right for you and always read what consumers are saying about it online wherever possible.