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American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Reviews

We can talk about functionality and mechanisms all day long, but if the looks don't match the quality, it will often be looked over by consumers. A bathrooms theme is very important to people since it's the most used room in the home. Luckily, the Cadet 3 collection from American Standard meets this criteria, with beautiful external designs that are modern, elegant, and skirted.

We take a closer look at the inner workings and key specifications below to highlight the pros and cons for potential buyers.

Our pick

American Standard Cadet 3 2988.101.020

The 2988.101.020 is a two piece toilet which conceals the trapway with skirting and looks great. It has a very modern feel about it and comes with a round front bowl and chrome trip lever on the front of the tank.

It meets ADA criteria, with a right height bowl, and includes EverClean antimicrobial surface that will smooth over the ceramic and protect it from the build up of germs, mold, bacteria, and mildew.

The flush valve is three inches, and it utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush, making it an eco friendly option for your home.


Rough in: 12"

One piece: No

Two piece: Yes

Rim height: 16-1/2"

Height: 30-3/4"

Width: 15-3/4"

Depth: 28-1/4"

Flush valve: 3"

GPF: 1.28

WaterSense: Yes

Bowl: Round front

Water spot: 9" x 8"

Other things to consider

Other collections - With such a big brand, you're not going to be limited to one collection. Have a look at what the Champion 4, Colony, Edgemere, and Town Square have to offer. You can also research new flush innovations such as VorMax.

Rough in - Most plumbing installations will fit twelve inch models. However, there are scenarios where either a fourteen or ten inch rough is required. To measure yours, take a measuring tape and note the distance between the center of your waste outlet / hold down bolts to the wall. Do NOT include any skirting board within this number.

Bowl height - Do you have any specific accessibility requirements due to joint or muscle problems? Perhaps you have an elderly family member that struggles to get seated. If that's the case you will want a handicapped toilet that are seventeen inches and up in height.

Glazing - Readers should place importance on the type of gloss being used, if any. You will also want to find out if the trapway is fully glazed. Most modern options have this as a means to prevent waste from sticking to the bowl and to rinse it out easier with less risk of it clogging up.

Efficiency - If you choose a low flow model over standard 1.6 gpf / 3.5 gpf ones, you stand to save thousands of gallons per year. The more people living in your home, the more you save. The most efficient toilets start at 1.28 GPF, and some go as low as even 0.5 GPF. These could be a great addition to your bathroom if you are someone who cares about the environment.

Activation - There are a number of ways you can send water through the bowl these days. It used to be as simple as pulling the trip lever and away you go. But now there are advanced, more hygienic options that don't require you to touch anything to flush. These are known as touchless toilets, and they make use of sensors which people wave their hand over after use to let the mechanism know when to flush.

Consumer reports - We recommend you browse through as many of the customer reviews you can find before purchasing anything. They can save you a lot of pain in the future as you can see if there are any product defects that keep coming up for multiple users.

Budget - When setting your budget, try to keep in mind that not every unit you see whilst shopping online will include key fixtures such as the supply line and seat. This can drive your costs up and in some cases, send you over budget. Just be aware these sometimes need to be bought separately.

Bathroom size - There are specific features to look for in a design that tells you if it's suitable for a compact bathroom or not. A round bowl, with a shallow depth (24" - 25") or 26", and a smaller rough in are examples of this. But you should be planning ahead, and already have a rough idea of the dimensions needed before you begin researching.


If you want to modernize your bathroom without sacrificing aesthetics or performance, then the Cadet 3 could be an ideal replacement. It has a strong flush that is efficient, and a skirted exterior that gives it a contemporary look. One to watch, but make sure you've read through each of the points above in the consideration section as it will help you avoid making mistakes. The best toilets to buy aren't always immediately obvious. It sometimes takes an awful lot of research to find that one product that meets your preferences. That is what we aim to simplify for our readers.