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Touchless Toilet Reviews (Complete Hands Free Flush Guide 2024)

Touchless toilets can bring added convenience to your bathroom experience. The hygienic benefits of a completey hands free flush means that there are less germs spread on frequently used trip levers and buttons.

With the clever use of motion sensors, infrared technology can really help improve home life. Especially for germaphobes. We look at some of the top rated toilets that include a touchless flush kit below and research the positives and negatives associated with them.

Our picks

  1. TOTO Neorest
  2. KOHLER Karing
  3. KOHLER Cimarron
  4. American Standard Studio Activate
  5. KOHLER San Souci


Combining efficiency with convenience, the MS920CEMFG is a product that stood out from the rest. It operates on a, 1.28/0.9 gallon dual flush and features a taller, comfort height bowl. Interesting extras include a bidet and dryer which comes with a remote control. Modern technology and style rolled into one package.

Compare the leading hands free toilets on the market

How does someone go about choosing one specific toilet over the masses available? The logical way to do this is by putting a list of features together side by side in a comparison table. Which is what we've done below. After spending many hours researching into the specifications of our editorial picks, readers now have a less time consuming way of understanding the differences between products.

TOTO Neorest KOHLER Karing KOHLER Cimarron American Standard
Studio Activate
KOHLER San Souci
Model number MS920CEMFG K-4026 K-6418 2794119.020 K-4000
Rough in 12" 12" 12" 12" 12"
Flush type Tornado Power Lite AquaPiston Gravity AquaPiston
Touchless .
Trip lever
GPF 0.9 / 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.28
WaterSense .
MaP 600g 600g 1000g 1000g 800g
Rim height Height without seat
16 1/8" 15 1/2" 16-1/2" 16-1/2" 16-1/2"
Elongated .
WSA Water surface area
5-3/8 x 4-3/16" 12 x 9-1/2" 10-1/2 x 7-7/8" 9 x 8" 10-3/4 x 7-1/2"
Water level Rim to surface
4-7/8" 6-3/8" N/A 5-3/8"
Dimensions 28.6 x 11.6 x 26.9" 25 x 22 x 32" 42.5 x 40.5 x 24.5" 30.2 x 15.8 x 30.8" 30.2 x 20.9 x 26.8"
Weight 100 lbs 110 lbs 87.5 lbs 109 lbs 94 lbs
Trap size 2-3/4" 2-7/8" 2-1/8" 2-1/8" 2-1/8"
Flush valve 3" 3" 3" 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors Cotton, Beige White White, Almond, Black White White, Sand, Almond
Soft close
Rating 85% 85% 80% 80% 80%


Hygiene - Without a doubt, the hygienic advantages of owning a no hands flush is one of the main selling points. If you live in a family household, or have flat mates, germs can spread quickly if you're all using the same trip lever or button.

Flush kits available - Even if you've no plans to replace your current toiet, special flush kits are available to retrofit them to touchless.

Works with efficient models - As low flow toilets are becoming increasingly popular, users will be happy to hear that they work with both efficient and standard models. The amount that can be saved in gallons is quite impressive, especially when you look at the figures over a longer period of time.

Easy installation - Whilst the idea may sound complex, they are relatively straight forward to install.

Simple flush - Activating the flush is as simple as waving your hand above the sensor. Simple, and great for people of all ages and abilities.



Compatibility limitations - Unfortunately, some of these products aren't compatible with dual flush, or pressure assisted flushing systems. There are however, exceptions to this rule. Intelligent toilets like the TOTO Neorest is an example of that.

Batteries - A sensor toilet flush will naturally require you to stock up on, and replace the batteries every so often. However, there is no special battery requirements, a lot of them run off AA batteries. Some will even emit a beep to let users know when they are running low on power.

List of in depth reviews

Listed below, we provide a detailed insight into the specs and functionality of individual products. By exploring what each has to offer, we hope to separate the good from the bad and identify which is a match for your restroom.

1. TOTO Neorest MS920CEMFG

If you're searching for a all round solution for your toilet needs, there isn't many that match up to the TOTO Neorest range. This is a smart model, including not just flush convenience, but also various user comfort features that aim to make the bathroom experience more relaxing.

It utilizes various pieces of technology like a lid that opens and closes automatically, a bidet spray and dryer combo, and a remote control which you can use to switch up the spray settings. These advancements just aren't available in the lower price points.

Going into more details on the bidet spray technology, users will be able to enjoy five different water pressure settings, a front and rear cleanse, and the ability to move the wand into the position you want it to be. After usage, it will clean itself.

Operates on a tornado flushing system, which swirls water around the bowl with three powerful nozzles, for a more thorough cleanse. It's also differentiates itself from the competition by being dual flush. Users are able to choose between a light (0.9) and heavy (1.28) flush dependent on the type of waste in the bowl. What's more, it meets WaterSense criteria, designed to be economically friendly.

Other clever innovations include premist on the bowl, which is a far superior way to remove waste than a dry bowl, and a deodrizer which sucks in and filters bad odors in the immediate area.

Moving onto the external design, the bowl is skirted which is far more aesthetic than those products that come with an exposed trapway. It also is available in a variety of different colors including cotton and beige.

It's bowl is comfort height too, meeting ADA criteria and ensuring the seating position is accessible to people of all abilities. Less stress on knees whilst bending down and standing up can be a excellent solution for people with limited mobility.

Overall, this is our number one pick for a reason. It combines the best of modern tech, to ensure users are comfortable, and have a clean, hygienic trip to the restroom. However, this is not going to be a low budget option.

2. KOHLER Karing K-4026

KOHLER touchless toilets are popular among consumers. The Karing in particular is one of those. It's another smart bathroom toilet solution that combines an elegant, contemporary exterior with several useful functions that are convenient for everyday use.

The bowl is skirted, one piece design that hides the trapway. This adds to the overall aesthetics thanks to no pipes being exposed. Then there is the elongated shape which is comfortable, and ensures people sit in a more natural posture. It even has a built in LED nightlight which illuminates the bowl for added convenience.

Looking into the flushing system and performance, it operates on a power-lite mechanism, that doesn't use excessive amounts of water at 1.28 GPF. It still manages to have excellent performance output despite the low water consumption, with a MaP score of 600g.

Of course, the low flow nature of this product means that it meets WaterSense standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, and is able to help households save thousands of gallons of water per year compared to standard units.

Now, onto the more advanced, technological inclusions. The lid and seat are motion activated, no longer requiring hands to lift and shut whilst in use. Then there is the excellent bidet seat which is great for several reasons. The seat can be heated with two separate customizations for two differentrequi users. Then there is the water spraying wand, which can be aimed at the front and back, with pulsating and oscillating settings. This is a more effective way to clean up, and a much more modern and hygienic method than toilet paper. All of this can be controlled using a remote control, which also happens to have a built in dryer.

Whilst not really a sensible option for people bargain hunting, it's worth considering for those not too worried about budget thanks to the great tech additions which we see as far more beneficial than your average product.

3. KOHLER Cimarron K-6418

The K-6418 from the Cimarron range is a standard toilet with the additional sensor built into its tank. That sensor is located on top of the tank, where users can simply pass their hand through the electromagnetic field to activate the gravity fed flush.

If a product being economically friendly is important to you, you will certainly appreciate the gallon usage of this model. It utilizes just 1.28 gallons and meets WaterSense standards. For those of you wanting to save both money and water, this could be ideal.

The design is two piece, which means the tank and bowl are separated upon delivery and will need to be attached together upon installation. An extra step compared to one piece models, but there are positives and negatives to both.

Comfort appears to be a important feature of this unit. Consumers will appreciate the elongated shape bowl, which provides extra leg room, and the universal, or right height bowl, which is made to meet ADA seating requirements. This ensures it falls between the seventeen and nineteen inch range once a seat is attached to its rim.

If much of your focus whilst researching is on flushing performance, you may already understand the importance of the MaP scoring system which rates products power. The K-6418 achieves top marks in this respect, with a 1000g score. Indicating it has a very effective flush that is less likely to clog.

One of the downsides of this product include the need for batteries, which will need to be stocked up on time to time. There may also be the issue of its motor not lasting the lifetime of its bowl and tank. However, you are able to replace these relatively easily if that time comes.

This is a lower priced alternative to the highly technological toilets above and still includes the performance most residential households need on a day to day basis.

4. American Standard Studio Activate 2794119.020

The Studio Activate toilet made by American Standard is yet another unit which utilizes a wave hand actuator to send water through the bowl. What's more, if you ever run into issues with this, there is even a manual overide button.

It consumes just 1.28 gallons, making it a water efficient toilet, consuming 20% less than standard options. It still maintains decent performance levels too, getting a 1000g score thanks to its siphonic jets and power wash rims. Combined with the EverClean surface coating on the bowls surface, and you have a potent mix to achieve an impressive flush that leaves the bowl spotless.

Similar to the Cimarron, it's a two piece style, with an elongated bowl. However, one could argue that the Studio Activate has a much more unique exterior, great for buyers wanting something a bit different for their bathroom.

It's fully skirted round the trapway, ensuring it has a much smoother appearance, and ensuring cleaning is easier. After all, the more cracks, nooks, and gaps there are, the more places there is for bacteria to build up. By removing these areas, you achive a more hygienic space.

5. KOHLER San Souci K-4000

Apart from the convenience of its flush activation, the San Souci has plenty of things going for it. The first thing you may notice is its undeniably unique, one piece style. If you're after something that adds a modernistic touch to your restroom, this could be a potential cadidate.

It utilizes a AquaPiston flushing system, which offers a low flow rate of just 1.28 gallons, meeting EPA standards, and ensuring it's environmentally friendly. But perhaps what's more impressive is its MaP score, achieving 800 grams on their performance scale, and well into the highly recommended range.

It's universal height, which provides people with a more natural, chair like seating position and will make the bowl slightly taller than your standard toilets. We've covered the benefits of this in detail on our home page.

It will fit a twelve inch rough in, and measures 30.2 by 20.9 by 26.8 inches, making it a reasonably compact option, great for buyers with a small bathroom.

Unlike several of its competitors, the K-4008 seat comes as part of the package. However, if you want to upgrade this to something more advanced with bidet functionality, the K-4108-0 C3 230 is also an option.

It's available in a wide range of colors including but not limited to black, biscuit, almond, dune, cashmere, sandbar, and white. Certainly a number of unique themes to choose from.

Other features and specs to look out for

Rough in size - A simple, yet important part of the buying process involves measuring your rough in. To do this, measure out the distance from your bathroom wall (behind the tanks future location, to the middle of the flange). Most consumers will find their home requires a 12 inch measurement, but there is always a chance that either 14 or 10 inch toilets may be more suitable.

Waste outlet - Look at where your waste outlet is located. Many will assume it goes through the floor, but that's not always the case. Some of you may require a back flush toilet instead. Understand your criteria before making a decision.

Brands - Whilst KOHLER, American Standard, Mansfield, and TOTO toilets appear to be dominant when it comes to automatic flushing toilets, it's important to look at all the options out there, and that means looking at what lesser known brands have to offer. WoodBridge are a great example, as to are Gerber, Swiss Madison, Niagara, and Sterling.

Sensor location - The flushing sensors location will differ for each toilet, however, the two most common types will be found either on the side or top of the tank.

Bowl shape and height - Accessibility and comfort are two things that go hand in hand. You will need to choose between standard and ADA height toilets. ADA, or comfort height as they are known, offer buyers a taller bowl designed to make them accessible for all. However, standard height toilets are built to ensure users take a more natural seated position to prevent constipation.

After you determine which height you require, you should also spend time thinking about the bowl shape. This will come down to either round or elongated. If you're looking to save space in the washroom, a round bowl could be ideal because they have a lower profile. Alternatively, if floor space isn't an issue, elongated bowls offer better all round comfort.

One or two piece? - Two piece loos can provide a less expensive alternative to one piece toilets. However, on the aesthetics front, we believe one piece units offer improved, contemporary designs that look great. They are also known to be better suited to small bathrooms because the bowl length doesn't push out as far.

Skirting - Toilets with skirting are easier to maintain and clean because there are less places for dirt and bacteria to build up. They also look nicer than products that leave the trapway exposed.

Gallons per flush - The number of gallons used is really highlighting the overall efficiency of the toilet. You'll find the main GPF ranges are 1.6 or 1.28. 1.6 being standard, and 1.28 the environmentally friendly version that meets WaterSense criteria. The lighter amounts of water being used doesn't necessarily mean the flush performance suffers as a result either. In fact modern innovations have made it possible for low flow models to achieve 1000 gram performance on the MaP scale.

Water surface - Two things when it comes to the water spot. How far from the rim is the surface? How much area does it cover? Most of the time you'll find this information in the comparison table, but for products we don't, we suggest looking deep into the spec sheets. As a general guideline, stick with products that have a water surface 5 inches or more from the rim, and a larger surface area does a better job at keeping odors down.

Seat - Sometimes manufacturers include the toilet seat with the hardware. If that isn't the case with the product you've got your eyes on, then ensure you've got a rough idea of the budget you're working with and stick to it. Soft close seats are a great option as they protect the ceramic and prevent loud slams. The two leading products with automatic toilet flushers (TOTO Neorest and KOHLER Karing) already have built in heated and bidet seats and won't incur any additional expenses.

Common problems

Aside from the required battery changes every so often, there are a few complaints we've come across from numerous sources. The first is that they have been known to flush on their own after sometime, and the second is the motor doesn't provide the longevity and durability as stadard flush systems. Both are certainly worth keeping in mind before making a decision.

If you do run into either of these issues, the good news is that they are simple to fix. A replacement no hands flushing kit can be purchased reasonably cheap compared to a full toilet replacement and most people are able to get it fitted within half hour.


If you're making plans to renovate your home, don't forget to spend time researching into quality bathroom hardware. Toilets are an essential part of that and small adjustments to minor things like the flush can make a big difference.

That's why we believe the convenience of touchless toilets shouldn't be overlooked. However, consumers often make the mistake of not looking at the differences between manufacturers. This can include the bowl, tank, flushing mechanism, price, and efficiency. You should also be looking through the feedback provided by customers through online shops to uncover any product flaws. Comparing and analyzing the various specifications now will save you running into problems later. Follow the guide above and your chances of finding a suitable upgrade increase.