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TOTO Connelly Toilet Review 2024 (Collection Guide & Specifications)

Toto are a solid toilet brand. They're known for their performance and reliability. We've thoroughly researched them throughout our buying guides, often featuring their products on our lists. But rather than focus on the company, we want to explore the capabilities and functionality of the Connelly range.

Our pick

TOTO Connelly CST494CEMFG#11

The CST494CEMFG#11 offers buyers a two piece, close coupled style with the bowl and tank coming separated from one another. The tank itself is quite low profile, and although there is a gap on the way down to the bowl, the exterior is almost seamless like a one piece unit.

It's this seamless exterior coupled with the smooth hidden trapway bowl that gives it a contemporary theme. Not only does this help the bathroom as a whole look more appealing and homely, it will make washing it simpler as a smooth surface is a lot easier to clean than one with lots of cracks and gaps in it.

The tank has a trip lever on the side which will activate the flush, sending either 1.28 or 0.8 gallons through the bowl. Why two flushes? Well, there is a dual flushing cylone system that enables users to use less water when they want to. The advantage of this is that you can save water by only using the full flush when necessary. The manufacturer also mention that it's quiet, a overlooked quality by many consumers.

The dual max mechanism also meets EPA WaterSense guidelines which is always a plus. Compared to standard 1.6 gallon flushes, you can save significant volumes of water.

There is a special glazing that gets coated over the china called SanaGloss. This can work well with the flushing system to ensure waste and mineral deposits don't get stuck to the bowls surface.

It's finished in colonial white, is a floor mount model, and measures 28.8 by 16.5 by 29.4 inches. Readers should have a rough in size of twelve inches to install this product.

The water surface area measures 5-1/2" x 4-3/16", which admittedly isn't the largest out there. Having a small water spot can mean more odors escape and push upwards. It does however have a water level 8-1/4" from the rim, which means splashing isn't going to be an issue.

Unfortunately, a seat won't be included, so that's something you'll need to budget for. We recommend getting a quiet closing seat, the SS224 SoftClose and SS114 SoftClose, both being suitable options.

Other things to consider

Alternative ranges - You may feel this is a good match for your home, but have you compared it to other collections from this brand? Read the Clayton, Neorest, Maris, Ultramax II, Carlyle II, Drake II, Nexus, Entrada, and Eco Soiree guides for more information.

Bowl shape - We try to answer the which is better, elongated or round here. It's a common query which doesn't have a direct answer because it depends on the size of your washroom. When you've got plenty of floor space available to you, we recommend getting yourself an elongated bowl due to the extra support and structural support gained when sitting down. However, if you want to install it in a compact environment, you'll probably want to get a round front one as they tend to be shorter in depth.

Bowl height - You have the option of picking something with a taller bowl or sticking with a standard sized one. What are the differences betweeen them? A standard bowl will measure around 15 inches in height. A universal height bowl will be between 17 and 19 inches. While they were originally designed for people with disabilities, they have also been growing in popularity among tall people and senior citizens. This is probably down to the fact that they take a lot of stress off the legs through the sitting and standing motions.

MaP performance - If you want to learn more about a products flushing capabilities, the MaP website is a great place to start. They give individual toilets a score based on how well they move waste without getting clogged up. This particular model achieves an impressive 800g out of a maximum of 1000g.

Consumer feedback - Always spend time doing your own due dilligence. Make sure you check the big retailers for customer reviews so that you can identify only red flags or faults early.


The Connelly toilet has a beautiful external design. The concealed trap passsage and tank shape work well together and the bright color will compliment the majority of modern bathrooms. Internally, there is some great functions that remove waste from the bowl effectively and efficiently. We like it, and think it could make a great upgrade for a residential family home, but make sure you check out what the competition offer in our other guides before making a decision.