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TOTO Eco Soiree Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2024)

We've looked at plenty of toilets made by TOTO in the past. We believe they build some of the most residential friendly products on the market. But it's not just us that think this, customer feedback tends to back our thoughts up.

Today, we look at the Eco Soiree collection. We want to determine how effective its flush is and explore its spec list in detail. Through this, our readers will be able to understand if it's a suitable upgrade for their bathroom or not.

Our pick

TOTO Eco Soiree MS964214CEFG#01

The MS964214CEFG#01 is a one piece, elongated toilet, that is efficient and has a contemporary theme that can really play a part in modernizing your washroom.

It can fit the standard 12" rough in, but also has the ability to work with 10" and 14" thanks to the UniFit attachment. (Which has to be purchased separately). This gives buyers a chance to be flexible in their choice. After all, not everyone has the same plumbing system or size in place.

The dimensions are as follows: 28-1/8 inches in length, 17-1/4 inches seat height, 27-3/4 inches tank height, and 17-3/4 inches tank width. The main take away from this for us is that it's a ADA compliant toilet height, which meets the body requirements of the less able. Being higher up can be less stressful on the knees for many.

The tank features a chrome trip lever that once pulled, activates the double cyclone flushing technology that utilizes a dual nozzle water propulsion mechanism, achieving a more powerful flush. In fact, despite being a water efficient, 1.28 GPF model, it still rates highly on the MaP scale, with a 600 grams score.

It includes a large trapway to handle a bigger quantity of waste in one go, and the trap exterior is skirted concealing the ugly piping material and boosting the aesthetics.

The seat is included, which is quiet closing and will prevent it from making loud bangs through being slammed shut. This is a good protective fixture to have, which will stop the ceramic material on the rim from being damaged.

Overall, the MS964214CEFG#01 is one of our favorite products. It's low flow, has a strong flush, and most importantly, built for user comfort. We believe it could be a excellent replacement, and one which has the performance required for the home environment.

Other things to consider

Other product ranges - Whilst this range has some top tier features, it's important you understand what the alternatives can do for you. We recommend reading about the specifications of the Clayton, Connelly, Maris, Neorest, Nexus, Carlyle II, Drake II, Entrada, and Ultramax II to form a more rounded opinion.

Rough in - This is a model which can fit 10", 12", and 14" rough in sizes. However, despite its ability to use an adapter, one must till know what their rough in size is in order to get the correct attachment size. To do this, measure from the closet bolt to the wall and round that figure down to the nearest inch.

Bowl - There are a few considerations for the bowl. The first is the non skirted vs skirted design. The ability to hide the trap improves the overall look, but it increases the average price. Then there is how comfortable it is. Go for an elongated shape with a right height size to ensure you maximize comfort.

Water usage - Whilst heavy water consumption can achieve great rinsing performance, you should aim to get a environmentally friendly option that has a system in place to conserve water. To find these, look for products with the WaterSense label.

Trip lever - Think about the location and style of trip lever you want. This model has it located on the front of the tank, but some people prefer it on the side for easier access. You can also decide against using a lever entirely and go instead with a touchless flush or buttons.

Water level - Ensure you don't buy a product which has a high water line. This could create a large water spot, which is great in some scenarios, but the problem with this is the closer it is to the rim, the bigger the chance of splashing. Our comparison tables in our guides show this figure whenever possible. Try to stick with units that have a rim to water level size larger than 5 inches.

Consumer feedback - The bad points of any product can be found out very quickly through customer reviews. Make sure you browse through these before you part with your cash. Sometimes, they can look great on paper, with great descriptions and specifications, but customer experience tells a different story.


We have a large list of things to look for when buying a new toilet. To meet all these design and functionality requirements, the product must be effective, eco friendly, and look great. We think the Eco Soiree toilet meets a lot of our set criteria, which is why it made our overall list. Definitely worth further consideration if you're searching for a replacement.