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Kohler Cimarron Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2023)

For those of you reading this looking to replace your current toilet, the Kohler brand is one of the select few companies in the bathroom industry that consistently bring out great products that perform well.

Today we take a look at a specific set of products they make, known as the Cimarron collection. We dig deep into the spec list to find out where it excels and where it falls short below.

Our pick

Kohler Cimarron K-3609

To sum up the K-3609 in one sentence, we would say it's a two piece, elongated toilet with a highly efficient flush.

It utilizes the AquaPiston flush cannister, which is described as being far more efficient than the majority of flappers on the market. Fewer blockages is just one such advantage of them. Water is pushed through from every angle, which helps it achieve a strong flush with smaller amounts of water.

In fact, this model uses just 1.28 gallons of water to clear the bowl of waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this makes a big difference to the amount of water you use in your bathroom each year. As much as sixty percent in savings can be made, depending on your previous flushing mechanism. This can equate to more than ten thousand gallons saved per year, and over one hundred bucks in utility bills.

The tank is the K-4421, and the bowl K-4309. It also fits a standard rough in size of twelve inches. If you need something bigger or smaller than this, you can read our ten inch and fourteen inch guides.

Looking deeper into the specifications and dimensions, you will see that it meets ADA standards too, with a 16-1/2" rim height. Attach the seay and you're within the 17-19" range for a comfort height label.

It has a 2-1/8" trap passage, a 10-1/2" x 7-7/8" water spot, and a water level 6-3/8" from the rim.

Overall, we think this could be a great addition to your washroom. It may have a basic design, but it has some excellent features that consumers seem to appreciate. And that is reflected in the customer reviews we've seen online to date.

Other things to consider

Alternative ranges - You should read our guides for other collections from this brand. Read our thoughts on Memoirs, Persuade, Adair, Archer, San Souci, Wellworth, Corbelle, Veil, Karing, and Tresham, to learn how they can be beneficial to you. For those of you that appreciate the style and appearance we suggest researching the K-3589, K-3851, K-3887, and K-6419 too.

Skirting - If aesthetics is important to you, you may want to look into toilets that have skirting around the edges of the bowl. In our opinion, this feature is far easier on the eye. They are more common in one piece toilets as they seamlessly join up with the tank. However, because they are built with extra ceramic material, they tend to be more expensive. This is really a question of finding a good balance between style and price.

Activation - How do you prefer to flush the toilet? The most popular choice among consumers tends to be trip levers as they're universally accessible. However, buttons are just as easy to operate. You can go one step further and install touchless or automatic flushing systems too.

Bowl shape - The bowl shape you pick should depend entirely on your bathroom shape or size. We recommend going with rectangular or elongated shape bowls if you're not struggling for floor space though. This is because they offer excellent support to your body when seated. They also ensure males have the excess room at the front to accommodate them.

However, if the room you're installing it in is compact, a round shape bowl may be a smarter choice. They maximize the floor space in front on the bowl, because they don't extend as far from the wall.

Mounting - There are two main types to choose from here. Floor mounted products are typically built for plumbing installations where the waste outlet goes through the floor. Wall mounted products hang on the wall and usually have the tank and carrier system hidden from view behind a finished wall. This results in more space being available to you and making the bathroom feel bigger.

Flush type - Do you want a single or dual flush mechanism? The K-3609 operates on a single, but efficient flush, using the power of gravity to remove waste from the bowl. A dual flush will present consumers with the opportunity to choose between a full or partial flush. This is designed to handle both liquid and solid waste differently.


The Cimarron toilet is a residential option that holds its own against many of its competitors. It has quite a simple design, but internally, it has all the functionality built in to remove waste quickly and effectively from the bowl, leaving it clean and hygienic for the next user.