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Best Insulated toilets 2022 (No-Sweat Tank Guide & Reviews)

When your toilet tank sweats, it can drip onto the floor, leaving a pool of water and potential become a slip hazard in your bathroom. Insulated toilets are specifically designed to prevent this. The good news is that most of the big manufacturers make tanks with insulation. If condensation is becoming a problem for you, our buying guide below will talk you through each of your options.

Our picks

  1. TOTO Drake
  2. American Standard H2Option
  3. Kohler Highline

TOTO Drake CST743SD#01

Out of all the brands out there, Toto are one of our favorites, and certainly one of the most popular among consumers and plumbers too. They generally offer solid and reliable flush performance, and the Drake is an example of this.

It utilizes the G-Max system and 1.6 gallons of water to rinse the bowl clean and has handy design features such as a large water spot and trapway. It's not the most efficient, but still far better than older 3.5 gallon units. If you'd prefer a low flow option, we have reviewed several here.

Compare toilets

TOTO Drake American Standard
Kohler Highline
Model number CST743SD#01 2889518.020 K-3999-U-0
Rough in 12" 12" 12"
Flush type G-Max Dual HET
Trip lever
GPF 1.6 0.92 / 1.28 1.28
Rim height Height without seat
14-5/8" 15" 16-1/2"
WSA Water surface area
10-1/4 x 8-1/2" 9 x 8" 11-3/8 x 8"
Water level Rim to surface
5-7/8" N/A 5-3/8"
Dimensions 26.4 x 19.5 x 28.5" 15 x 27.8 x 30" 29.8 x 18 x 31.2"
Weight 88 lbs 68.8 lbs 93 lbs
Trap size 2-1/8" 2" 2-1/8"
Flush valve 3" 2" 3"
Concealed trap
One piece
Two piece .
Floor mount .
Wall mounted
Colors Cotton White White White
Soft close
Rating 84% 83% 83%

How to stop your toilet from sweating

Exhaust fan - Exhaust fans are not just a tool used to eliminate bad odors. They are also a great way to remove moisture from your washroom. The fan and a system of ductwork will remove both from the home through a vent.

Shorter showers - Consider spending less time in the shower. Less steam and heat equals less sweat.

Open bathroom door - If you've just had a hot shower, why not leave the door open for a while to air the room out.

Anti-sweat valve - This is a plumbing fixture that mixes hot and cold together to create a temperature that's just right (above dew levels). Because of this, they are also known as mixer valves.

Foam lining kits - An effective way to stop the sweat is by putting a barrier in place between the cooler waters inside the tank and the warmer air. Foam kits that form a lining around the edges could be used to achieve this.

List of in depth reviews

TOTO Drake CST743SD#01

Having covered the Drake II in the past, we were intrugued to see what the first installment had to offer. The CST743SD#01 has a round bowl, and a two piece design that's quite plain looking in all honesty. But as it's not a particularly expensive option, you can't expect it to have everything.

The G-Max flushing system is built in. What's great about this mechanism is that it combines a large water surface area with a larger trapway and 3 inch flushing valve. Each of these things contribute to its flush performance and ability to remove waste from the bowl. In addition to this, glazing prevents waste and bacterial matter from sticking to the bowls surface.

The 1.6 gallons of water gets transferred from tank to bowl through siphonic jet action, creating a faster, more powerful flow of water that achieves a great MaP score.

This one is cotton white, but you'll also be able to find finishes in bone, colonial white, ebony, sedona beige, and standard white. A great selection of colors with variety for many different types of bathroom themes.

Its overall dimensions are as follows: 26.4 by 19.5 by 28.5 inches. A trapway diameter of 2-1/8 inches, and will fit a 12 inch rough in.

The functionality is there to be used heavily in a family household, but there are some negatives too. For example, round shaped bowls are not usually as comfortable as elongated ones. You'll also notice that there isn't any attempt to conceal the toilets trapway. Manufacturers have their reasons for doing that, primarily because it keeps costs down, but we think the aesthetics suffer as a result of this.

You'll need to purchase your seat separately if you don't already own one. We recommend buying one from Toto as they are built to fit them well. The SS113#01 transitional SoftClose Seat seems to be a popular choice.

American Standard H2Option 2889518.020

The American Standard brand is another name that frequently finds its way into our top lists. The 2889518.020 is an excellent example of a toilet not needing to use high volumes of water to achieve a powerful flush. It operates on a dual flush mechanism which people can choose either a 0.92 or 1.28 gallon flow rate through the chrome plated buttons on the tank. Even the full flush meets WaterSense standard on its own. If you're looking to save water, this model is worth keeping tabs on.

This product has the round front bowl. If you'd like to learn about the differences between a round and elongated bowl, we've got a helpful guide here that covers the basics, from user comfort, to space saving properties.

The bowl itself is standard height, measuring 15 inches to the rim. It has a special glazing covering the bowls surface known as EverClean, which operates similarly to SanaGloss, WonderGliss and the rest. It contains anti-microbial properties and will help fight bacteria, reducing the amount of odors and stopping germs and dirt from sticking to the surface.

Remaining on the subject of fighting bad odors, a fairly large water surface area can help with that. And that's exactly what this product offers. A nine by eight water spot will keep those odors down for longer. It will also help with users aim, reducing streak marks and staining.

Overall, this could be a suitable upgrade for buyers wanting a highly efficient model. Externally it looks quite basic, but the functionality is all there for the average residential user. Be aware that like the Drake, the seat isn't included.

Kohler Highline K-3999-U-0

The Highline range is made by Kohler. They are a respected brand in the industry that produce many different types of sanitary ware and plumbing fixtures. The K-3999-U is a toilet that caught our eye because it's environmentally friendly, ADA compliant, and has a insuliner in the tank.

The bowl is comfort height, which is another label for having a height of at least seventeen inches from the floor. In comparison to its standard size competitors, this offers a inch or two extra height, which is great for people who require better accessibility. It's also elongated in shape which is a better choice for male users as it provides a bit more space.

As mentioned previously, this could be a smart upgrade if you're looking to do your bit for the environment. It has a 1.28 gallon flush, which can help you save several thousands of gallons of water on average per year. See what you can save by using our calculator and filling out the amount of people living in your household. You'll also get a rough calculation of what you can save on utility bills too.

But don't be put off by its flow rate. Contrary to belief, you can still get excellent flush performance from lower quantities of water. That's highlighted by its impressive 1000 MaP score.

While it can help you save water, it also has class five performance in the removal of waste and described as having best-in-class bowl cleanliness. The less waste and bacteria left behind, the more hygienic your washroom will be for the next visitor.

It's finished in white, but you'll also be able to get it in biscuit and almond. What's more, this includes the three bolt fittings that makes the installation less time consuming.

Other things to consider

Consumer feedback - A lot of customers cover the basics when shopping. However, going the extra mile and digging deeper into the specifications can save you time and money. Looking up what people are saying about specific products can also be beneficial. Home Depot, Wayfair, and Lowes are great places to find this feedback. It's easy to be drawn towards the positive comments, but you need to be looking for any potential flaws in its flushing performance, design, and durability too.

Measurements - Before you think about buying anything, you'll need to gain knowledge of the important measurements. The rough in size is one.

You should also be planning the location and layout of your bathroom. This will involve thinking about where your vanities, sinks, showers, and baths are in relation to your toilet. Why is this important? There are plumbing codes that need to be abided by, with regards to the minimum amount of space to the side and in front of your bowl. For tighter spaces, these two guides may be helpful: 24 and 25 inch depth, 26 inch depth.

MaP ratings - Most brands let us know about the basic flush mechanisms in place. You'll learn whether it's gravity fed or pressure assisted, the size of the flush valve, and even the amount of water being used. However, what does it all mean? Can you determine if this translates into strong flushing performance? The reality is no, with this information you can't. But there are some alternative statistics you can use that can help fill in the blanks. MaP scores is one of our favorite resources for this, and it's all available for free, online.

It's a 3rd party company which individually tests each toilets flush and assigns it a score. This is done in grams, and the heavier the amount, the more it's able to remove from the bowl. For reference, 1000 grams is the maximum.

Is the seat included? - Make sure you check the spec sheet beforehand so that you understand exactly which components are coming with it. Sometimes, manufacturers leave out the seat. This also applies to the supply line and mounting fixtures / seals.

We suggest getting yourself a seat with soft closing hinges if this is the case. They are the sensible choice and will protect the porcelain on the bowls rim. Alternatively, you could buy a washlet, which is more of a luxury than a necessity, and utilizes a wand that sprays water to make cleaning up after simpler and less time consuming.


These toilets with a no-sweat tank are a great solution for limiting, or stopping the build up of condensation on the outside. This will result in a dry bathroom floor that everyone can enjoy. If you're working with a smaller budget, an insulation kit could be a great alternative. This is simply a liner that can form a barrier between the cold water inside and the hot air outside. It could be a small closed cell foam insert or even expanding foam. Both will work, even as a temporary option. As with all our guides, make sure you've read through our tips and considerations above carefully, and always do your due diligence. Buyers remorse can be avoided, if you put the time and effort in.