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5 Best Bidet Toilet Seats (Washlet Reviews & Guide 2024)

Feeling fresh and having good hygiene is important. Especially when it comes to bathroom visits. That's partly why bidet toilet seats were invented in the first place. The most recent products on the market have made some great technological strides that will benefit everyone in the home. To start with, they have several spray and temperature settings that ensure you're washed at both the back and front thoroughly. There are even built in dryers attached to some of them, making use of gentle rushes of warm air to aid you in drying yourself effectively.

Their ability to clean you after each visit is second to none. That's reflected in their growing popularity around the globe. And after all, if you're going to invest in a new toilet, it's worth considering the helpful attachments that compliment it. But with the vast amount of choice available at the click of a button, how do you know which bidet is right for you? Our buying guide below aims to help you answer that.

Our picks

  1. Toto Washlet
  2. Brondell Swash
  3. Kohler C3 125
  4. American Standard Aqua Wash
  5. Bio bidet

Toto Washlet SW2034#01 C100

The SW2034#01 C100 offers a excellent set of specs for people looking to focus on hygiene and convenience. Aside from the various spray settings that help you clean up more effectively, there is some extra functionality included that help it to the top of our list.

The ability to heat the seat and premist the bowl to prevent waste adhering, are just two examples of this. You even have a warm dryer built in. So, if you're looking for something that removes the necessity of toilet paper, and cleans far more effectively, we think this is something worth looking into further.

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Toto Washlet Brondell Swash Kohler C3 125 American Standard
Aqua Wash
Bio bidet
Model number SW2034#01 C100 SE400 K-4737-0 5900A05G.020 USPA 6800
Heated seat
Elongated . .
Dimensions 23.5 x 20.5 x 9" 20.9 x 18.5 x 6.1" 19.9 x 16.4 x 6.3" 14.9 x 3.6 x 21.1" 20.5 x 15.4 x 5.6"
Weight 16 lbs 9.7 lbs 16 lbs 5.6 lbs N/A
Colors Cotton, Beige White White White White
Rating 86% 85% 85% 82% 82%

Toilet paper vs Bidets

When you consider the number of people in North America, let's call it 350 million for arguments sake. And then add into the equation the number of toilet rolls they go through annually. This equates to around 17.5 billion rolls. What's our point? Well, to make these rolls, trees need to be cut down in mass. Up to 21 million of them. So we can reduce the impact on the environment by making the switch.

There are smaller advantages to doing this too. One such example is that you no longer spend money on paper. Over the years, this all adds up and can help you financially.


Toto Washlet SW2034#01 C100

This Washlet is an electronic seat with some excellent innovative features built in. Externally, this is purposefully finished in cotton white, as this is a color which many Toto toilets use. The ability to match colors will improve the bathrooms aesthetics as a whole. Sedona Beige is an alternative too.

It's elongated, which is a plus as we recommend getting elongated shaped bowls over round ones, unless you have a very compact washroom. They provide more support and seating space and are typically more comfortable. However, if you're shopping for a round shaped one, look for the SW2033R#01 instead. It has similar settings, the only real difference is the shape. It offers slow close hinges to prevent the lid slamming shut too.

Many of the settings built in can really improve user experience. A good example of this is found in the ability to warm up the seat. If you live in a colder climate, you will appreciate this feature.

The C100 helps you wash up after by utilizing a wand with jetted sprays of water. This can be aimed at the front and back, with the ability to change the water pressure / power. If you're concerned about it being unpleasant and cold, you shouldn't worry, as the temperature can be controlled to a level you're comfortable with. There is even a air dryer that dys you after your visit, eliminating the need of paper. This is far more convenient for most users and less time consuming.

As the wands job is in a location surrounding a lot of germs and bacteria, you'll be pleased to learn that it self cleans. This not only washes the outside, but also the inside, leaving it clean for the next person using it. In any case, the angle of the spraying water is specifically designed to limit the amount of splashback onto it.

You also have the premist option, which has similar advantages to those of gloss like CEFIONTECT has. The misted surface helps prevent waste from sticking to the bowl. A nice clean bowl after use is always welcome. The combination of gloss and premist will really help you achieve this.

And the best part of all this is that you get to control it by remote. It's simple to use, accessible, and easy to read. You can even remove the seat as a whole easily through the quick release setting. This is certainly beneficial from a cleaning and maintenance point of view.

Brondell Swash SE400

Another popular choice among consumers is the Swash SE400. It shares some similarities with the SW2034#01, but there are some differences that may effect your decision.

This elongated seat is a simple attachment that can replace your current toilet seat quite easily. You'll need to know the distance from the bolt holes first, to ensure you get the right shape. Many buyers don't do this and end up getting something that doesn't fit. To give you an idea of what you need, you'll need to measure from the bolt holes on the rim, to the front of the bowl. Typically, anything eighteen inches and above will require an elongated shape, and those of you with a bowl measuring between sixteen to seventeen and three quarters of an inch, should get a round shape Swash. Make sure you have enough space from the bolt holes to the tank too, as it will require one and a half inches of space.

It includes a stainless steel nozzle or 'wand', which is a sensible material to use for such a piece of sanitary ware. It's self cleaning, eliminating odors and stopping the build up of germs. Because it cleans itself regularly, this improves the products longevity. It also retracts when not in use.

As you would expect, you get both rear and front spray functions. Users can change up the pressure settings to something they're comfortable with. Both massage pulse and oscillating are available, with the ability to change up the water temperature. If you're wondering about the amount of energy being used, and the impact on the environment, it comes with a useful Eco mode.

After you have finished doing your business, you can make use of the incredibly handy air dryer. This removes the need for toilet paper and is a very convenient feature, especially for people who have mobility issues, where reaching round to wipe is difficult.

If you're somebody who tends to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the nightlight will be appreciated. Poor aim in the dark will become a thing of the past, all without the need of waking yourself up further by turning on the lights.

Kohler K-4737-0 C3 125

Kohler are a manufacturer with a solid reputation across the industry. They have produced a number of top quality pieces of hardware ranging from toilets and faucets, to baths and showers. But what about there Washlets? We take a look at the K-4737 specifications below.

The C3 125 can be found in both a biscuit and white finish. These two colors will fit in fine with most modern washroom themes. It's elongated in shape, adding that extra bit of space for males, plus all important seated comfort. The polypropylene material used in its contruction will also help prevent damage to the seat, including staining and color fading. We believe it holds its own against the competition, with some excellent specs that will help you see you toilet breaks as a luxury rather than a chore.

There is a deodrization system included which automatically fights bad odors. A better smelling environment is always a positive. And when you've finished and go to shut the lid, it will do so quietly thanks to its soft close hinges.

Similar to the SE400, there is also a nightlight. This is quite a simple concept, but one that will come in very useful to those readers who wake up at night. It illuminates the bowl with LED lighting. A small light like this can make a big difference. You won't need to turn on the main lights, waking up everyone in the process.

You can clean the front and back with adjustable temperatures (most choose warm!). Users can also switch around the pressure settings for a more powerful or softer cleanse. Couple this with the seat itself being heated, and you should expect a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

Readers should note that this will require access to an electrical outlet for this to work. It is an electric bidet after all. However, if you're looking for something eco friendly, there is a energy saving mode that will help you achieve that.

All of its functionality listed above can be controlled ia a remote located on the side. This remote has buttons that are user friendly, and clearly labelled. There is a pulsate, air temperature, front, rear, water temperature, and seat temperature buttons to cycle through.

American Standard Aqua Wash 5900A05G.020

The 5900A05G.020 model is different in some ways to our other picks above. The first thing that stood out to us in our research was the fact that it's a non-electric bidet. To achieve this it utilizes detachable spray nozzles. Economically, this is certainly one to consider.

It's elongated, and has a unique lid design that's slow close and hides the ring, giving it a more seamless appearance. When combined with a one piece, hidden trapway toilet, the overall aesthetic appeal rises in our opinion.

The dimensions are 14.9 inches in width by 3.6 inches in height by 21.1 inches in depth. If you have a phobia of germs, you'll really enjoy the quick lift off setting, that allows you to remove it with the push of a button. Getting access to those areas can often prove time consuming and difficult, this removes that problem. It's also top mount, making the installation simpler in most cases.

The Aqua Wash can adjust the spray patterns to suit users requirements. It doesn't require elctrical power to operate and comes equipped with all the necessary mounting equipment, adapter, and water supply.

Out of all our picks, this is the one better suited to people with a smaller budget. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the others, but for a entry level model, this could be a match.

Bio bidet USPA 6800

The USPA 6800 is a fully adjustable, dual nozzle, elongated seat with all the settings you'd expect to find in a innovative piece of equipment like this. You can expect to use both feminine and posterior sprays, clean up, and feel fresher and healthier. You also get to change the spray patterns to be wider so that they cover more area with a choice of either pulsating massage or oscillating. All of these have bubble infusion technology.

If you're worried about energy consumption, their is a eco friendly mode that saves energy and reduces the amount of electricity being used. The designers have also put thought into how to protect your bowls rim too, thanks to the quiet close hinges that prevent it from slamming shut too quickly.

A wireless remote control comes with it. It's compact enough to hold in one hand, and includes buttons to dry, cleanse, change the nozzle position, economy mode, and stop. All very easy to understand and operate. You even get a LCD window that will display all the current settings and functions in use. If you' prefer're not a fan of the remote being handheld, you can also hang it up on the wall.

It requires two AA batteries, measures 20.5 by 15.4 by 5.6 inches and is finished in white.

They also offer a good warranty policy for those events where things go wrong and break. This has three year protection on its parts and labor.

Other things to consider

Budget - If you've just spent cash on a big bathroom upgrade, you should consider if the bidet attachment is worth buying. If you're working with a small budget, it should be seen as a luxury, not a necessity. If this is the case, we recommend sticking with simple, slow close seats to save money. This is all about making a plan ahead of time.

Customer reviews - We believe it's essential to look at consumer feedback online. Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon are a good place to start. They will usually tell you everything you need to know about the product. Things like durability, stability, and how effective the spray is are often subjects that come up in comments. However, you should try to spread this research across multiple online shops and forums to get a balanced set of opinions.

Control - You want to have a fair bit of control over your product. What do we mean by this? Well, to start with, you should look for options that offer multiple water temperatures, and jet patterns. The more you can change these options, the more likely it is that you find a setting that suits your needs.

Power outlet - Not every product will require a power outlet to operate. However, many of them do. If you don't have one, you'll have to consider the additional expenses involved with both rewiring and fitting an electrical outlet.


The innovative and technologically advanced nature of bidet seats make them a suitable choice for comfort and convenience. However, they're not something we would recommend to readers working with a tight budget. They can get quite expensive depending on the spec list and brand you buy. But if you're not too concerned about money, and want the best, you can't go far wrong with the ones we've chosen above.