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Kohler San Souci Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2024)

If you've read our ratings of Kohler toilets, you may have guessed that we see them as one of the leading brands in the bathroom industry. Having functional designs with smart internal flushing mechanisms is certainly part of our reasoning behind this. They are also known to be comfortable, durable, and come recommended by many plumbing professionals.

In this guide, we give our readers a full overview of the San Souci product line, list out all of its specifications, and discuss the ways in which it may benefit your household.

Our pick

Kohler San Souci K-4007

The K-4007 is a stylish one piece toilet that offers a design which is perhaps more unique than the majority of options on the market.

The bowl is round front, which is ideal from a space saving perspective, but in our opinion, elongated bowls are superior in terms of comfort. However, these shapes are suited for two very different environments, both of which will depend on trhe consumers washroom situation.

Looking at the exterior as a whole, the smooth surfaces around the edges of its tank and bowl ensure there are fewer places for dirt to build up, making it easier to wash and maintain for the average family.

In addition to this, users will have a quiet close lid and seat which stops it from slamming shut after use. What's more, this is specifically designed to be attached and removed quickly. The lid improves the overall aesthetics thanks to an overhanging design too.

It utilizes a single flush, AquaPiston flushing mechanism, which is known to push water through the bowl three hundred and sixty degrees, improving the effectiveness of the flush and removing a number of leak issues seen in rubber flappers.

We also appreciate the fact that this is a model that complies with the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense program. Unlike many gravity fed units, this saves up to 16,500 gallons of water thanks to its low flow, 1.28 GPF system. Depending on the state you live in, you may be entitled to rebates for installing it.

It's mounted to the floor, measures 24.25 by 16.75 by 25.63 inches, fits a standard 12 inch rough, and is finished in white. However, there are plenty of alternative colors such as Biscuit, Almond, Sandbar, Black, Cashmere, and Dune.

The trap passage measures 2-1/8", water spot 9-1/4" by 6-3/4", and the water surface level is 6-5/16" from the rim.

Having looked through each of its specs, we conclude that the k-4007 is best suited to smaller bathrooms. The round bowl and low profile design of the tank help it save floor space.

Other things to consider

Glazing - You don't want waste to be sticking to the bowl after use. That's a cleaners worst nightmare, and will not leave the bathroom in a particular hygienic state for the next person either. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers place a glazing / glossed layer over the ceramic material. This coating comes in many names depending on the brand you're looking into. The most common include SanaGloss, CleanCoat, EverClean, WonderGliss, and CeFiONtect.

Rough in - The distance from a finished wall behind the tank to the center of your waste outlet is your rough in size. Many consumers go shopping without knowing what their measurements are, which results in either the toilet having to go back, or fitting one that sits too far from the wall (or too close). We have guides on the most common measurements that will help you gain a better understanding. Read the 14" one here, and the 10" one here.

Alternative ranges - Aside from competing brands, of which there are plenty, it may be worth checking out alternative collections and make comparisons to see if any particular product has an advantage over another. While this model could be used for more enclosed spaces, there are better suited units for bigger spaces. Check out our guides for the Tresham, Veil, Karing, Memoirs, Wellworth, Adair, Cimarron, Archer, Corbelle, and Persuade ranges here. For those of you who love the style, but want slight changes to the spec, we suggest you look into the K-5172, K-8687, and K-4000 models too.

Water surface size and level - The surface area plays a role in minimizing odors. Which is a common problem in any bathroom. The larger the surface area, the more effective it is at keeping the odors down in the trapway. However, as these sizes get larger, so to does the water level. It's important that buyers take note of the water level distance from the rim to the surface. Anything that measures less than five inches in this regard will result in a lot of splashing. This can easily be avoided by looking up the specifications beforehand.

Consumer reports - If I could give readers one piece of advice before buying anything, it's don't rush. Take your time, make sure it has all the features that you require and make sure the customer reviews don't contain any red flags such as complaints about leaks. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by doing a bit of research first.


The San Souci toilet isn't the most innovative or advanced on the market. However, for what it was designed for, it could be a great addition to your washroom. It's efficient, doesn't take up much space, and has a unique, contemporary theme that would look great alongside most modern bathroom interiors.