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Mirabelle Toilet Reviews 2024 (Buying Guide & Ratings)

Mirabelle are a brand which produces many different types of bath sanitary ware including toilets. This buying guide will cover several of their most popular product lines alongside their flush capabilities and design. You'll also be able to compare the specifications of each side by side to see which one suits your home best.

Our pick

Mirabelle Bradenton MIRBD241SWH

The Brandenton is a toilet which could really help modernize the look and feel of your bathroom. The stylish bowl is seamless and looks fantastic and it's elongated which is generally seen as the better option for comfort.

It's floor mounted and utilizes a very efficient 1.28 gallon flush. This mechanism combines gravity and a three inch flush valve to create a powerful rush of water through the bowl.

The bowl is taller than average too, meeting ADA standards and ensuring that sitting down becomes an easier task for those in need.

When searching for products of a higher quality, we have a number of important specs that we like to see. Efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics are three of the most important. With all things considered, the MIRBD241SWH meets a lot of this criteria, which is why it could be a excellent addition to your bathroom.

Compare toilets

Bradenton Sitka Alledonia
Rough in 12" 12" 12"
Flush type HET HET HET
Trip lever
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28
WaterSense .
Rim height Height without seat
16-9/16" 16-3/8" 16"
Elongated .
WSA Water surface area
Water level Rim to surface
Dimensions 27-7/8 x 17-3/16 x 16-9/16" 27-3/4 x 14-13/16 x 21" 28-9-16 x 28-15/16 x 14-9/16"
Weight 80 lbs 60 lbs 77.5 lbs
Trap size 2" 2" 2"
Flush valve 3" 3" 3"
Concealed trap .
Skirted .
One piece .
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White
Seat .
Soft close .
Rating 83% 83% 82%

About the brand

This company offers people a number of different bathroom solutions for the modern household. Faucets, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and vanities all included. One thing that sets them apart from many other manufacturers is their stylish exteriors.

Popular product ranges include the Bradenton, Key West, Carraway, Alledonia, Boca Raton, Sarasota, Provincetown, Amberly, Milazzo, Sitka, and Key Largo.

List of in depth reviews

Mirabelle Bradenton MIRBD241SWH

The Brandenton can add a stylish touch to your bathrooms interior. The external design is presentable and modern, with skirting that goes all the way around the outside of the bowl, concealing the trapway in the process.

It's one piece, meaning it's seamless between the bowl and tank. There is no extra work required to attach the tank. Which is great as not everyone's a fan of DIY and plumbing work. The same can't be said for two piece units. This design also has the advantage of leaving no gaps under the tank. On two piece styles, this is an area which is prone to leaking.

The elongated shape bowl should be something you buy if you want to be as comfortable as possible. Round bowls have benefits too, but they're better used in situations where consumers have small bathrooms. The fact that this elongated shape adds around one and a half inches extra depth is great as it will give users extra leg room. Having said that, it's not particularly long either, with a length of 27-7/8".

It's finished in white, but you can also find it in biscuit if you shop around first. It's made in a ceramic china, and includes a insulated tank. The purpose of this is to prevent sweating, which is what plumbing professionals say to describe condensation forming on the outside of the tank. This could be a welcome solution to a common issue in some climates.

It's also tall enough to be ADA compliant. If you took your tape measure out and measured from the floor to the bowls rim, it would come to 16-9/16 inches. Add into this equation a seat and you have a seating height tall enough to meet the criteria of the Americans with disabilities act.

You can expect to save money on your water based utility bills too. Considering the bathroom is one of the rooms in the household where we waste the most water, installing something more efficient is sensible. The flow rate of 1.28 gallons can use twenty percent less water than standard toilets.

The MIRBD241SWH comes top of our list for several reasons. It's not wasting water like older units, has a contemporary theme, and is built with a users comfort in mind. A more comfortable experience will help you feel more relaxed in your bathroom visits, and that's something that isn't easy to come by. You'll also get a soft closing seat with it that will stop the lid and seat slamming shut onto the rim.

Mirabelle Sitka MIRSK241SWH

Visually, the Sitka offers something different to traditional bathroom themes. On the outside of its tank and bowl you'll find that there are no seams or indents, giving it a smooth, contemporary look. It's also one piece, which is simpler to install than their two piece counterparts.

It's floor mounted, with the waste also going through a floor based outlet, instead of a rear outlet. Most households have plumbing in place for this type of set up already, which removes the need of expensive renovation work.

The rim height is 16-3/8 inches, and with the addition of the seat, it brings it up to ADA standards. It's also built for 12 inch rough ins. It may be ADA, but it's bowl is quite compact too.

It operates on a graity based flushing system, releasing 1.28 gallons of water through its 3 inch valve to create a fast drop of water from tank to bowl, pushing out waste in the process. This is a watersense labelled porduct, which can save your home thousands of gallons of water.

A seat with quiet close functionality is included, ensuring buyers get something that fits correctly in the same package. Buying it separately is where mistakes can happen.

The external design is what we think helps the MIRSK241SWH stand out. It has plenty of other solid specifications too. But the smooth exterior and shape makes it unique.

Mirabelle Alledonia MIRAL241WH

The Alledonia range has some similarities to the Sitka externally and internally. It makes 3rd on our list by having a very efficient flush and aesthetic appearance.

It is certified by the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense standards. To be a part of this, manufacturers must meet strict water conservation criteria that includes the amount of water being used not exceeding 1.28 gallons per flush. If you look at the advantages this brings the average family household, you can expect to save between twenty and sixty percent more water than 1.6 GPF units. This equates to nearly thirteen thousand gallons. Over the years, this can help you save money on your utility bills too.

However, don't make the mistake of thinking that a lower flow rate has a weaker flush. Bigger flush valves and mechanisms enable products to handle more waste with less volume. And that's exactly what happens once the MIRAL241WH's flush mechanism is activated. Water is sent through a large 3" valve, and it lets gravity do the rest, resulting in a powerful flush.

The sixteen inch high bowl is compliant with the Americans with disabilities act and elongated in shape. It's skirted around the outside which hides the trap passage way outline from view.

It's factory flush tested, and includes a one year limited warranty policy just in case something breaks. Readers should note that the supply line isn't included, but the seat is.

Other things to consider

Space and layout - Think about the amount of space you have available and your washrooms layout / shape. Some of you will have to plan out specific measurements before you start shopping. If you need to buy something low profile, there are several solutions for you. A triangular tank is a popular choice among consumers because of how well it manages to fit into a corner. If this isn't an option, you could always get a bowl with a short projection. This will ensure that the overall length from wall to the bowls front doesn't extend too far into the room.

Lever, button, chain? - There are several ways to activate your flushing system. A trip lever and button being the most frequently used. However, a victorian style, pull chain toilet could be a great alternative.

Furthermore, you'll need to decide on the button or trip levers location. They are typically located on the left hand side as that's most peoples strong side. But if you feel you would benefit from a trip lever on the right, there are several options on the market.


The toilets chosen above have a great mix of features that could work well in your average family home. Some will help you save water and money on your monthly utility bills, others are specifically designed for user comfort while seated. One area that we believe Mirabelle excels is in their external designs. They are stylish and contemporary in most cases, and this gives them an edge over their competitors. Before you make a decision, we recommend looking into the warranty policy of each as well as what consumers are saying about them on big online stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair.