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TOTO Carlyle II Toilet Review 2024 (Specifications & Features)

Toto is a well known manufacturer and a industry leader in producing sanitary ware that's durable and effective. This is a company that we've produced a comprehensive guide on, highlighting their innovations, flushing systems, and much more.

However, instead of focusing on the brands pros and cons, we're going to be researching more about a specific product line from their catalog called Carlyle II.

Our pick

TOTO Carlyle II MS614114CEFG#01

The MS614114CEFG#01 is a one piece toilet constructed in a ceramic material that's coated in CeFiONtect anti-microbial glazing. This can help keep mildew, mineral deposits and bacteria at bay.

There are two things we can say about the design that stand out from our point of view. The first thing is that it's skirted to conceal the trapway. This looks great and modernizes the exterior. Secondly, it's both the bowl and seat is elongated, which are designed to be more comfortable than most round front bowls.

It will fit a twelve inch rough, but can also be installed on a 10 inch or 14 inch rough in with the help of the UniFit adapter. The most common of the three is 12 inches, but you should be measuring yours just in case.

The tornado flushing system is a great innovation, built to rinse the bowl thoroughly, leaving behind as little waste and odors as possible. It also has an economical flush, using less water over the course of a year and protecting the environment in the process.

In addition to this, you'll be able to find it in a variety of different color themes. It all depends what shop you choose, but they are made in the standard cotton white, bone, colonial white, sedona beige, and ebony (which doesn't come with the ceramic glazing).

It includes quiet close seating that will prevent the lid from slamming, and is ADA compliant, with its bowl labelled universal height. The trap diameter is 2-1/8", water spot 6-7/8" x 9-3/4", and its shipping dimensions are listed as: 28.2 by 28.2 by 16.5 inches.

Other things to consider

Ranges - As you would expect with any big plumbing company, they produce a variety of different toilets ranging from one and two piece, through to standard and chair height. If you feel that the specifications offered by the MS614114CEFG#01 won't meet your washroom requirements, we recommend looking into these alternative options: Drake II, Nexus, Entrada, Maris, Connelly, Neorest, Clayton, Soiree, and UltraMax II.

Size - So many consumers seem to be in a rush these days. But by rushing to buy something, it's easy to miss small details that may be important. Especially when it comes to your bathroom layout. For example, you can't just go and buy a new toilet without knowing your rough in size or the maximum dimensions the room can handle.

If you've got quite a modest amount of space, you're going to need to look for specific features that don't overextend or protrude too far. This is very important as you may end up installing your toilet too close to other bathroom fixtures and walls. A shorter than average bowl depth is a good place to start. We have guides for 24" - 25" and 26" depth. The advantage of such a low profile bowl is that it allows extra space for a sink or shower.

Power - We always try to analyze the sort of flush power you can expect from specific models. This is a sensible move because it tells us a bit more about how likely it is for blockages to occur. We do this by looking at the mechanism in place, the amount of gallons used, and their MaP rating. These ratings tells us if a toilet has a powerful flush or not by assigning products a score between 0 and 1000 grams.

Glazing - The glaze is an important layer that protects the bowls inner surface from cracks, stains, and damage in general. It smoothes over the surface allowing the flush to wash down the bowl thoroughly. This particular model has CEFIONTECT glazing. A type of ceramic glaze that acts as a barrier between waste and the china.

Do you get a seat? - You would think that most companies provide a seat with all their hardware. This isn't always the case. While some do offer slow close seating with quick release features, others choose to sell the tank and bowl on their own, leaving consumers to purchase the seat separately. Make sure you understand what parts you're getting before you buy as not everything is an all in one solution.


We found a lot of positives in the Carlyle II toilets spec list. For residential usage, the MS614114CEFG#01 offers some great functions. It's UniFit compatible, which makes it more flexible when it comes to rough in, and doesn't waste much water through its 1.28 GPF tornado flush mechanism.