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Delta Toilet Reviews 2024 (Brand Guide & Ratings)

Delta toilets come in a number of different shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if you're searching for round or elongated bowls, comfort or standard height, they most likely produce a variation of it. But when there is plenty of choice available, it can be difficult picking one out that's suitable for your bathroom. That's where we come in. We research their specifications and functionality so our readers get a detailed overview of what to expect from individual products.

Our picks

  1. Prelude C43101-WH
  2. Haywood C01905-N-WH

Delta Prelude C43101-WH

The Prelude generates strong flushing performance through its gravity fed system. You won't be using much water for this either (1.28 GPF), which meets WaterSense criteria.

It's ADA compliant and elongated in shape. This ensures that it's more accessible to almost everyone who uses it and comfortable to sit on. The actual height from base to rim is sixteen and a half inches, making it taller than your standard bowl and 'chair height'.

When we pick out a toilet from the crowd, we have our own criteria to determine a particular products quality. This involves looking at flush performance, efficiency, and user experience. We think that the C43101 combines all three of these things and could be the reliable replacement you've been searching for.

Compare toilets

Prelude Haywood
Model number C43101-WH C01905-N-WH
Rough in 12" 12"
Flush type HET HET
Trip lever .
GPF 1.28 1.28
WaterSense .
Rim height Height without seat
16-1/2" 16 1/2"
WSA Water surface area
9 1/16 x 6 5/32" 8 31/32 X 6 21/32"
Water level Rim to surface
N/A 7-7/32"
Dimensions 29.3 x 16.8 x 32.9" 27 1/16 x 17 1/2 x 30 13/16"
Weight 96 lbs N/A
Trap size 2" 2"
Flush valve 3" 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece .
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors White White
Seat .
Rating 82% 81%

About the brand

Delta Faucet specialize in a number of different types of sanitary ware, especially faucets. Aside from toilets, they also produce bathtubs, showers and several different bathroom accessories and plumbing fixtures.

They also sell a number of different product ranges including the Haywood, Riosa, Luxford, Turner, Prelude, and Foundations. Each one specially tailored to meet different interior design tastes. Some will be skirted, others come as part of a suite. Overall, there is something for everyone.

From a technological point of view, their innovations are impressive too, with night light seating, water efficient flushing, and the SmartFit connection to speed up the installation proces by getting rid of the standard mounting holes on the tank and reducing the chances of leaks.

List of in depth reviews

Explore the specifications and features of each of our picks below. We look at the pros and cons of each to help you find a suitable match for your washroom.

Delta Prelude C43101-WH

The Prelude is a two piece unit that's available in a white color. The SmartFit connection between the bowl and tank removes several problems associated with two piece designs. The first is that you'll no longer be tempted to over tighten the fasteners and damage the ceramic material. Secondly, there will be less chance of it leaking.

It comes equipped with the seat, bowl, tank, the required mounting hardware, and wax ring. This is a all in one kit minus the supply line.

The great thing about all the fixtures coming in the same package like the seat, is that you'll know exactly how much you'll be spending and budget accordingly. Having to buy small extras like this can quickly get expensive.

The bowl is molded into an elongated shape, which is far more accommodating for the average user, especially males. The water spot within the bowl measures 9-1/16" by 6-5/32", and the trap passageway is 2". Not the largest, but not small either. This is also chair height, which is 16-1/2" to the rim and taller than 17" to the seat.

It will be able to fit ontop a 12 inch rough in, which is the distance from your finished wall (no skirting board), to the center of the waste outlet. We have a useful guide that explains this in more detail. It's important to understand this step as it will let consumers know if it will fit their plumbing before they buy it.

There is a three inch flush valve, that once lifted allows a 1.28 gallon flow rate through. This is highly efficient and will help your household save on water and utility bills. It meets EPA standards (WaterSense) too.

Some people associate these low flowing units with less power. After all, there is less water being sent through the bowl. However, with the help of modern innovations, toilets are now able to achieve 1000 grams MaP scores with less water. This is one such example. By scoring 1000, it demonstrates that it will not clog easily, a common problem for many people.

The overall dimensions are: 29.3 x 16.8 x 32.9 inches, and it weighs 96 pounds.

We like this model, it achieves strong flushing performance, doesn't waste water, and doesn't cost too much in the grand scheme of things. You may even get a significant portion of your investment back through the savings made on your utility bills. Our calculator can help you understand that better. Of course, if you value aesthetics highly, perhaps this isn't the one for you. That's an area which could be improved with a bit of skirting around the bowls edges, creating a seamless, but attractive finish.

Delta Haywood C01905-N-WH

How does the Haywood range compare with competitors in this industry? Well to start with the seat comes included. What's even more unique is the fact you can choose between a seat with a night light, or a more basic one, equipped with soft closing hinges. The lighting will come in handy for those evening bathroom visits. You won't need to turn the lights on at the mains, and instead make use of the illumination provided by the seat. If you prefer the soft close option, you'll appreciate its ability to protect the rim by stopping the seat and lid slamming shut. With competitors, you'll often find that you need to purchase the seat separately.

It's finished in white, and unlike the Prelude, it's round front, which is typically a low profile alternative that provides a shorter depth. This is also comfort height, which they label as chair height in the description. This adds a couple of inches to the bowl and enables the spec to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act standards.

The trapway is fully glazed, which can help prevent streak marks and allow waste to move through its 2 inch passageway more easily. Combined with its HydroWash 1.28 gallon flush, it will clear and rinse the bowl thoroughly.

It will work with a 12 inch rough size, includes a 3 inch valve, and has a reasonably sized water surface area measuring 8 31/32 by 6 21/32 inches to help keep odors down. An interesting inclusion that many consumers will appreciate is the splash guard which is essentially a lip designed to block liquid getting in that gap between the tank and bowl.

This could be a solid alternative for people wanting to buy something that doesn't consume large quantities of water in each flush. It's tall enough that elderly citizens and tall people can feel comfortable, and you won't need to break the bank to own one.

Other things to consider

Flush mechanism - There are several types of flushing systems in this market. One is pressure assist, which releases pressurized air within the tank to remove waste, and the other is gravity fed, which lets gravity do what it does best and move the waste through the floor. Both can be very effective, but it's entirely dependent on the company you choose. As a rule of thumb, pressure based mechanisms will create a loud, forceful flush. Not always the smartest choice for family households.

Bowl size - How big do you need your bowl to be? Do you need to make sure that there is an appropriate amount of clearance in front and to the side? These are things only you will know. If you've got limited floor space available in your home, you may want to get something smaller than average. Alternatively, getting something shorter, front to back, could be a sensible choice. Learn more here: 26 inch depth toilet guide

Glazing - Having a glazed over bowl and trap passage is an effective way to keep bacteria, grime, and mineral deposits from building up within the bowl. As a common source of odors, this can help keep your bathroom smelling fresh. It works by covering the porous surface of the china material, leaving it smooth and helping the flush system transfer waste through the outlet.

MaP score - You may have seen us mention MaP above, with the C43101 getting a 1000g rating. This is a test utilized by companies to demonstrate performance. This testing involves using fake waste in bulk and seeing how much of it they are able to remove in a single flush. Those that get a 1000 rating offer exceptional performance. Those further down the scale can still be very effective. We suggest sticking with units above 500 grams. These are affordable and we don't see any reason to get anything below 400 grams.

Activation - There are three or four different ways to activate your flush. The most common of these is the trip lever on the tank. This is simply a handle which you pull. Then there are buttons, which work similarly to trip levers, except they require a pressing motion.

Undoubtedly, the two mentioned above are the most popular. That's easy to see if you shop around. However, their are a couple of alternatives. A touchless kit may enable you to transform your mechanism into something that flushes hands free. You could also get one that requires you to pull a chain because the tank is located overhead.

Water surface - The water spots suface size has an important, hygiene based role. The bigger and wider this surface, the more effective it is in keeping bad smells from rising up. To some extent, it will help protect the ceramic because there is more water to aim for, reducing the likelihood of stains and streaking. However, you still need to stick to products with a reasonable water level. And both of these things go hand in hand. The larger the water spot, the higher the water sits in the bowl. Why is this a problem? Well, when this level rises to a position that's too close to the rim, you'll get splashed. We recommend choosing a unit which has at least a five inch water level from the rim.

Intelligent functionality - You may have noticed the night light already in this guide, but that's just the beginning if you want more luxruy. You can choose to install a bidet seat, which is a cleaner alternative to paper. Another option is to look into buying a smart toilet. These generally come with all the capabilities of a bidet, but also include several extras. Heated seats, pre misted bowl surfaces, and the ability to clean themselves are all possibilities. The downside of these advancements in tech is that they are expensive and not suitable for people with low budgets.

Consumer feedback - We like to do our research before making any kind of decision that involves us parting with our hard earned cash. One method we use to gauge sentiment towards a products is browsing through customer reports around the web. See what people are saying about it before you buy. Home Depot, Wayfair, and Lowes are a goldmine for this type of information as they're so popular.


On paper, it's easy to compare different toilets. However, the reality is far different. Some manufacturers will offer as many different features as possible. Which is great for people who've got a big budget. These technological improvements are nice, but not always necessary. That's where affordable options become the more sensible choice. If you look at the industry averages, Delta toilets are usually inexpensive and often don't miss out the important specs. Are they top of the line? We don't think so, but they could certainly work well in your average family household.