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Kohler Toilet Technology and Innovations

Kohler are a big name that manufactures many different types of bathroom fixtures. On average, we find that most of their products receive more positive feedback than negative. But why is this? What do they offer that makes them stand out from the competition? We take a look at some of their technology below.

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If you take a look through their product catalogue, their seems to be a recurring theme of combining a powerful flush with water efficiency. AquaPiston canister and Revolution 360 are just two examples of tech they use to achieve this.

The AquaPiston flush canister has been designed to reduce the chances of toilets getting clogged up. They learned that many products on the market come with inefficient flappers that aren't as effective as they could be. By producing the AquaPiston system, water gets sent from the tank through the bowl at every angle, three hundred and sixty degrees. The result? A very effective flush that helps clean the bowl and is less likely to clog.

They manufacture a number of toilets with the AquaPiston canister built in. Among those are the Adair, Archer, Cimarron, Corbelle, Memoirs, San Souci, and Tresham ranges. Click the links to find out more about their specifications and features.

The Revolution 360 Swirl technology is a newer, smarter way to clean the bowl of waste and bacteria. It combines the AquaPiston with a single jet to send water around the bowl, rinsing the areas that are typically difficult to reach with standard flushing mechanisms. This results in a cleaner bowl and a more hygienic bathroom environment for everyone in the household.

Staying on the topic of cleanliness, they also use ContinuousClean tech which automatically cleans the bowl without you physically activating the flush. For this to work, you will need to supply the tank with specially made toilet cleaning tablets then set the dial inside to a setting you prefer. This gives users a choice of either reducing or increasing the amount of cleaning product that goes through the bowl. Obviously this is about finding the right balance between something that doesn't smell too strong, and not weak enough to let the bad odors take over. It's also battery powered, so keep in mind that you'll not only need to restock on toilet paper, but also batteries and tablets too.

They also cover their bowls with a anti microbial gloss called CleanCoat. This is similar to EverClean and SanaGloss in that it helps prevent dirt from building up and smooths over the surface covering the pores that bacteria and mineral deposits like to hide in. This will also form a protective layer that will stop waste sticking and staining the bowl.

We are certainly a fan of Kohler. Their innovative products are effective at pushing waste out of the bowl while keeping it fresh and clean for the next user. They have some great features that protect the surface, fight germs, and improve performance. That is why we rate them highly.