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TOTO Entrada Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2024)

We've made it clear that we're fans of the TOTO brand. They produce some top tier sanitary ware for everyday use, and are quite reputable among professionals in the plumbing industry.

The Entrada toilet is what our focus shall be on in this guide. We're going to provide our readers with a more detailed overview of its capabilities, ranging from flush type and power, through to design and comfort. Read on to find out if it's a good match for you.

Our pick

TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12

The CST243EF#12 has a basic, but aesthetic two piece design. It's finished in a nice Sedona Beige color and has a chrome trip lever on its tank.

Its bowl is round shaped, better suited to saving space if you don't have a particularly large bathroom, but it does meet ADA criteria, which is the Americans With Disabilities Act, and that means with a seat attached to the rim, it will be at minimum seventeen inches and above. This is taller than your conventional bowls.

Its E-Max flushing mechanism is known to utilize both a large flush valve and jet, which enables it to save water compared to much of its competition. In fact, because of this, it's able to achieve strong performance, whilst meeting the Environmental Protection Agencies guidelines.

Overall, we think this could be a great fit for a modern bathroom. Its efficiency, power, and accessibility have all been taken into account in the design process, and from what we've gathered around the web, consumer experience has been positive.

Other things to consider

Other collections - Don't let to much of your focus be on one particular product range. Expand a bit and explore what else is out there and how they may benefit you. We recommend checking out the Clayton, Nexus, Drake II, Carlyle II, Connelly, Neorest, Soiree, Maris, and Ultramax II ranges.

How big is your rough in? - Find out what your rough in is. It doesn't matter if you require a 10", 12", or 14", there are products made for every scenario and plumbing set up. If you're not sure, there are UniFit toilets built to be flexible using an adapter. However, be warned, these adapters are made for very specific product ranges.

Do you want a taller bowl? - A tall toilet can benefit your bathroom, and your body in several ways. Whilst fit and healthy consumers may take their mobility for granted, there are many people out there who struggle with sitting on the toilet, as well as getting up afterwards. For this purpose, manufacturers have designed bowls with more height, known as comfort height, to meet the growing demand. Compared to standard sizes, you gain around two to three inches.

Shape - There are two main choices on the table here. Elongated and round. There is also square, but they are not known to be the most comfortable to sit on. And I speak from experience. The CST243EF#12 has a round bowl, which presents several advantages to the user. The first is that they are better suited for compact bathrooms as they don't protrude too far from the tank. The second being they are generally less expensive than elongated bowls. However, the elongated shape does have comfort on its side, especially for male users.

Gallons per flush - The number of gallons a tank uses may not of been something you took notice of previously. However, some products can be extremely wasteful when it comes to water usage. There are now flushing mechanisms available that remedy this. They meet WaterSense guidelines and it can make a difference to your household economically. There can even be incentive to upgrading too, with tax rebates available to specific states. To meet these guidelines, they must not use more than 1.28 GPF. This is achieved by many. Including this particular one.

Glazing - The glazing on the surface of the bowl, be it SanaGloss or Cefiontect, will help the flush system remove any stains on the bowl by making the ceramic smoother and slicker. You should ensure any model you're interested in includes this within its spec list.

Skirting - Whilst this unit exposes the trapway and piping, there are alternatives that cover this up. This is known as skirting. This hides all the ugly components around the bowl, and improves the overall look and style. However, the added material required to make this possible pushes the price up somewhat.

Feedback - Read through as many of the customer reviews as possible. Don't skimp on this step as you will be reading useful information from buyers who have already used it in their home. Take note of the negatives too, to ensure there isn't a recurring fault or flaw in its design. In other words, avoid low ratings.


The Entrada CST243EF#12 includes many great features that could improve your old hardware significantly. Especially if you have an old style tank that uses 3.5 gallons of water. Its ADA bowl, efficient flush, and minimalistic design are all plus points in our book. This is a flushing toilet which could certainly work as an affordable upgrade for your bathroom.