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TOTO UniFit Toilets (Extensive Guide with Reviews & Comparisons 2024)

The TOTO UniFit adapter is a useful plumbing fixture that enables you to install a toilet that fits multiple rough in sizes. This could be 10", 12", or 14". However, this is not an available attachment for all TOTO toilet collections. So be sure to check the product manuals, and read our guide below before making a decision.

Some of the product ranges that are compatible with these adapters include Aimes, Carlyle II, Carolina II, Legato, Soiree, and Guinevere. We've hand picked some of our favorites from this list based on our research criteria on our home page.

If you're looking for information on the actual UniFit attachment rather than a list of the toilets it's compatible with, Click Here.

Our pick

TOTO Eco Soiree MS964214CEFG#01

The MS964214CEFG#01 is an example of water efficiency and flush power being combined effectively. The HET, tornado flush mechanism, makes good use of a lower quantity of water in the tank (1.28 gpf), to competently dispose of waste within the bowl (600 grams score by MaP).

It also doesn't hurt that this is manufactured by a very reputable brand name and has plenty of positive feedback from customers around the web. So, if you're in the market for a new toilet, the Soiree is definitely one we recommend keeping tabs on.

Compare UniFit toilets

Eco Soiree Legato Carolina II
Model number MS964214CEFG#01 MS624214CEFG#03 MS644114CEFG#11
Flush type Tornado Tornado Tornado
Trip lever .
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28
WaterSense .
CalGreen .
MaP 600g N/A N/A
Rim height Height without seat
16-1/8" 16-1/8" 16-1/8"
Elongated .
WSA Water surface area
7-7/8" x 9-13/16" 7-3/4" x 9-3/8" 6-7/8" x 9-3/4"
Water level Rim to surface
5-7/8" 6-1/4" 5-1/2"
Dimensions 28.1 x 14 x 27.8" 28.5 x 17.2 x 28" 28.2 x 17.5 x 25.5"
Weight 90 lbs 119 lbs 75 lbs
Trap size 2-3/16" 2-1/8" 2-1/8"
Flush valve 3" 3" 3"
Concealed trap .
Skirted .
One piece .
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors Cotton, Colonial, Beige Bone White, Beige, Bone
Seat .
Soft close .
Rating 85% 83% 83%

Why use a UniFit rough in adapter?

Compared to units that are designed to fit specific rough ins, they give people a bit more flexibility in the style, functionality, and size of product they choose. Something we noticed in the alternative options is they are't particularly aesthetic. This is one area in which these models excel. The fact that they are skirted around the trap is always a plus in our book. That alone can give you that contemporary theme many buyers look for.

Model number TSU01W.14R TSU01W.10R TSU01W.12R
Rough in Size 14" 10" 12"
Dimensions 14 x 8 x 6" 10 x 8 x 6" 12 x 8 x 6"
Weight 2.6 lbs 1 lbs 2.84 lbs

List of in depth reviews

Eco Soiree MS964214CEFG#01

The Soiree has a great looking exterior available in lots of different colors to meet consumer demand. It's a one piece unit, with an elongated front bowl with a slow close seat. If you have the space available to you, we always recommend going for elongated over round or square.

Buyers will also appreciate the low profile tank, and the fact that it has a concealed trapway with skirting too. This not only improves the design but ensures cleaning it becomes simpelr due to there being fewer nooks and crannies for germs and bacteria to hide in.

The flush system used is the double cyclone, which utilizes dual nozzles to swirl water round the bowl rather than straight down. By doing so it creates a more thorough rinse, picking off any excess waste from its SanaGloss glazing surface. The effectiveness of this is multiplied through its three inch valve which is able to release more water from the tank, faster.

Despite this performance oriented approach, with a recommended 600 grams MaP score, it still manages to retain a low flow status, using a maximum of 1.28 gallons, meeting EPA criteria.

Similar to many of its competitors, it also has a universal height bowl, measuring 16-1/8 inches to the rim. Add in the seat, and you're well into ADA territory. This is far more accessible in comparison to standard bowls. They are usually a couple of inches taller in comparison. It may not seem like a lot, but it can be a big difference to older people and those of you with disabilities.

Something very important to take into account is this product comes with a 12" adapter. If you're looking to fit a 10" or 14" one, this will need to be purchased separately. We have a few examples of these and where you can buy them above.

Legato MS624214CEFG#03

The MS624214CEFG#03 has some excellent specs and will certainly be a viable replacement for a modern bathroom. It has a contemporary theme, and is finished in a special glazing to protect the surface. Something that is always a plus point in our book is the inclusion of a seat. Not all manufacturers do that. The one included with this model is the quiet closing, SS214.

Like several other compatible products, this is right height. It gives it a bit more height for people who struggle with mobility. Typical size from the base to the seat is between seventeen and nineteen inches. There are plenty of benefits in this type of design for tall people as well as the infirm.

The flushing mechanism can be described as highly efficient, using 1.28 gallons of water per flush. There are many advantages to owning one of these environmentally friendly products over standard options. One of which is they save you money of your household water bills. Over the lifetime of the product, this can be quite a significant sum. That also applies for the amount of gallons saved over the years too. That will be in the tens of thousands by that time.

Overall, we think this is another beautifully crafted unit with great functionality. It ticks most of the boxes we look for in residential usage.

Carolina II MS644114CEFG#11

The MS644114CEFG#11 is a one piece toilet that has a modernistic but simple design, with some great curves around the tank and bowl, giving it a unique, but attractive style.

Looking further into the design aspects, we have a trip lever on the side of its tank, which is chrome plated, plus an elongated shape which is known to be more comfortable than their round counterparts. Readers shall also be pleased to know that there is a nice amount of variety in colors. Choose between colonial white, bone, cotton, sedona beige, and white to best match your washrooms theme.

It's universal height, ensuring the bowl is tall enough for the people who need it. This can be anyone from the elderly through to the disabled. There is a reason these meet ADA standards after all.

The flush utilizes the tornado flushing system, which is a gravity based mechanism that utilizes dual nozzles to creat a centrifugal force and ensure the inside of the bowl is as clean as can be. It uses just 1.28 (4.8 lpf) for this. So what does this mean? It means that the flush is not just powerful, but economically friendly too.

Its SanaGloss glazing works well with the above tornado system, and will play an important role in protecting the ceramic material.

We can see this model working well in the majority of home environments. It handles waste well, and is unlikely to get blocked up, all the while conserving water.

Other things to consider

Other collections - We've highlighted some of the compatible products above, but it would be stupid to focus on those alone. There are alternatives out there with great feature sets they may be better suited to your home. We think the Aimes, Carlyle II, Clayton, Drake II, Entrada, Maris, Nexus, Connelly, Neorest, Promenade, and Ultramax II ranges are worth looking into further.

ADA compliant? - To be compliant, bowls must be at least seventeen inches in height from the seat to the floor. Read this guide to learn about comfort height toilets, the advantages they bring, and any particular flaws. They are not for everyone however, some consumers prefer standard height options as they are more family friendly. Especially for the younger or shorter members of the household.

WaterSense compliant? - As you would expect, the bathroom accounts for a high percentage of your overall homes water use. But more specifically, taking away the sinks and shower usage, toilets account for up to thirty percent of the total. This demonstrates why it's so important to upgrade from old 3.5 gallon units to the newer, more efficient 1.6gpf and 1.28 gpf units. The latter meets WaterSense criteria by the Environmental Protection Agency. Depending on what users are planning to upgrade from, these models can save between twenty and sixty percent. This equates to many thousands of gallons per year. If being more efficient and eco friendly sounds like something you want to achieve, keep an eye out for products with the WaterSense label.

Flush power - There are several methods consumers can use to get an idea of flushing performance before they make a purchase. We like to look at the flush valve, gallon usage, and mechanism to start with. However, we believe the most reliable source is MaP ratings. They give toilets both premium and standard scores based on their unique testing criteria.

Manufacturers send their products to them and they carry out their tests. After which, they are given a score that can be categorizes as follows: not recoommended (0-250g), acceptable (250-350g), recommended (350-600g), and highly recommended (600-1000g). We believe that these days, you should avoid anything in the acceptable range and below simply because there are so many affordable options that perform better.

Operation - The most typical example of how a flush is operated is by use of a trip lever. However, there are also options that have buttons instead of a lever. Both are user friendly. Alternatively, if you appreciate the hygienic nature, and simplicity of hands free activation, this is also an option.

Bowl shape and size - You need to make a decision between a more comfortable elongated shape, or a compact round shape. We suggest going for an elongated bowl if comfort is very important to you. They provide more leg and knee room whilst seated which is great, especially for taller people. Alternatively, if your household has a small bathroom, perhaps in the basement, or a en-suite, a round bowl may be better suited, offering more floor space.

You should also think about specific dimensions. Standard bowls may measure between 14 to 14.5 inches in width. But if you're a bigger person, you will find some up to 16.5 inches. This also applies to the length, a smaller bowl will be around 2 inches shorter on average in length than elongated options (Usually around 17").

Glazing - In your research, you will come across different levels of glazing. Some may only have glazing within the bowl, others will offer glaze all through the trapway. This is a coating that helps waste slide through the waste outlet easier, leaving less stains and streaking. Each manufacturer has a different name for this, but the ones we're most familiar with is PuraClean, SanaGloss, Cefiontect, HygieneGlaze, and EverClean.

How big is your bathroom? - If you haven't already made plans for the overall layout of your bathroom and how big specific pieces of hardware can be, this is something you should start thinking about. What you don't want to happen is after you've set everything up, you find yourself cramped and rather enclosed whilst seated. Planning ahead is sensible, especially if you've got minimal space to work with.

Consumer feedback - When trying to gauge customer sentiment about a product you plan on buying, there is nothing more accurate out there than the customer ratings. We recommend you check out the negative and postive feedback together to see if you can identify any trends when it comes to product defects or common issues which we outline on our home page. Make sure you spread out your informational sources to multiple stores online too.


The TOTO UniFit compatible products we've chosen above come equipped with many of the features and criteria we look for in a top residential toilet. Flush performance, comfort, and design should all play a part in your decision. So that's exactly what we've focused on through detailed product comparisons and reviews, to help readers make a more informed decision.

Should you have any questions about any of the information published above, please don't hesitate to get in touch.