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Ove Beverly Toilet Review (Collection Guide 2024)

A product suitable for everyone is non existent in the bathroom industry. People have different preferences when it comes to flush power, design and comfort. Ove Decors overcome this problem by offering plenty of choice. You'll find smart models with bidet functionality, all the way through to standard units.

This buying guide focuses on the Beverly range and its specifications. This includes the material used in its construction, the type of flush, and detailed information about its design.

Our pick

Ove Decors Beverly

This toilet is made from a white ceramic material. According to the product description, it measures 15.6 by 27.9 by 32 inches and weighs 128 pounds.

It's floor mounted, and equipped with a comfortable, elongated shape bowl. A soft closing seat comes as part of the package, as to does the wax ring and flange bolts. The seat has a quick release design to make washing the rim easier.

The bowl is comfort height, meeting the seating height requirements to be labelled as ADA compliant. This has turned into a popular choice among consumer because it makes sitting and standing easier on the bonmes and muscles.

The tank is separate, meaning it's two piece, so there will be a bit more work involved in attaching it to the bowl. However, there are no big gaps between them. In fact, the skirting around the bowl and smoothness of the sides ensure it has similar visual qualities as one piece toilets.

When researching a toilets capabilities, we always look at the type of flush and how much water it's using. Both of these things determine whether or not it can be classified as economically friendly. This model uses a dual flush combination, with a partial flush using 1.1 gallons and a full flush using 1.6 gallons. From this, we can see that consumers have the ability to save water by only using a full flush for solid waste.

Overall, there are plenty of advantages in owning it. We are fans of the flushing system that gives people more control over their bathroom water usage. We also like the fact it's more accessible for people with joint issues and disabilities. We prefer one piece over two piece usually, but the lower cost can be beneficial to buyers wanting to get something on a tight budget.

Other things to consider

Rough in - A poorly fitting toilet is a recipe for disaster. Get this wrong and you'll find your tank is too close to the wall, or there is a massive gap behind it that looks terrible. Most of you will need a product that fits a 12 inch rough, but some people will require 10 inches and 14 inches. How do you tell which one you are? Well, this measurment is simply the distance from the wall to the middle of your waste outlet, rounded down to the nearest standard rough in (10", 12", 14").

Consumer feedback - Sometimes, the smaller details are not found within the manufacturers descriptions. Some of the best information is found through consumer reports about the product. Before you buy anything, make sure you're reading through user reviews to identify the strengths and weaknesses.

Water surface - The water surface, or spot as some know it by, refers to the size of the water inside the bowl. The bigger the water spot the better is our general rule of thumb. This helps stop odors rising and leaving an unpleasent environment for the next user. However, the larger the water surface, the higher it sits in the bowl. You don't want something coming closer than five inches to the rim as you need to take splashing into the equation.


The Beverly toilet is one to watch in our opinion. It combines a great exterior with excellent functionality. There is skirting for the purpose of hiding the trapway, and a bright finish add to the appeal. Then there is the dual flush mechanism built to save you water. If you take a step back to look at the bigger picture, it's easy to see that the pros outweigh the cons here.