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Mansfield Brentwood Toilet Reviews (2024)

The Brentwood collection is among what we consider to be the top Mansfield toilets for several reasons. They're designed with accessibility and water efficiency in mind, and are built with a modern theme that can help improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

We've picked out our favorite product below and will be looking into the key specifications to help readers understand the good and the bad things, ranging from flush system and performance, to reliability and consumer feedback.

Our pick

Mansfield Brentwood 4148.3148.WHT

This tank and bowl combination has a beautiful design with ridges at the base of its bowl and on the tank lid. It also has a chrome plated trip lever on its front and a concealed trapway with skirting around the sides.

It's a HET toilet (high efficiency) that uses just 1.28 GPF (4.86 lpf) and a 3 inch flush valve to handle waste effectively. This means it's a WaterSense product which is economically and environmentally friendly.

It features a taller than average bowl, measuring 16-1/2 inches to the rim, ensuring it meets ADA criteria, plus it fits a standard 12" rough.

Aesthetic? Check. Efficient? Check. Accessible? Check. The 4148.3148 has many of the qualities we look for, and we believe it could be a solid upgrade for your home.

Other things to consider

Other Mansfield collections - Before you make any decision, you should be looking around for ranges that better suit your needs. We recommend looking into the Summit range too.

Activation - Which type of flush activation is best suited to you? Trip levers are usually the most popular option, but there are also buttons that are user firiendly. Those are usually found on models with a dual flush mechanism. You should also think about where the lever / buttons are located on the tank.

Rough in measurement - Do you need 14", 12", or 10" rough in?

One or two piece? - Whilst this particular unit is two piece, there are also advantages to owning a one piece toilet. They are easier and less time consuming to install because the tank and bowl are already attached together. However, they are more expensive in general.

Bowl specs - Whilst flushing performance is very important, you shouldn't forget about the smaller design features that effect user comfort and experience. Do you require a round front or elongated bowl? Standard or right height? Exposed or skirted trapway? These are things you should know the answer to before you buy anything. We have guides that help you answer these questions on our home page.

Water surface area - This is the water spot at the bottom of the bowl. Larger water surfaces equals improved accuracy of users aim and better odor control. However there more chance of splashing and reduced flush performance.

Watersense - The Watersense label is something that certifies a products efficiency when it comes to water. Models that use up to 1.28 gallons fall into this category and can help people make saving on their bills.

Bidet - Getting a bidet is by no means a necessity. However, there are plenty advantages to owning one. There is no comparison when it comes to a bidet vs paper. It wins hands down thanks to the use of pressurized water and buitl in dryers for a more thorough, hygienic clean up. Certainly worth consideration, but be aware that they are usually quite an expensive add on, and not recommended to low budget users.

Soft close seat - First things first, does your chosen toilet include a seat? That's not always guarenteed. If not, and bidets are out of your price range (which it will be for many), get yourself a slow closing seat as that matches the shape of the bowl. These do a great job of protecting the rim and will stop it slamming shut after use, much to the appreciation of the rest of the household.

Installation - Will you need to factor in hiring a plumber to help you install it after your purchase? Some things are best left to the professionals, and things like this can go wrong, be it leaks or wobbles.

Customer and expert feedback - A piece of advice that's served me well over the years, is to take into account what other buyers and experts are saying about it on forums, blogs, and of course the ratings section on ecommerce stores. This is a effective way to highlight the pros and cons of any product.


There are many thing we like about the Brentwood range. It saves water effectively, it is more accessible for the elderly and disabled, and it looks great too. However, even if you've found that it meets many of your own requirements, there are still several things related to measurements, shapes, and mechanisms above to think about.

Even the best toilet reviews can miss out important details that can have an adverse effect on your installation. So it's important to do your own research too, regardless of what experts and customers are saying. However, if there are any details that are confusing you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.