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Mansfield Toilet Reviews (Brand Guide & Ratings 2023)

Mansfield Plumbing provide American made toilets, in several different styles. We want to analyze each of them in this buying guide, ensuring consumers understand individual qualities as well as their drawbacks when compared to other popular manufacturers like Toto.

The toilet reviews and comparisons below will provide readers with plenty of detail about the flushing power, materials, tank, bowl, trip lever, brand, water spot and several other important specs that can make or break a product. We aim to help our readers find one that is right for them.

Our pick

Mansfield Alto 135.160.WHT

With a fully glazed trapway, two piece design, and a 1.6 gallon flush, the Alto could be a excellent upgrade for your current model. It handles waste in bulk effectively thanks to its 1000g flush rating. Plus, a anti siphon ballcock, that helps with efficiency, and is relatively simple to install thanks to their three point connection.

This is an inexpensive, aesthetic product with a standard bowl height, that is certainly worth taking into consideration.

Compare Mansfield toilets

The easiest way to compare products is to use both. This isn't an option for most people, so we came up with another option. The second best way is by lining them up side by side with all their specifications in view. This is a good way to highlight the positives and negatives in any particular model.

Alto Summit Aegean Protector
Model number 135.160.WHT 388.387.WHT 705NS 1384.1386.WHT
Rough in 12" 12" 12" 12"
Flush type Gravity HET Gravity SmartFlush
Trip lever .
GPF 1.6 1.28 1.6 1.6
MaP 1000g 1000g 600g 800g
Rim height Height without seat
14-3/4" 16-1/2" 14-3/4" 16-1/2"
WSA Water surface area
9 x 10" 8 x 9" 7-1/4 X 10-3/4" 9 x 10"
Water level Rim to surface
Dimensions 29.8 x 19.8 x 29" 27.5 x 19.4 x 32.5" 30.7 x 16.5 x 27.8" 30.1 x 18 x 33.2"
Weight 72 lbs 80 lbs 93 lbs 83 lbs
Trap size 2" 2" 2" 2"
Flush valve 2" 3" 3" 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White White
Soft close
Rating 81% 81% 80% 80%

About the brand

This is a company that was founded in 1929, and purchased by Corona in 2004. They make a number of plumbing fixtures and hardware including showers, baths, urinals, toilets and much more. Their designs are simple, look great, and built for everyday use in the family household. Their product collections include Alto, Adriatic, Aegean, Barrett, Brentwood, Cascade, Denali, Summit, Enso, Maverick, Montclair, Protector, Quantum, and Vanquish.

List of in depth reviews

We try to simplify the main features of individual products below, taking into account the various price points, water conservation, comfort, and overall reliability.

Mansfield Alto 135.160.WHT

The Alto has a two piece style, with an elongated front bowl / seat, 135 bowl, and 160 tank. It's got a very simple, yet modern exterior, with the chrome plated trip lever located on front of the tank.

It fits a twelve inch rough, and comes with built in smart flush tech, with a two inch tower. However, users should note that this doesn't conserve water as well as several of its competitors, using 1.6 GPF. What it does achieve is a strong flush, rated 1000g by MaP. This highest mark you can get in their testing.

It's made from ceramic, floor mounted, and its dimensions are 29.8 by 19.8 by 29 inches. The bowl is also of a standard height, with a base to rim measurement of 14-3/4". This means it's not ADA compliant, but it does have its own advantages, particularly the fact that it is a better and more natural, and healthier seated position for your body.

The specifications don't necessarily impress us when compared to market leaders, but what we do respect is how affordable it is for the average user. You can get a decent model whith an effective flush that gets the job done, all without needing to break the bank.

Mansfield Summit 388.387.WHT

The Sumit has some fantastic features that allow it to compete and stand toe to toe with many of its competitors. Our reasoning for this is that it's both ADA height, and water efficient, with a GPF of 1.28.

Some buyers tend to associate low flow with low power. This isn't always the case, as the 388.387 demonstrates. Similar to the 135.160, this hits 1000g in the MaP scoring. Which is what they determine to be highly recommended. A good sign that it removes waste effectively.

The bowl is smart height, which is really another name for ADA compliant, falling into the 17 to 19 inch range with the seat. And 16-1/2 inches without. Accessibility is important. That's something to consider, especially if you have an elderly family member that struggles with mobility.

It's two piece, with a smart fasten, three bolt connection to attach bowl and tank together quicker.

However, users can expect to pay a little extra if they don't already own a seat that fits the round shaped bowl. The same applies to the supply line. Both will need to be purchased separately.

Mansfield Aegean 705NS

The 705NS model has pros and cons like any other product. But on the whole, the positives outweigh the negatives.

It has a modernistic design, made in vitreous china with a one piece style. Its flush is activated by a chrome plated trip lever on the side of its tank, and it's finished in a nice bright white.

The flush system is known as magnaflush, which is gravity fed, utilizes 1.6 gallons of water and received a solid 600g score from MaP. This is a test which aims to replicate how a unit will perform using pellets of similar size and shape as waste. It's a good indicator of how powerful a toilet is, but not the only one.

It's not comfort height, but a standard size, measuring 14-3/4 inches to the rim, and a little higher with the addition of its seat which comes with it. The seat itself is slow closing to protect the rims ceramic surface and its longevity.

Mansfield Protector 1384.1386.WHT

The Protector has this name because it includes built in overflow protection. It features the 1384 bowl, which is a SmartHeight elongated front model, and 1386 tank / cover which has the trip lever on the left hand side.

Like other top brands, they offer their own glazing, known as Pura Clean, which prevents the build up of mold and germs within the bowl. It also works even more effectively in staying clean thanks to the 1.6 gallon flushing mechanism, that has an impressive MaP score (800g).

The bowl is an elongated front shape, which is a better option than round bowls if you're after a more comfortable experience. The same applies to its height. It's SmartHeight, which is really another name for comfort height, and measures sixteen and a half inches to the rim without the seat.

Like several others, users will need to buy the supply and seat as an extra. You will also need to prepare for the extra installation steps required for a two piece set up.

Other things to consider

Competitors - There is plenty of competition in this industry. And while Mansfield produce some low cost options for people with smaller budgets, there are several great alternative manufacturers including TOTO, Gerber, WoodBridge, Kohler, Sterling, Swiss Madison, and American Standard. Make sure you check out our guides on each before you make a decision. Rushing can quickly lead to buyers remorse.

Glazing - The type of glazing on the bowl is extremely important, and an effective way of keeping it clean. Think of it as a glossy coating that protects the ceramic china from damage. It also stops waste from adhering to the bowl, and prevents mildew, mold, dirt, and bacteria from sticking to the surface. These surfaces combined with a strong flushing mechanism can multiply the effectiveness of cleaning the bowl after use. Just watch out for the varying names. Each manufacturer has designed their own style of glazing. Cefiontect for example, is Toto's, EverClean, is American Standard's.

Trapway - Think about the trapway design and what will compliment your bathrooms theme best. There are various skirted designs that conceal the trapway, and others that leave it exposed. A skirted option is more aesthetic in our view, but consumers can expect to pay more because of excess ceramic material included. Then you need to think about the differences between a large and small trapway and how that can benefit you.

Efficiency - Companies are constantly improving their products and increasing their overall efficiency. So much so that toilets with an eco friendly flush are becoming a more popular choice for buyers. Over the years, manufacturers have been innovating, producing mechanisms that handle more waste with less water. Look for the WaterSense label of the Environmental Protection Agency if this is something you think your home would benefit from.

One piece or two piece? - The top one piece toilets are easy to install, and arguably better looking. They are also generally the go to option for people with minimal spoace available. However, those wanting a cheaper model will appreciate two piece units. They do require a bit more plumbing knowledge in the set up process as the tank and bowl don't come attached. There are also several more fixtures exposed which can mean they are more likely to leak at the joint.

Activation - If you're a open to bringing new technology into the home to improve overall convenience and hygienic practices, then a touchless toilet could be a great addition. They utilize sensors that are built into the tank that will automatically push water through the bowl once your hand passes through the sensors range. However, buyers have encountered problems with them in the past, and they generally require more upkeep than standard trip levers and buttons.

MaP ratings - Maximum Performance are a third party company that conducts factory testing of flushing systems for many of the top brands. After they have finished the testing process, they are each assigned a score between 0 and 1000g. Users should stick to products 500g and above for reliable performance. However, you can also get away with a bit lower than this if you want something cheaper.

Bathroom space - Will you be fairly restricted in how big your toilet is? Or do you have plenty of floor space to accommodate any size product? Think about the dimensions you require, and look at the dimensions. The rough in size is another important measurement. To find out what your rough in is, simply measure from the wall behind the tank to the middle of the waste outlet. Most people will find they need a 12 inch rough, however, both 14 inches, and 10 inch options are common enough to ensure you need to check.

Elongated or Round - Round and round front bowls are excellent options for people with compact bathrooms. They are small, but lack the comfort and natural seated posture that elongated shape bowls provide. We recommend sticking with elongated for comfort if size isn't an issue.

Floor mounted or wall hung? - Many consumers will be happy with standard, floor mounted installations. However, for those searching for something a bit different, there are also wall mounted options. They are a great alternative if you need to save space, plus they often have elegant, minimalistic, designs. However, you need to be prepared for extra building work to be done on your home if you go down this route. The tank on many of the wall hung units will need to be built into the wall in a carrier system. Not the smartest move if you're looking to save money.

Height - We have previously touched on standard and chair height bowls. You will need to decide which is right for you. Standard bowls are great for shorter people, and those wanting a healthy seated posture. However, the chair height toilets are a bit taller and better on the joints and muscles, making them a popular choice for people with disabilities, or simply those wanting the added comfort.

Water surface - The water surface area, or water spot as it is often known, should be taken into account. Ideally, you want something that is generous, fairly big, but not so big that it effects flushing power. The reasoning behind this is they hold down odors much more effectively than those with small spots.

Budget - Plan out how much you're willing to spend on lavatory upgrades. If you're working on a tight budget, think about the features you can cancel without sacrificing performance. Things like non skirted, round front bowls. You may also find several smaller brand names are less expensive, but hold their own against the big ones. Watch out for common practices like the seat not being included, as this can be quite a hefty hidden cost. The same applies to the water supply line.

Consumer reports - Before you part with your money, check out what customers are saying about the product. You can easily avoid the defective toilets by paying close attention to buyers comments. Don't just check the one online store either, check each of the big ones for a more balanced picture.


We think that the top Mansfield toilets are a more affordable alternative for residential usage. They have some great collections with a mix of ADA compliant features, and high efficiency. Make sure you've read through the main considerations above before you make a decision as it's easy to make mistakes that are avoidable. You can also visit our home page for a full list of guides and a knowledge base.