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5 Best American Standard Toilets (Brand Guide & Reviews 2023)

American Standard are a popular brand name. It doesn't matter if you require a one piece or two piece style, standard or right height toilet bowl, exposed or concealed trapway, their catalogue has a huge range of products to meet the demands of a modern bathroom.

This guide will provide a detailed overview of their best flushing toilets. Putting in the effort to research individual products will undoubtedly save you a lot of hassle in the long run. By scrutinizing the specifications, consumer feedback, and flushing mechanisms, you should be more confident in your buying decisions. That's exactly what we aim to offer our readers. A one stop resource to compare and anazlyze the main features of toilets, showing the pros and cons of each.

Our picks

  1. Champion 4 2034.014.020
  2. Cadet 3 2989.101.020
  3. Town Square 2817.128.020
  4. ActiClean 714AA154.020
  5. Edgemere 204BA104.020

American Standard Champion 4 2034.014.020

The Champion 4 collection could be a great choice for buyers looking for a toilet with great flushing performance and user comfort.

It achieves a maximum MaP score of 1000g, utilizing a siphonic jet to clear waste effectively. Combine this with its EverClean surface, and you're left with the formula for an immaculate bowl.

Compare American Standard toilets

If you've ever tried shopping online before for sanitary ware, you may have noticed there is sometimes a lack of depth in information available. You may find yourself going to the manufacturers website to find out about a small detail that's been left out. We aim to improve upon the current system, and bring as much detail together in one place through product comparisons.

Champion 4 Cadet 3 Town Square ActiClean Edgemere
Model number 2034.014.020 2989.101.020 2817.128.020 714AA154.020 204BA104.020
Rough in 12" 12" 12" 12" 12"
Flush type Siphonic HET HET HET HET
Trip lever .
GPF 1.6 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.28
MaP 1000g 1000g 1000g 1000g 1000g
Rim height Height without seat
15" 16-1/2" 16-1/2" 16-1/2" 16-1/2"
WSA Water surface area
N/A 9 x 8" N/A 9 x 8" 9 x 8"
Water level Rim to surface
Dimensions 29.8 x 17.8 x 29.5" 30.2 x 15.8 x 30.2" 29.8 x 15.2 x 31.1" 30.2 x 20.7 x 31.4" 28.2 x 17 x 31.1"
Weight 119 lbs 110 lbs 89.4 lbs 105 lbs 82.4 lbs
Trap size 2-3/8" 2-1/8" 2-1/8" 2-1/16" 2"
Flush valve 4" 3" 3" 1-3/4" Dual 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White, Linen White White White White
Soft close
Rating 85% 84% 84% 83% 83%

About the brand

American Standard have been around for over 140 years when John Pierce purchased a tin ware shop that was struggling. It has since transformed into a household name in the kitchen and bathroom industry offering a wealth of fixtures for both. It produces faucets, sinks, and showers alongside a number of different toilets, including one piece, two piece, gravity fed, pressure assisted, and hands free toilets. In more recent years, they have produced several useful innovations that improve the bathroom experience, hygiene, and ultimately, a more healthy environment for the user.

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Among these innovations is the Vormax flushing system which eliminates the rim holes inside the toilet bowl, by doing so, removing a key area where bacteria thrives. Alongside that, there is the ActiClean self cleaning toilet, which removes the time consuming task of cleaning yourself. It automatically sends a cleaning solution through the bowl, controlled via a button on the tank, leaving the bowl stain free and spotless.

Some of their popular collections include Cadet 3, Champion 4, Colony, Edgemere, and Town Square. They also have options available for specific innovations like VorMax.

American Standard toilet reviews

American Standard Champion 4 2034.014.020

As a top pick, the Champion 4 has a excellent set of features that set it apart from much of the competition on the market. We believe one of its best features is its flush mechanism. Thanks to its four inch accelerator flush valve, it's able to send water through the bowl up to three times faster. This, combined with the EverClean, anti microbial gloss, is a potent force in cleaning and removing waste. In fact, when factory tested, it achieved a strong 1000g score on the Max performance (MaP) scale.

The trip lever if located on the front of its tank and once pulled, it will send 1.6 gallons of water through (6.0 lpf). It's far from what we see as a low flow toilet, but the power and performance levels it achieves make it a viable alternative to those.

Its a one piece toilet that has an elongated bowl and comes equipped with two bolt caps as part of the package. It doesn't come with the seat unfortunately. However, the simplicity of installing a one piece model overides this in our view and is a great reason to choose it over its two piece counterparts. Not only will it cut the amount of time you spend fitting it, it looks great too. So if aesthetics are a high priority, this could be a good match.

Overall, we think this could be a excellent residential toilet. It's right height, floor mounted, and has a effective flushing system. To top it all off, it looks great too. Especially if you're a fan of minimalistic styles.

American Standard Cadet 3 2989.101.020

Finding the right toilet for you home is difficult enough without needing to learn about all the different systems and phrases that manufacturers use in their designs. The Cadet 3 specifications are simplified below.

It has a beautiful concealed trapway that gives it modern looking, smooth edges that make it easy to wash off bacteria and dirt. It is also a two piece style which will require you to do a bit of DIY in ensuring the bowl has been attached to the tank.

A flowise, oversized three inch flush valve produces a excellent 1000g (MaP) flush. Which shows it is top of the line in that department. Couple that with the fact that this is a low flowing option, and you can see why consumers are going with this model.

Interestingly enough, this unit comes with the seat. Something that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The seat itself and its lid features slow close hinges to prevent slamming, and it has a handy quick attach / release design, that will allow users to take it off easily.

Meets accessible design criteria for buildings and is an affordable alternative to the most popular products.

American Standard Town Square 2817.128.020

The Town Square collection reminds me of the Kohler Memoirs range, with a more blocky design, and concealed trapway giving it a modern touch.

It features an elongated shape bowl which provides arguably a more comfortable seated position for the user, thanks to extra leg room around the sides of its bowl. However, the added size of elongated bowls can make them unsuitable from compact bathrooms as they tend to protrude quite a distance from the wall.

If you measure this from its base to the rim, it measures, sixteen and a half inches. It extends further with the inclusion of a seat. This means it meets Americans With Disabilities act hardware standards. To fall into that category it must be seventeen inches and above. To avoid confusion, manufacturers put many labels on these taller bowls, comfort, universal, chair, ADA, are just a few examples. But ultimately, it comes down to putting a few extra inches on top of standard height bowls.

In addition to meeting ADA criteria, the 2817.128.020 model also saves water effectively. It's listed as a 1.28 GPF flush, which means it's classified as a WaterSense toilet. To put a figure on this, users can expect to save up to twenty percent more water in comparison to 1.6 gallons, and many thousands more on 3.5 gallon mechanisms.

The rim has advanced design functionality too, with a innovation called PowerWash rim. This is designed to capture air in a chamber within the rim to produce pressure in those areas of the bowl which are often missed by other brands.

Then there is the EverClean surface that we have covered in several of our buying guides. This is a coating or glaze that ensures the surface is slick enough to stop waste, germs, and bacterial building up. In a way, this looks after the ceramic too, helping improve durability.

It has many of the qualities we look for whilst analyzing toilets, plus an excellent warranty policy.

American Standard ActiClean 714AA154.020

The 714AA154.020 differentiates itself from many of its competitors through its self cleaning properties. This is a modern, convenient take on bathroom design, without needing to splash out thousands on intelligent toilets.

Looking at this self cleaning system, it's marketed as being able to clean stains by pushing a button. What this means is it has a type of quick cleaning process which is designed to keep the bowl washed thoroughly on a regular basis, requiring less human involvement. It also has a heavier cleaning option, called triple power cleaning, that hits area around the rim not often reached.

It's another right height bowl, adding extra height for users with mobility problems. A recommended choice for senior citizens. However, a case can be made that family households or homes with shorter people may not receive the same benefits.

This comes with a seat, a cleaning cartridge, the tank / bowl combo, wax ring and batteries, anything extra will need to be purchased separately.

For what it does, this is a inexpensive way to stay hands free in the maintenance and upkeep process, which many consumers will undoubtedly appreciate.

American Standard Edgemere 204BA104.020

For those readers among you not looking to spend a lot of money, but want something basic, which gets the job done, then the 204BA104.020 could be exactly what you've been searching for.

It includes the EverClean surface which is antimicrobial, and will help keep the washroom smelling fresher for longer. Combined with the pressurized power wash rim, and you have an effective formula for washing the bowl effectively.

Meets EPA WaterSense guidelines, with a 1.28 gallon flush, has an elongated bowl, and is two piece, requiring the tank and bowl to be attached together in the installation process. This can be a bit more time consuming than one piece models.

Quite a minimalistic product, but one that's economically friendly, and has several features that help keep the bowl cleaner for longer.

Other things to consider

Rough in measurement - If you don't know your rough in size before you start looking around for your new toilet, you need to pause what you're doing and find out. The rough in size is determined by the distance between the center of the waste outlet and the wall. Keep in mind the wall shouldn't have any skirting in the way whilst your taking down the measurement. Most people will find that their rough in is twelve inches. However, this is by no means a given, and many homes require toilets with a ten inch rough in, and in some cases, fourteen inches.

Glazing - The coating of the bowl, especially the inside of the bowl, is an important feature. Having a specific type of glazing like EverClean plays a role in fighting germs and bacteria, and stops them building up in the ceramic pores. What's the purpose of all this? Number one, it helps stop waste from sticking, and number two, it keeps it cleaner and keeps odors away for a longer period of time.

Flush activation - Think about how you'd prefer to operate your flushing mechanism. Trip levers and buttons are the most commonly used options for they are simple and get the job done. However, there are an increasing number of systems that use modern technology to their advantage. Infrared sensors are placed within the tank, which users can simply float their hand over, completely hands free. Great for those of you who appreciate the germ free nature of such a system. They can usually be retro-fitted too if you're not a fan of completely replacing your old toilet.

Flushing performance - When we refer to performance, we're really looking at the overall power and how much waste is pushed through the waste outlet without issue. There are several ways of gauging this, but the most popular is through MaP ratings. They provide unbiased flush scores from 0g to 1000g, based on there unique test that replicates waste using pellets. To keep things simple, avoid anything 300g and below. You will find far better options that are very affordable higher up the scale. Anything around the 500g-600g range is usually enough for the average family household. It can be argued that those reaching the peak scores are more for show than anything as the average human doesn't roduce that much waste for it to be realistic. Perhaps they are better suited to a commercial environment.

Water efficiency - When manufacturers talk about efficiency, what they're really talking about is the amount of gallons of water used in each flush. This is commonly referred to as GPF. Think of it as a flow rate. There are guidelines that determine whether a toilet is efficient or not, and these are outlined on the Environmental Protection Agencies website. Those that comply, are labelled as WaterSense products. To get such a label, units must not use more than 1.28 gallons of water. They are becoming increasingly common in bathrooms in North America, and certainly have their advantages, both for the environment and for your wallet. If you add up the number of gallons saved per year compared to 1.6 GPF models, it is twenty percent. Over a ten year period, that's a significantly lower amount of water consumed.

Water spot - Should you aim for a large water surface area or a small one? There are definitely advantages to having a large water spot. Whilst we could argue one of the main reasons to go larger is to ensure aim is more accurate with less waste hitting the bowl. However, there is a far more sensible reason they are chosen. That is there ability to keep lingering odors down effectively. This, outside air fresheners, is a great way to leave things more pleasent for the next person after use.

Compact? - Your washroom size should be on your mind and should have an effect on your planning. If your bathroom is quite small, you will need to get a toilet that compliments this. It's not very smart going for high profile designs with large protruding, elongated shape bowls if this is the case. Round shaped, one piece designs typically have a smaller footprint and save important floor space and are better suited to such an environment. They also tend to be a little cheaper too.

Tall Bowl or standard? - Before you settle on a speific brand or model, you should know the difference between a universal height toilet, and a standard height one. The main difference between them is a couple of inches in height. Universal height bowls provide people with a slightly taller seating height that will improve comfort, and ensure users who struggle bending down or with joint movement are able to go to the bathroom easily. They are known as ADA compliant, which is really the standards for people with disabilities. You may also find them labelled as comfort height, right height, or even chair height.

Alternative brands - Buyers should always be aware of what other manufacturers are bringing to the table. Whilst American Standard has a number of quality toilets, you can't ignore other big names in the bathroom industry. TOTO, Gerber, Woodbridge, Swiss Madison, Mansfield, Mirabelle, Niagara, Delta, and Kohler are just a few examples that are popular with shoppers. The top Toto toilets tend to have plenty of innovative features of their own, and enough to give any competitor a run for their money. So, what's our point? Don't jump to a decision too quickly. Remember there are other options out there and you should be buying a toilet with the long term durability in mind.

Customer feedback - If you're familiar with shopping online, which lets face it, most of us are in this day and age, then you will have come across user reviews for individual products on e-commerce stores. These provide a goldmine of information if you're looking at the right sources. Amazon is the obvious one, but also Home Depot, and Wayfair, have plenty of consumer reports available to read. Use these comments to your advantage as what is written on them is often first hand experience with the product. Keep an eye out for common flaws being reported. Sometimes, taking time to look at the negatives can be a real eye opener of what people are really experiencing.


The products listed above are among the top American Standard toilets in the industry. There can often be some small, yet important details that are only found deep within the specification list that are overlooked or missed completely. Our comparisons and guide above should not only reduce the amount of mistakes you make when buying, but also give you a rough idea of product quality too.