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TOTO Clayton Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2024)

If you've read our guides before, you'll know that we are fans of a number of Toto toilet models. They often have the flushing mechanisms to deliver a high level of performance, and many have stylish, contemporary themes that can improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Today, we look at the Clayton collection. Our aim is to help consumers decide if it's a suitable match for them. We achieve this through thorough research of its bowl, tank, efficiency, comfort, user feedback, and much more. Check our full list of toilet rating criteria here.

Our pick

TOTO Clayton CST784SF#01

The CST784SF#01 has a more traditional, close coupled style. It's a two piece toilet that looks fantastic. It's got ridges on the tank lid, as well as the bowls base, which gives it a unique look. However, the trapway isn't skirted, which would of been preferable in our view. However, that enables it to remain reasonably affordable for the average consumer.

The bowl is of a universal height and elongated for greater comfort and access. Universal height is TOTO's label for meeting ADA requirements. The elongated shape bowl ensures it's more suitable for the male anatomy and provides a better, more relaxed seating position for users.

The rim height without the seat is 16-1/8 inches, with a seat this will be above the ADA standard of seventeen inches in height. However, this model doesn't come equipped with a seat. This will need to be purchased separate. The SS154, SS114, and SS304 are all suitable and compatible. Make sure you budget for the extra costs involved in buying a seat.

It uses the G-Max flushing technology, which achieves strong flush power through having a wider valve, wider water spot, a large siphonic jet, and a large trap. While this may achieve solid waste handling performance, there is a drawbacks to this system. It's the lack of water efficiency. It doesn't meet WaterSense standards, which is usually a preference of ours. However, that is the sacrifice for owning a product which has a commercial grade flush.

Its dimensions are 29 by 22 by 32 inches and it weighs 114 pounds. The given size of the water surface is 10-5/6 by 8-1/4 inches and the trap diameter is 2-1/8 inches.

The CST784SF#01 is one of those options that need you to choose between power and efficiency. If you favor power, it could be a great fit for you. However, if you prefer water conservation, you may want to look at the Eco friendly CST784EF#01 model from the same range.

Other things to consider

Other collections - Other popular choices include the Drake II, Entrada, Connelly, Carlyle II, Neorest, Nexus, Soiree, Maris, and UltraMax II ranges. We recommend researching these as potential alternatives. There is a good mix in types and flush styles.

Rough in - You can get your rough in by simply measuring the distance between your wall and the closet bolts that hold the base in place. Once you have this number down to the nearest inch, you will have a choice between 10", 12", and 14". These are the three most common sizes and they are seen as the standard. Some collections, like the Soiree and Legato are able to install whats known as a UniFit adapter. This allows you to fit it to any of the three rough in standards.

Bowl - First things first, you should be seeing if the bowl has a glossy coating, specially designed to smooth over the surface and allow the flush to rinse and clean the inside of the bowl, trap, and rim more thoroughly. Look out for SanaGloss and Cefiontect. These are two of the main ones from this brand and will play an important role in keeping the washroom space cleaner, more hygienic, and smelling fresh.

Additionally, you should also be looking into the actual height from the base to the top of the seat. Anthing measured at seventeen inches and up is comfort height. Anything below that, is considered standard. Comfort height are the go to option for tall people, the elderly, and the disabled.

Bathroom size - If you've got a small bathroom, you need to make the most of what little floor space is given to you. A two piece unit isn't going to be a sensible choice for those going for a compact design. They tend to protrude too far. Stick to round shaped bowls, and one piece toilets if this sounds like what you need.

Consumer feedback - Find out if customers happy with their purchase through feedback found on online shops. Gather all the positive and negative points, and make a judgment of the overall feeling towards the product you're interested in. Keep an eye out for a pattern of complaints regarding leaks or defects.


The Clayton toilet may not be the most water efficient model on the market, but it does pack a powerful flush that is able to handle large amounts of waste with ease. For those looking for performance, the CST784SF#01 could be exactly what you've been searching for. And it has the reputable brand name to back it up.