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Icera Toilet Reviews 2024 (Buyers Guide, Ratings & Comparisons)

Icera are a bath company which have been operating since 1995. Their bathroom hardware is known for water efficiency and beautiful exteriors. Having looked through their catalogue of sanitary ware, we conclude that a lot of their design efforts seems to be focused on producing one piece, right height toilets that achieve great scores in MaP flush performance testing. However, they do produce a number of two piece options too.

To help our readers get a better understanding of the pros and cons of individual units, we have highlighted the specifications and functions of some of their collections. Use our comparison chart to see if their features match your requirements.

Our pick

Icera Cadence C-6270

The C-6270 is a beautifully crafted, one piece design with a seamless exterior and skirted bowl. It hides both the trapway and the gap between tank and bowl, resulting in a more visually appealing finish.

It measures 16-1/2" from the floor to the bowls rim, meaning it's chair height and more accessible to the elderly and disabled. What's more the bowl is elongated which is the way forward if you're prioritizing comfort and support.

You won't be wasting too much water either thanks to its low consumption 1.28 GPF flush.

Compare toilets

Cadence Riose Richmond II
Model number C-6270 C-6200 6670.128
Flush type HET HET HET
Trip lever .
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.28
Elongated .
Dimensions 27-1/2 x 16 x 29-1/2" 28-3/4 x 17-1/2 x 28 28-7/8 x 17-3/8 x 28-3/8"
Weight N/A 105 lbs
Concealed trap
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White
Seat .
Soft close .
Rating 82% 82% 81%

Key features of this manufacturer

Powerful flush - As part of our toilet rating criteria, we use MaP flushing scores to determine how well a specific product flushes waste through the outlet and how much. This scale goes from 0-1000g. Many of their collections rank highly on this scale, indicating they handle heavier loads of waste well. This also decreases the chances of blockages. This is a good start, but shouldn't be the only factor taken into account in the decision making process. This sort of testing doesn't show how effective the flushing system rinses the bowl, or things like splashing.

One piece - While a one piece style may not be all they offer, there seems to be more focus on them. The great thing about their one piece units is that they don't have that gap between the tank and bowl. This is an area where liquid waste and germs can get into, and a place where bad odors can begin to develop. By being seamless, this is no longer a problem. They also tend to have a shorter depth than their two piece counterparts, making them ideal for small bathrooms.

Large water surface area - Don't ignore the water surface size. This is an important spec that needs to be taken into account. A larger surface will help reduce odors, streaking, and staining of the bowls surface. Their bowls will measure at minimum 9" x 7", slightly more generous than your average toilet. If you want to leave the bowl cleaner after each use, this will certainly help.

Jetted rims - They have strategically placed water jets in the rim of the bowl which enable them to wash down those difficult areas where bacteria would usually thrive. This combines well with their large flush valves (3 inches) as more water can pour into the bowl at once, creating a powerful rinsing action.

EPA WaterSense labelled - You can expect many of their products to be highly efficient as they feature the WaterSense label. In comparison to many competitors which still use 1.6 gallons of water, these are product which will only use up to 1.28 gallons. That can help you save up to 20% in utility bills. This translates to thousands of gallons per year, and our calculator can help you visualize these savings.


They are known for a number of different product collections. But some of their most poipular ones include Cadence, Julian, Malibu, Karo, Octave, Muse, Presley, Richmond, Riose, Huntington, Palermo, Clarity, Piano, and Vista. These are not all one piece. In fact, they include provide a number of different types including two piece, wall mounted, bidets, and even smart toilets with integrated washlets.

List of in depth reviews

Icera Cadence C-6270

We've looked through the specifications of the Cadence and we believe it could make a great replacement in a residential setting. If you look at older options that used to use up to 5.0 gallons, the 1.28 GPF flow rate on this is attractive. It will help you save money through your utility bills and enable you to do your part for the environment. Even when compared with the standard 1.6 GPF units, you can save 20% more water than them. It all adds up, and because it's so efficient, it get the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense label.

It's reasonably compact too, with a 27.5 inch depth bowl that stays close to the wall and giving much needed extra floor space for other types of sanitary ware and hardware. But despite it not protruding far, it still offers an elongated and chair height bowl, two features that are aimed at keeping users comfortable.

The water spot has dimensions of 9 by 7 inches, which is reasonably large as water surfaces go. The thinking behind this is the larger the water spot, the better it is at preventing staining and streaking. Coupled with their specially designed anti-microbial glazing, you have a strong layer of protection for your bowls surface.

You get a quiet close seat with the purchase and it has a 3 inch flush valve and 2-1/8 inch trapway. Overall dimensions are listed as 27-1/2 x 16 x 29-1/2 inches, so not a particularly large toilet.

Icera Riose C-6200

The Riose is has a contemporary one piece exterior that contains some great functionality. The slow close seating and lid comes with it and it's finished in white, although you can also find it in black and balsa colors if you shop around. We suggest sticking with brighter color themes though as they work well with the light and can make a space feel more open.

It utilizes EcoQuattro flushing technology which is the term used to describe the combination of bowl cleanliness, efficiency and power. To give readers a better idea of just how eficient this is, a 1.28 gallon figure is given to it. Like the C-6270 above, it's eco friendly.

But despite it only being able to consume smaller volumes of water, it still achieves the top score on the MaP scale (1000 grams). This means it's able to move waste in bulk without clogging up. The siphonic action jets and three inch flush valve are partly responsible for this.

The bowl is comfort height and is 16-1/2 inches to the rim. It's also ADA compliant. The trap passageway is fully glazed and measures 2-1/8 inches However, the outside of the bowl isn't skirted, which is a shame.

It has a 9 by 7 water spot, a 12" rough in, and its overall dimensions are as follows: 28-3/4 by 17-1/2 by 28 inches, which means it will take up slightly more space than the Cadence, and have a longer depth.

Icera Richmond II 6670.128

Unlike the previous picks above, the Richmond II has its trip lever located on the side of its tank rather than the front. It also has quite a boxy, rectangular theme that looks stylish and modernistic. It's not the smallest option available, but it does have some wonderful specifications that could make it a worthwhile replacement for your washroom.

Like many of their products, the seat comes with it, featuring slow close hinges that protect the rim and meramic china from cracks and chips. If you're on a tight budget, this is great. You'll want to know you're getting everything required to install it in one package, and not be hit with any hidden extras on top. You shall also receive plastic bolt caps (2 of each) and a metal trip lever too.

Like the others above, it's got a comfort bowl height, measuring 16-1/2" to the rim. Once the seat is attached,this puts another inch or so on top of that. Sitting and standing at around 17" instead of standard sized 15" can make a big difference to some people, which is why it gets the ADA label.

The gravity fed flush mechanism also scores 1000 grams on MaP. A early indication of what the performance levels will be. The 1.28 gallons sent through the 3 inch valve work well together to thoroughly clean the bowl of waste.

Other things to consider

Bowl height - Some toilets are equipped with tall bowls. They are usually around 17 inches in height and are known as comfort or universal style. Compared to a standard bowl height of around 15 inches, they can be more comfortable to sit on and easier on your legs.

Bowl shape - Ask yourself what are the advantages of a round shape bowl versus a elongated one? The guide on the link above covers the main benefits of each in detail. There is no right answer as it's different for every person. A round bowl doesn't provide the same level of comfort and support as an elongated shape, but they do save floor space, something that can be imperative for small washrooms.

Flush activation - Think about which method of activation you need. What do we mean by this? Well, you're not limited to trip levers. You may find that pushing a button is more convenient, or even something that utilizes infrared sensors to activate the flush.

Flush type - Do you want something that uses the force of gravity to push waste out of the bowl, or would you prefer a more powerful pressure assist system? A gravity fed unit aren't always as powerful as pressure mechanisms, but they're a lot quieter. Which is something some buyers wouldn't mind sacrificing a bit of performance for.

Gloss Look for bowls that are coated in a special type of anti microbial glaze. This will help cover up the pores in the ceramic and reduce the build up of odor causing bacteria and germs. Preferably, you'll want to make sure the trapway is fully glazed too as this will help make sure waste goes through the passageway smoothly.

Consumer feedback - Find customer reviews online. It doesn't matter where you get them from, you need to dig deep into the positive and negative experiences being shared around the web. One such resource to find these opinions is on forums. Manufacturers in general aren't going to advertise their product faults, so where is the next most reliable place? In consumer feedback.


Icera toilets are not as well known as some of the big brands in the bathroom industry. However, this shouldn't mean you automatically write them off. They manufacture a wide range of toilets, each with unique features that could benefit you and other members of the household. If you're looking for power and style, they are worth your consideration and perhaps researching further. But you should always check what your alternatives are. We have a number of different guides in our menu that can help with that.