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TOTO Neorest Toilet Review 2024 (Collection Guide & Specs)

The Neorest is the name given to a collection of smart toilets manufactured by Toto. They are designed to simplify and improve your bathroom experience by modernizing it. It achieves this by implementing a number of different technologies into the seat, tank, and bowl.

In this guide, you'll learn about these innovations, how they work, and their pros & cons. We've also hand picked one of our favorites from this range will be exploring its specs and how it stands out from the crowd.

Our pick

TOTO Neorest 700H

The 700H model is one which has been featured in several of our guides. It's got intelligent features that ensure anyone who buys it saves water and feels totally relaxed when using the bathroom.

The dual flush, double cyclone system only has to use 0.8 gallons for the partial flush and 1.0 gallons for a full one. The great thing about this is that whichever one you choose, the majority of you will be saving water in comparison to your current toilet. This naturally means it get the EPA WaterSense label, something only afforded to products that meet a specific set of guidelines. In this case, a dual flush can't use more than 1.28 gallons on average between both flushes.

The bowl has the seat attached to it, with soft closing hinges and lid. It's also elongated for improved comfort and you are able to heat it up electronically.

When you've finished, you can press the bidet buttons on the remote which send a gentle aerated spray to clean you up. This spray comes from a nozzle or wand which gives users control over the water pressure and temperature. An automatic flush adds to the overall experience.

Visually, it looks great. It's finished in a bright cotton white, and doesn't have the typical big tank behind it. It's low profile with a smooth exterior that hides the trapway lines and measures 32.5 by 15.5 by 21.5 inches.

The ceramic china is protected by Toto's SanaGloss, which helps prevent the build up of mildew, mineral deposits, and bacteria. This also plays a role in the prevention of staining, streaking, and odors.

The downside of all these innovative specifications is that the more tech they include the more expensive they tend to get. While there is a clear case for the 700H being among the market leading products, you also need to think about your overall budget, and this isn't something we'd recommend if you're looking for something cheap.

Other things to consider

Alternative product ranges - While these tankless toilets have almost every type of feature you could want in your home, it's important to remember they are expensive in comparison to their traditional counterparts. If you feel they are out of your price range, why not read our thoughts on the following collections: Ultramax II, Carlyle II, Connelly, Nexus, Maris, Clayton, Drake II, Entrada, Soiree.

Activation - How would you prefer your flushing system be activated? Would a standard trip lever suffice? Or would you rather have easy to access buttons on the lid? Alternatively, many of these intelligent units will flush automatically through the use of sensors that detect movement around the seat. This will mean that there is no need to get your hands dirty.

GPF - The GPF or gallons used in each flush, refers to how much water is consumed once the flush is activated and water is sent from the tank to the bowl. Ideally, you'll want to get something that is eco friendly and low flowing as it can help reduce utility bills and reduce your impact on the environment.

MaP - The Maximum performance (MaP for short) Is a scoring system that lets consumers and manufacturers know how well their flushing mechanism handles waste in bulk. This system assigns a score to individual products ranging from zero to one thousand grams. One thousand being the best score. The 700H achieves an impressive 800g, which indicates strong performance levels. However, it's important to remember this test doesn't check for the amount of splash or how well it washes the bowl. Power isn't everything.

Trapway - You have a few decision to make when it comes to the trapway. The primary one is how large it is. A larger trap can in theory send more waste through in one flush without it clogging. Then you should check whether or not the trap passageway is fully glazed. This glazing smooths over the ceramic and reduces the amount of streaking. Finally, from a external, and purely visual point of view, you should consider getting a skirted bowl. This hides the traps outline and improves it aesthetically.


Neorest toilets are made for people with a larger than average budget. If you're willing to pay for the added convenience and comfort they bring to the table, then we recommend them. You can expect to find several innovative features that will make your bathroom visits more relaxing and hygienic. The bidet spray, dryer, and heated seating in particular stand out.