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Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2023)

Out of all the toilet brands on the market, Kohler are one of the most popular thanks to their innovative designs that handle waste easily and get clogged less. One of our favorite collections they offer is Memoirs. We've chosen one of the top products below and highlighted why we like it.

Our pick

Kohler Memoirs K-6669

The K-6669 has a unique external design, with a two piece structure that is made in a ceramic material. The bowl conceals the trapway, giving it a smooth surface on the outside, and there is some ridges at the base and on its tank which gives it a bit of character.

In terms of performance, we look at things from the perspective of how well it handles waste in bulk. The first place we check this data is on the MaP flush ratings website. They conduct unbiased testing on flushing power, and it's a company that the majority of major manufacturers send their products to to demonstrate their capabilities.

The K-6669 got top marks in this test with a 1000 gram score. This is the best you can get on the MaP scale. A great indicator that it will work well in a busy residential household.

You may be concerned about its overall water usage to achieve such power. This is a common mistake consumers make when shopping. These days flushing mechanisms are far more effective, and utilize much less water than 10-15 years ago. In fact, this one uses just 1.28 gallons, and is what the industry categorizes as a WaterSense toilet.

With efficiency taken care of, they have also ensured the standard of the Americans with disabilities act is met. It has a sixteen and a half bowl height from the floor to the rim, and with the seat attached this enables it to reach above the ADA threshold of seventeen inches in height. This is also know as comfort height.

It comes with a water surface area of 11-1/8" x 8-1/2" which will help keep odors down, and a water level of 5-3/8".

It may not the most advanced available, but it's competitively priced and meets much of the criteria we use to identify high quality products.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - Readers should be aware of alternative options available to you. We like the Cimarron, Adair, Veil, Karing, Archer, Persuade, San Souci, Tresham, Wellworth, and Corbelle ranges. You should also research the K-3933, K-3819, K-6424, and K-3986 for a similar style but with slight differences.

Rough in - Understanding the measurements of your current plumbing system is important. Vital in fact. Especially the rough in size. Get this wrong, and you will most likely be asking for a refund. Your rough in is essentially the distance from your wall to the center of the waste outlet. Read our guides talking about some of the leading 14" and 10" products to learn more.

Glazing - To prevent staining, there are a number of things you can do. The first is regular maintenance and cleaning. This should be something you do regularly anyway to keep the washroom free of odors. The second is to ensure there is a layer of glazing applied to the bowls surface. This smooths out any pores that bacterial growth can take advantage of, and over time, this can reduce the amount of staining.

Single or dual flush - While a gravity fed single flush can have first class performance, they can sometimes consume more water than necessary. That's why more people are turning to dual flush toilets. Click here to learn more about them. The short version is that they enable users to make savings on their utility bills through having the ability to half flush liquids.

Consumer reports - Look at what customers are saying about the product around the web, either through ecommerce shops, or forums. There are some great resources available to help you with this. Look for any complaints regarding leaking or malfunctions, and check to see if it's a common complaint. This is an effective method to filter out the poorly built options.


The Kohler Memoirs Stately toilet we chose has a lot of positives going for it. ADA compliancy, eco friendliness, and a powerful flush combine to produce a quality product that can handle heavy day to day usage. It looks nice with the skirted bowl, but it may be a bit more time consuming to install due to it being a two piece unit.