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Duravit Toilet Reviews 2024 (Brand Guide & Ratings)

Duravit are a company known primarily for their modern bathroom designs. They offer plenty of varying shapes and sizes both with skirted bowls and without. They also have a selection of wall hung toilets too, which are great for saving space.

In this guide, we've picked out several of their product collections and analyzed there specifications. You'll be able to comapre them side by side and get a general idea of which is better suited for your home.

Our pick

Duravit Durastyle 2157010005

The Durastyle is a one piece, concealed trapway toilet with a dual flushing system built in. Users will be able to pick either a 0.8 gallon or 1.6 gallon flush to remove waste from within the bowl. The main advantage of which, is the ability to save water over time. No longer will you be required to use large quantities of water for the removal of liquid waste.

It will fit a standard twelve inch rough in and measures 14.6 by 28.4 by 29 inches. It's also floor mounted and finished in a bright alpin white color. Externally, it has an elongated shape bowl and tank with no seams which ensures cleaning and maintenance is kept simple, while reducing the number of places which bacteria can grow and thrive.

The seat and lid will need to be purchased separately.

Compare toilets

Durastyle Vero Starck 3
Model number 2157010005 2103010005 2226090092
Rough in 12" 12"
Flush type Dual Single Dual
Trip lever
Button .
GPF 0.8 / 1.6 1.28 0.8 / 1.6
Rim height Height without seat
15-3/4" 16-1/2"
WSA Water surface area
Water level Rim to surface
Dimensions 14.6 x 28.4 x 29" 14.8 x 28.5 x 29.5" 14.6 x 24.4 x 22.5"
Weight 121.3 lbs 116.4 lbs 63.9 lbs
Concealed trap .
Skirted .
One piece
Two piece
Floor mount
Wall mounted
Colors White Alpin White Alpin White Alpin
Soft close
Rating 83% 82% 82%

About the brand

This company produce unique and innovative designs. One such example of this is their rimless style, which is a much more hygienic alternative to toilets that come with rims. This style ensures there is nowhere for germs to hide, keeping odors at bay.

They offer a number of different collections including 1930, Architec, Darling, D-Code, DuraStyle, Happy D.2, ME by Starck, P3 Comforts, Starck 1, 2, 3, and Vero Air. Each one brings their own properties, some with Durafix installation system, others with Wondergliss glazing to prevent waste sticking to the bowl.

List of in depth reviews

Duravit Durastyle 2157010005

With an elongated shape bowl and one piece external design, the 2157010005 is visually appealing. We've documented the advantages an elongated bowl has over a round one here. If you're not looking for a long read, the main benefits of an elongated bowl is that it provides better support for our bodies sitting down and they are more comfortable, leaving the appropriate amount of space for male anatomy.

In addition to the bowl shape, it's skirted around the edges covering the trapway pipe outlines, improving the aesthetics further.

The flushing mechanism used is dual flush, which allows people to choose either a partial or full flush depending on the amount and type of waste being handled. Generally, you'll save water by using a partial flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solids. Over the course of a year this can help your household save thousands of gallons.

It measures 14.6 x 28.4 x 29 inches and weighs 121.3 pounds. Its finished in Alpin white and is floor mounted. Readers should be aware that the seat cover isn't included.

Duravit Vero 2103010005

The Vero is another example of unique exterior this company design. The rectangular bowl and tank style give it quite a blocky, but stylish theme, and the trap is once again hidden from view.

It's one piece and will fit a twelve inch rough in, which is generally seen as the standard size for most homes, but you may need to confirm this before you make any decisions. Our guide can help you with this.

The bowl is ADA height, putting less pressure on users joints when sitting and standing. Because of these advantages, this style is also known as convenient height. It measures 16-1/2 inches to the rim, with the addition of the seat making it universal height at 17-7/8 inches. Far higher than your standard bowl, and something that should be considered if you're a tall person or suffer from a disability. The elderly can also benefit from this design greatly.

It operates on a single flush siphonic system, utilizing 1.28 gallons according to the manufacturers website, helping you save water each year.

Similar to the DuraStyle above, you'll need to get the seat separately, so make sure you're aware of these additional expenses when setting yourself a budget.

Duravit Starck 3 2226090092

The Starck 3 could be a great choice for people wanting to install something a bit different in their home. If you're sick of standard floor mounted units, then the 2226090092 could be ideal because it's wall mounted, which has several advantages on its own.

One such benefit of owning this is found in its flexibility. You aren't as limited in where you install it as you're mounting it rather than attaching it to a waste outlet in the floor. They are also an option for consumers wanting to save space in their washroom as the tanks are usually not visible.

However, there are also negatives to think about. You'll need to consider the amount of money it'll cost to put a tank and carrier system inside the wall. If you don't have the building expertise to do this yourself, those costs can rise quickly when hiring a professional.

It utilizes washdown functionality and has a dual flush system in place giving users the ability to choose either 0.8 gallons or 1.6 gallons depending on their needs. Over longer periods of time, choosing a partial flush for liquids can save your household thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of dollars on utilities. The actual amount depends on its longevity of course.

It's made in a ceramic china material and is finished in white. Its dimensions are 14.6 by 24.4 by 22.5 inches and it's ADA compliant. Readers should note that you'll need to buy the carrier and actuator plate separately.

Other things to consider

Mounting - Readers should take time to consider how it will be mounted. One choice is floor mount, which is the most common, and probably the easiest to install because the plumbing is typically already in place for them. The other is wall mounted, which will hang on the wall saving floor space and hiding the tank inside the wall.

Bowl depth - The toilet bowl depth won't be important to everyone, but for those of you with a compact washroom, you'll need to take note of how much space you have between walls. Naturally, those with shorter depths will work better in those scenarios. We have some great examples of these here: 26 inch depth, 24 - 25 inch depth. Remember, the more space you save here, the more possibilities there are for you to install additional sanitary ware such as sinks and bathtubs.

Seat - Many consumers are happy with a basic seat. They'll be content with something strong, stable, and sturdy. However, there are a few different upgrades which can improve your experience. The first is slow close hinges designed to stop the seat or lid slamming shut. These are typically installed with quick release screws that allow you to remove it quickly for cleaning. The other option is to splash your cash on something more modern and luxurious. A bidet seat offers just that with a number of different settings that can warm the seat up and help you clean yourself more thoroughly.

Consumer reports - You can always get a rough idea of a products quality through what customers are saying. For that reason, we recommend reading feedback wherever possible. Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair are some examples to get you started.

Power - Flush power should be a key part of your research. However, this isn't always clear. There are a few ways outside of customer feedback to see how effective individual flushing mechanisms are. One of our favorite resources we use to help with this is MaP ratings. They test individual products from multiple brands in the bathroom industry and assign each a score based on how effectively they remove waste in bulk. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a score for every product available, but their database is still quite large. For best results, stick with toilets that score higher than 500 grams on their performance scale. The lower you go on this scale, the more likely it is that you'll encounter blockages and clogs.

Glazing - Bowl glazing has an effect on how long the surface can remain clean and ward off odors. It's specially designed to smooth over pores found in ceramic materials used in construction, preventing the build up of bacteria inside them. What can often confuse buyers, is different manufacturers have their own names for this. For example, this brands version is known as WonderGliss. But others companies, such as Toto (SanaGloss), and American Standard (EverClean), have their own solutions.


For contemporary bathroom themes, Duravit toilets could be a great addition. They offer a wide range of styles and types including floating, floor standing, and rimless. Our picks above are among their more popular options, but you shouldn't limit your research to one brand alone. There are plenty of competitors that hold their own on the market. Browse our menu at the top to see what we think of each individual manufacturer.