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TOTO Toilet Colors - Find and Match Color Themes

Toto produce a wide range of sanitary ware for the bathroom. Their toilets are among the most popular due to their flushing performance and design qualities.

When it comes to finding the right color theme, Toto provide a number of different colors so consumers can mix and match effectively, bringing their internal design vision to life.

toto colors

Cotton White

A nice an bright white and certainly one of the most common choices. These brighter shades of white can help make your bathroom appear more spacious too. If you have Kohler bathtub or sink, this will go well with their white. To find Cotton products, put a number 01 at the end of specific model numbers.

The Connelly is available in Cotton.

Colonial White

A darker shade of white that's slightly rarer than cotton. It's a great alternative to match you tile and paint colors on the wall and other bathroom hardware. Requires consistent cleaning because dirt, mold, and mildew tend to be more visible on lighter colors. Add the number 11 to the end of product numbers to find this.

The Drake II is available in Colonial.

Sedona Beige

Sedona Beige is similar to the shades of white above. It's slightly darker and has a hint of yellow in it. If you have ever had Bone, it's slightly lighter. This is compatible with Kohler Biscuit or American Standard Linen.

The Eco Soiree is available in Sedona Beige.


A darker shade of white that hides imperfections more effectively like dirt and mold. This means you'll be washing it down less. Bone matches Kohler Almond and American Standard Bone.

The Ultramax II is available in Bone.


Gray is rarer, but still something many people choose to give their bathroom a contemporary theme. A good choice for those of you wanting something darker than the shades of white, but not too dark that it makes the room feel miserable and uninviting. This can be paired with Kohler Ice Grey and American Standard Silver.


Ebony is an unusual choice. It's a premium Toto color that's not often seen in your average washroom. The majority of rooms you see will be a lighter shade like white. This matches American Standard black, and Kohler black. To find Ebony products, add a number 51 to the model number.

The Clayton is available in Ebony.