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Kohler Archer Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2022)

When researching various toilet brands, we have a set criteria we use to determine how good they are. This criteriavincludes, but isn't limited too how much water they consume, their flush mechanism and their MaP scores. Time and time again, Kohler are a company that ends up high on our lists. This won't be surprising to plumbing professionals who have experience using them, but to a new buyer who isn't familiar with who the industry leaders are, they should be considered.

We have analyzed a number of different product ranges on our site, highlighting the good and bad parts of individual toilets. This guide is no different, we're going to discover how the Archer collection can benefit you by diving into it's spec list to see if it's suitable for your bathroom.

Our pick

Kohler Archer K-3639

The K-3639 has unique detailing on the tank and bowl. The tank has a simple ridging near the lid, and a trip lever attached to the side. The bowl on the other hand doesn't make use of skirting to hide its trapway. But the front of the bowl does have a rather stylish exterior. And because it's one piece, there are some natural advantages, such as it taking less time to install and leaving no areas where bacteria and germs can thrive.

The elongated shape of this bowl provides the necessary amount of strength to take your average adults body weight. It also ensures you sit with a more comfortable and natural posture. On top of its rim will be a Cachet, quiet closing seat that stops it from banging shut. The great thing about the inclusion of a seat is that there are no hidden expenses after buying you preferred unit. Sticking to your budget becomes simpler.

It will fit a twelve inch rough in, measures 31 by 20.8 by 29 inches and it weighs close to 96 pounds. It's made in a Vitreous China and is mounted to the floor which allows gravity to do its job.

You can expect great performance levels from its flushing system. This operates a powerful, Class 5 flush that will have no problems handling larger quantities of waste. But don't assume that it wastes a lot of water to achieve such results, in fact, it's the opposite, as the K-3639 can do more with less (1.28 gallons). This even means it meets WaterSense guidelines. In comparison to standard units, this can help your household save several thousand gallons of water per year.

While some of its competitors offer a small water spot, this one is equipped with a rather generous 11.5 inches by 8.32 inches spot. This will play a role in keeping odors down to a minimum. This same spot is 5.25 inches away from the rim, reducing the chances of splashing hitting you.

To top it all off, you'll also have a warranty policy included which provides one year limited coverage, great in the event that something breaks or goes wrong. Nothing is perfect in life, so having a back up plan that covers you is welcome.

Other things to consider

Other product ranges - The great thing about this industry is that we are spoilt for choice. Why rush into a decision when you may find something better suited to your needs? We recommend reading our collection guides of the Memoirs, Karing, Veil, Adair, Corbelle, Cimarron, Wellworth, Persuade, San Souci, and Tresham. They are all manufactured by the same brand and are worth checking out.

Comfort or standard height? - You'll see the arguments for and against comfort height toilet bowls when shopping around online. Physically, the only real difference between them is a couple of inches in the majority of cases. However, it's this same height difference that can have a really positive impact on peoples bathroom visits. For example, some users with joint issues will find a standard size bowl difficult to sit down on. The added stress can be problematic. Choosing a taller bowl can reduce this issue.

Consumer feedback - Take the necessary steps to ensure what you're looking to buy is reliable and effective at handling waste. One way to do this is to read customer reviews online. We suggest reading both the negative and positive reports to form a well balanced opinion.

Rough in - While the style, flush mechanism, and performance tends to take center stage, it's important that you know what rough in size you require. Not all plumbing systems share the same size across the board. Some peoples washrooms will require 14 inches, some 10 inches, and some 12 inches. You'll need to know what yours is before you go spending your money. Our home page explains how you can measure this in more detail, or alternatively, you can hire an experienced plumbing professional.


The Archer toilet has some wonderful features. We like that it doesn't use much water, it can handle larger quantities of waste, and some of the external design. Of course, there is room for improvement. One could attach a bidet in place of the standard slow close seating, or alternatively get something that is fully skirted around the bowl to hide the trap from view.