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Gerber Toilet Reviews 2024 (Brand Guide & Ratings)

If you're looking for improved flush performance that cleans bowls effectively and efficiently, gerber toilets could be exactly what you've been searching for. They have a number of product ranges including Maxwell, Viper, and Avalanche that we think could be a perfect upgrade to older, inefficient units.

To help our readers learn more about these ranges, we've explored their specifications in detail below, paying close attention to both the inside and out. You will get to read product comparisons, reviews, and a comprehensive buyers guide outlining the important functions and design features.

Our pick

Gerber Viper TB-20-562

The TB-20-562 stands out through its 1.28 GPF flow rate. This is highly efficient, meeting the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense standards and potentially stopping you wasting tens of thousands of gallons of water over the products lifetime.

It will fit a standard 12" rough, has an elongated bowl, and is a two piece style. Once activated, the flushing mechanism utilizes dual fed siphon jets designed to do more with less water. This is aided by its 3" flush valve.

And unlike many of its competitors on the market, everything you need to install it can be found within the package it comes in. The seat, floor bolts, wax ring and all the necessary hardware are included. This means you won't be hit by any unexpected upsells potentially putting you over budget.

Compare toilets

Viper Avalanche Maxwell
Model number TB-20-562 21-014 SE-21-102
Rough in 12" 12" 12"
Flush type HET HET Gravity
Trip lever .
GPF 1.28 1.28 1.6
Rim height Height without seat
15-1/4" 16 1/2" 15"
WSA Water surface area
9 1/4 x 6 1/8" 10 x 6 7/8" 9 5/8 x 7 5/8"
Water level Rim to surface
N/A 6" 5"
Dimensions 29 x 16 3/8 x 29" 26-3/4 x 16-1/4 x 28-1/2" 26 5/8 x 17 1/4 x 29"
Weight 90.7 lbs N/A N/A
Trap size 2" 2" 1 3/4"
Flush valve 3" 3" 2"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White White
Rating 83% 82% 80%

About the brand

Gerber are a plumbing fixture company that was founded way back in 1932. They build both commercial and residential sanitary ware including urinals, faucets, valves, sinks, showers, and toilets. They manufacture them in many different shapes and sizes, including round front, elongated, one piece, two piece, and compact. They also provide a number of products that meet EPA watersense standards which can help you save thousands of gallons of water each year.

List of in depth reviews

In the list below, we closer look at the specifications of our chosen products. We shall be focusing on the key areas outlined in our rating criteria. We do this so that our readers can understand exactly where they excel and what any potential negatives are.

Gerber Viper TB-20-562

The TB-20-562 tops our list for a number of reasons. We explore the specifications below to get an understanding of how it may be beneficial to own this model.

First things first, lets take a look at the exterior. It keep a nice bright theme which is important in making a room feel spacious and open. It's also two piece with an elongated shape bowl which is great for leg support and the male anatomy. This differentiates itself from the competition by offering everything in one box. Some companies like to sell things like the seat and supply lines separately, this particular unit comes with everything required.

It's standard height, which is preferred by many consumers over comfort height, but you don't get the same access advantages, especially if you've got senior citizens or tall people living with you.

The flushing system utilizes a combination of siphonic jets and a 3" valve to send water through the bowl at speed, thoroughly rinsing away any bacteria and leftover waste. It manages to do all this using only 1.28 gallons too. When you look at the statistics and figures on how much a 3.5 GPF unit uses vs a 1.28 one, you can save around 16,500 gallons of water! This can reduce your monthly bills too.

It fits a 12" rough, has a generous 9 1/4" x 6 1/8" water surface area, and a 2" trap. Overall dimensions are listed as 29" in height, 16 3/8" in width, and 29" in depth.

Gerber Avalanche 21-014

The 21-014 is different to our other picks in this buyers guide because externally, it's seamless between the tank and bowl. Because it's one piece, it's easier to wash as there is no gap for germs to hide. Such gaps can be the source of bad odors too. Some plumbing professionals will argue that they are less likely to leak too due to there being less exposed plumbing fixtures and material.

It also gives a couple of extra inches in height, giving it the label of ErgoHeight, which is similar to comfort and right height labels. It makes the bowl more accessible for the disabled, and lowers the amount of stress put on users joints and bones when sitting and standing.

Once again, this is WaterSense certified, showing that they as a company care about preserving water and keeping things environmentally friendly. The flush itself operates on a dual siphonic action mechanism. Coupled with the 3" valve and 2" trap passage, the chances of blockages occuring is slim.

Overall, this holds its own against many in the industry. It doesn't waste water, its ADA compliant, and it looks nice too.

Gerber Maxwell SE-21-102

The SE-21-102 has a round front bowl which is finished in white and designed to help it have a small footprint on overall floor space. If you've got a compact washroom, this type of bowl has its advantages.

It's fifteen inches tall to the rim which means it's standard height. If you're looking for chair height or ADA, you may want to look into alternatives. It also measures 26 5/8" in depth. This is the distance from the wall to the fron of the bowl.

The tank and bowl are not attached and will need to be installed and attached to one another. This is known as two piece. This type is typically more affordable and easier to carry around the home into position, but they are more time consuming to install and aren't as visually appealing in our opinion.

The water spot measures 9 1/4 inches by 6 1/8 inches, which is fairly big. This can help keep odors at bay for longer. It will also help with aim which can cause a reduction in streak marks on the bowl and traps surface. The actual water level is 5 inches which is by no means perfect, but it's far enough to stop splashing.

If you're looking for something that conserves water, there are better options available to you. This model consumes 1.6 gallons. However, when you compare this with the more traditional flow rates of 5.0 GPF and 3.5 gpf, you can begin to see some significant water savings.

Readers need to be aware that the seat isn't included. We suggest getting one that comes equipped with quiet closing hinges with the ability to release quickly for cleaning and maintenance.

Other things to consider

GPF - While their 1.6 GPF toilets offer plenty of power, they're not as efficient as they could be. Compared to 1.28 gallon units, you could be saving twenty percent more water. Back in the day, you would associate 1.28 models as ofering a weaker flush that doesn't thoroughly rinse the bowl. However, these days, the technology and mechanisms produced by the leading brands are able to handle larger volumes of waste with less water.

Mounting - Floor mounted bowls are by far the most popular choice if you look at the plumbing systems in your average household. The reasoning behind this is that most products operate on a gravity fed system to send water down towards the sewage lines. However, in some situations, your bathroom may require a different type of mounting, for example a wall hung one. There are pros to owning this type of toilet. Primarily, they are easier to clean because they are usually skirted giving you access to all of the bowl, not just parts of it. Secondly, they can help you save floor space as the tank is usually built into the wall by using a carrier system. Of course, the complex nature of all this can mean they are more expensive to buy and install.

Bowl shape - Certain bowl shapes provide more support or space than others. Elongated toilets are a good example of this, extending a bit further from the wall than the majority of round bowls on the market. However, their are times where a round bowls shorter depth is needed. Not everyone has the luxury of a big, spacious bathroom. So the compact design of such a shape ensures there is plenty or clearence to the front.

There are arguments you can make for or against either of these shapes, but in many cases, it comes down to dealing with the size and layout of the bathroom given to you. Square bowls are an interesting alternative to them both, lots of leg room and space within the bowl to work with, but you'll find that many consumers say they aren't as comfortable.

Rough in measurment - Ideally, you'll already know what your rough in size is before you begun shopping. It will save you time and ensure you ignore the sizes which your plumbing isn't compatible with. Without doing this, you run the risk of buying a toilet that fits poorly.

Pressure or gravity - pressure assisted toilets compress air within the tank to improve flushing performance. Gravity on the other hand relies on, you guessed it, gravity to send water down through the bowl. Both mechanisms can work well in a residential setting, but pressure assist units achieve more power and are generally able to handle larger quantities of waste. But if you want to achieve a quieter flush, gravity based products are a better option.

MaP score - The maximum performance rating is a scoring system which consumers can highlight just how much waste a specific model can push through the waste outlet without clogging. We've wrote about this test in more detail on our home page. To take advantage of the information given to consumers in this testing system, we recommend you visit their site, and check the score of a product you're interested in buying. We give our readers a general guideline on these numbers. 600g - 1000g shows strong flush performance. Good will fall into the 350g - 600g range, and anything below that is either acceptable or poor quality and we think you should avoid them. Just don't expect it to give you information on bowl and rim washing ability.

ADA - An ADA toilet refers to a specific set of design features that meets the Americans With Disabilities Act and its standards. The restroom as a whole will need improvements of their own to fall in line with these standards. This can include size of the door, sink specs and the distance of certain hardware from the wall. For a toilet, a very important part of this is how tall the bowl is. Manufacturers add a couple of extra inches to some of their bowls to be compliant. These are sometimes known as universal height and they are typically between seventeen and nineteen inches tall.

Is the bowl glazed - Wherever possible, you want to get glazing, not just inside the bowl, but through the trap passageway too. It forms a important, anti-microbial layer of protection above the china and will prevent and reduce the amount of stains and streak marks appearing.

Feedback - Consumer feedback and reviews can be found all around the web. Big online shops are a particularly good resource for these. Lowes, Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair and the like should be an essential part of your research process as they will help you uncover the main problems buyers faced through first hand experience.

Bidet - If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom visits, you should consider buying a bidet seat. These seats are full of technology designed to clean you more effectively. Many of which offer a variety of different water pressure settings that can be controlled through a remote. The more expensive ones come with deodorizer to reduce odors and the ability to warm up the seat. However, you'll need to have a power outlet nearby.


We like Gerbers plumbing fixtures, especially their toilets. The product lines that we've selected above were chosen for their flush performance and water efficiency. Externally and aesthetically, we don't think their the best available, but they are certainly worth consideration for day to day usage in a residential bathroom.