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Niagara Toilet Reviews 2024 (Buying Guide, Comparisons, & Ratings)

Niagara toilets are built with water efficiency in mind. The flush mechanisms they use ensure home owners save thousands of gallons of water per year, while still having strong flush performance. This is advantageous both economically and environmentally.

We've hand picked a few of our favorites below, exploring the specifications, functions, and features of each and comparing them side by side. We also discuss the pros and cons of owning each of them.

Our pick

Niagara Stealth 77001WHCO1

Choosing the 77001WHCO1 model as a replacement could be a excellent choice. There are older tanks that use far too much water, and it's about time manufacturers design a flushing mechanism that does more with a lower volume of water. And that's exactly what it does, with an impressive 0.8 GPF rate.

It also meets the Environmental Protection Agencies criteria and achieves a WaterSense label in doing so.

If we were to pick out a specific flaw, it would have to be the external design and overall aesthetics. We prefer one piece, skirted styles over two piece. However, as an inexpensive alternative to some of the industry leaders, you can't go far wrong here.

Compare toilets

Stealth EcoLogic Stealth
Model number 77001WHCO1 22001WHCO1 N7711
Flush type HET HET HET
Trip lever
GPF 0.8 1.28 0.8
Dimensions 28.9 x 18.8 x 31" 28 x 17.8 x 28.5" 29.5 x 17.2 x 28.5"
Weight 103 lbs 105 lbs 80 lbs
Concealed trap
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White
Rating 84% 83% 83%

About the brand

This is a company founded by Bill Cutler that produce a wide variety of bathroom hardware including shower heads and toilets. Something you may notice about the products they develop is that they focus on improving them so they use lower volumes of water. And this is shown in there company description, they set out to save the earth. Certainly, in comparison to older, less green products, the low flow nature of these designs can help family households save thousands of gallons annually.

Among there product lines is the Nano, Phantom, The Original, Sentinel, Stealth, and EcoLogic. Each of them bring something different to the table and are well worth looking into before coming to a decision.

List of in depth reviews

Niagara Stealth 77001WHCO1

The 77001WHCO1 from the Popular Stealth product range features a simple two piece design. This means the tank and bowl need to be connected together upon purchase. This is fairly simple if you're experienced in DIY and plumbing, but if not, you may need professional help from a plumber.

Arguably the most important spec is the 0.8 gallons per flush flow rate. Compared to other manufacturers offering low flow systems, the 77001WHCO1 goes above and beyond. For example, most products designed for efficiency tend to have a flow rate around the 1.28 GPF mark. This is a significant difference, and one that can help you save money on your utility bills.

It's designed to keep noise levels down to a minimum. Perfect for buyers trying to get something with a quieter than average flush.

The elongated shape bowl isn't the sensible choice if you've got a smaller bathroom because it takes up more floor space. However, readers not bothered by the space taken up will appreciate the added level of comfort and support it brings.

If you're already aware of the rough in size, most of you will be pleased to know that this one fits the standard 12 inch measurements. It's floor mounted too, with waste exiting the bowl through the floor. Some people prefer rear outlets, but they typically have a more time consuming and complex installation process.

It weighs 103 pounds and its dimensions are 28.9 inches by 18.8 inches by 31 inches. It's finished in white, and Vitreous China is used in its construction.

Niagara EcoLogic 22001WHCO1

The EcoLogic is an alternative solution for users wanting something with a bit more power. Unlike the highly efficient 77001WHCO1 above, the 22001WHCO1 uses 1.28 gallons of water. Still WaterSebse standard, but not quite as much. However, compared to the older 3.5 gallon tanks, buyers stand to save up to 60%. That's not a small figure, especially when you calculate those savings over the course of a year.

Another difference between them is the fact that it has a round bowl instead of an elongated one. Usually we recommend sticking with elongated shape bowls due to the important amount of support it gives users while seated, but for certain situations, namely for more compact spaces, round bowls are a great choice.

The EcoLogic innovation utilizes tip-bucket technology to achieve a more powerful flushing action. The best thing about such a system is there is no maintenance involved as the common issues of damage to chains and flappers are no longer a problem. They also produce sweat free tanks which is certainly an advantage for those of you that have experienced sweating first hand.

Waste leaves the bowl through a floor outlet and it's also mounted to the floor. It weighs 105 pounds and measures 28 inches by 17.8 inches by 28.5 inches.

Niagara Stealth N7711

The N7711 shares several similarities with its counterparts above, but has some subtle design differences. The most obvious of which is that this is a one piece toilet. Compared to two piece units, they're generally more hygienic because they're easier to clean, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Secondly, the trapway is completely concealed, which only adds to the contemporary theme that it has. The smooth edges around the sides give it character, and the bright white finish helps with that.

It utilizes 0.8 gallons to clear the bowl, all of which is operated via a button on the tanks lid. Once tripped, it sends a powerful surge of water through the air transfer mechanism, minimizing the amount of waste and odors left behind.

The smooth surface ensures there is less chance of bacteria, mildew, mold, and dirt getting caught in the porous china too. This leaves the washroom fresher for the next user, and certainly more pleasant. Glazing on the trapway only multiplies this effect.

Perhaps the most impressive feature out of all its specifications though is its 800 gram MaP score. This highlights how powerful the flush is and how well it can handle waste in bulk. To put things into perspective, we recommend sticking to products that achieve a score of 500 grams or above. The N7711 scores far higher than this. This makes the 0.8 GPF even more impressive in our opinion.

When we talk about accessibility what comes to mind? For many it's the ability to sit on the toilet without too much discomfort or difficulty. One spec we look for in our research is whether or not a product is comfort height. This has a taller bowl that helps with access and removes a lot of pressure associated with sitting and standing on standard height bowls.

The water spot measures 8 inches by 6 inches, which isn't the largest admittedly, but it getsthe job done. It also fits a 12" rough in, and is also flapperless, which is a common cause of leaks in other units.

Other things to consider

Height - The height of your toilets bowl is particularly important for taller and disabled users. The extra inches put in place by manufacturers can change the difficulty between sitting and standing for many. It will also help reduce the amount of pressure on your bodies joints and muscles. If you're shopping for a tall bowl, you'll want to be on the lookout for products with the comfort height description. This lets customers know that the height from the seat to the bowls base is between 17 and 19 inches. Many also meet the criteria for the Americans with Disabilities Act too. To see if the product your interested in meets these standard, look for the ADA label.

Round or elongated? - When deciding which bowl shape you want, we find the decision easy to make as the pros and cons of each depends completely on how big your current bathroom is, and where you're planning on getting it installed. We've got a guide that explains in more detail here: Elongated vs round shape bowls.

Mounting - You get two main types of mounting. Floor and wall mounted. However, there can be many different types of each. For example, you can have floor mount rear outlet, or one that goes through the floor. Choose carefully based on where your current plumbing pipes and lines are. In some cases, you may even need a macerating pump system instead of the standard designs as your toilet may be below the sewage lines.

Consumer feedback - Reports from customers is a essential part of our research process. It lets us know about any potential flaws, be it leaks cracks, or just day to day running problems. However, the same argument can be made for the reports highlighting the strong points to. That's why it's im portant to read through the good and bad and get the full picture about any product you're thinking about buying.

Seat - Do you already have a seat, and if you do, will it fit the toilet you're purchasing? This is just one of the questions you should be asking yourself. If not, you should be checking whether or not the seat comes with the product, as sometimes it does not and will be an additional expense. We recommend sticking with seats that have slow closing hinges, but there are some more advanced options such as bidets too.

Water usage - Where possible, we suggest sticking with options that use lower amounts of water. What qualifies as low flow though? We believe anything around the EPA's 1.28 figure is a good start. Look for models that have the WaterSense label as this will indicate it uses less than 1.28 gallons. This is a smart move economically too as our calculator demonstrates.

Design - We have a few suggestions when it comes to a products design. If maintaining a contemporary theme is important to you, we recommend getting something that is one piece. The seamless style between the tank and bowl just looks better in our opinion. The same applies to skirting. Because skirting hides the outline of the trapway, it becomes smoother, and nicer to look at.


We believe that Niagara are one of the top toilet brands on the market. With expertise in manufacturing hardware that conserves water, they are an obvious choice. Especially if you want to do your bit for the environment. But the positives don't stop there. Because many of their products also get high scores on the MaP flush performance scale. This indicates that despite using smaller quantities of water, they still achieve a powerful flush, putting them right up there with the best in the bathroom industry.