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TOTO Maris Toilet Review 2024 (Specifications & Features)

We've rated many floor mounted Toto toilets in the past, but we've not spent much time exploring what their floating toilets offer. One such option is the Maris. This is a stylish wall hung bowl with dual flushing technology. We look at the pros and cons in the specs list below so that our readers can decide if it would make a suitable upgrade for your bathroom.

Our pick

TOTO Maris CT486FG#01

The CT486FG#01 is a wall hung option that has a stylish exterior that's finished in white and has a skirted bowl. If floating isn't your style, they also make a standard two piece one. Just search for the CST484CEMFG#01 product number instead.

It's covered in CEFIONTECT ceramic glazing which will help form a layer above the china to protect it from germs. This smoothes over the surface too, improving the bowl wash performance of its Dual-Max Flushing mechanism.

In terms of water usage, there are some positives. Because you get given the choice of two different volumes of water being pushed through the flushing valve, you can choose to either save water or use more. The two different flow rates are 1.6 gallons for the stronger current, and a efficient 0.9 gallons for the weaker one.

Users should note that this is not an all in one solution. You'll still need to pair this with a in wall tank carrier system. The WT171M is a good option for this. You will also need to purchase a seat separately. The SS114 is a viable seat that will fit it perfectly and comes with soft closing hinges to stop it banging shut.

Other things to consider

Ranges - Not everyone will be looking for wall hung or a dual flush system. And that's OK, as this is a company that produces plenty of great alternatives. We've even reviewed a couple of their most popular ranges here: Drake II, Entrada, Connelly, Neorest, Clayton, Nexus, Soiree, Carlyle II, and UltraMax II.

MaP scores - A popular metric used by manufacturers to demonstrate how powerful their flushes are is MaP. This is short for Maximum Performance and is a company that gets sent toilets from many different brands around the world. The purpose of doing this is so they can get unbiased, 3rd party flush performance results and demonstrate how well their products flush waste. Anything close to 1000 grams on their scoring scale is a good score that indicates strong flush performance. However, anything that gets closer to 0 grams should be avoided as they are generally more susceptible to clogging up, or needing to be flushed twice to remove any waste. We use this system as part of our criteria to filter out poor performing products early.

Bowl sizes and height - There is three parts to this. The shape, the overall dimensions, and how tall it is. Each of these things need careful consideration. As an example, if you've got a small bathroom, you may be better served by a 24 25 inch depth bowl. Because this depth is shallower than your average bowl, it leaves more room in front. Of course, you'll still need to think about the width too and how far it is from the walls.

Then there is the bowls shape. We've already published a detailed comparison of elongated and round bowls that will help you understand the good and bad points of each.

Finally, you'll need to explore the bowls height. In general, wall hung units are quite flexible. You can move them up and down the wall to a desired height. However, if you had a standard floor mount option, you would need to decide between a universal height bowl and a normal height one.

Consumer feedback - One of the best ways to find a product that's effective with minimum defects, is through customer reports. These reports and reviews can be found all around the web. Some of the big name sites you should be visiting include Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and Wayfair. It's important to get a full picture of a products qualities and problems as this is a purchase that's designed to last a decade or longer. You shouldn't be rushing the decision, and you may thank yourself for this later.


Owning the Maris toilet has several benefits. First and foremost, it's a less boring and aesthetic way to modernize your bathroom. It makes the room look bigger because the tank is hidden within the wall through a carrier system, and the smooth edges around the bowl hide any trapway pipes usually found on floor fitted models. However, there are some downsides too. Some examples of this include: The maximum user weight limit it can handle isn't as much as traditional units, and the extra costs and time involved in getting it installed can be more expensive than standard models. Some people may also need a complete renovation of the washroom and plumbing fixtures for it to be installed.