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Welcome to We built this website up so that consumers, and homeowners alike can find important information about toilets.

Founded in 2018, we aim to provide a number of in depth reviews and guides to simplify the buying and research process. Finding good toilets doesn't need to be time consuming, and we believe we've designed a formula to help with that.

By looking at even the smallest specs, you can begin to understand how specific toilets stand out from the crowd. We do this by utilizing comparison tables to compare flushing power, mechanisms, bowls, tanks, trip levers and plenty more to assign each product a rating out of 100. These rankings are completely our opinion, but we try to keep it as factual as possible for accuracy.

Some examples of our buying guides include touchless toilet flush kits, and right height toilets. We aim to be thorough in our research, completely covering all aspects of a products design, flushing mechanism, bowl, and tank. We also want to ensure people are aware of any potential flaws too.

Similar to our buying guides, we have a section dedicated to specific rough in measurements and who they're for. For example our guide to 10 inch rough in toilets could come in extremely handy for people who are upgrading their bathroom, but finding it difficult to find something that fits.

Finally, we want to provide a comprehensive overview of market leading brands. Readers may want to give our Toto toilet reviews a read to see if they are a good fit.

Thank you for your visit, we hope you find our site useful.


The Toilet Advice team.