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Mansfield Summit Toilet Reviews (2024)

In our experience there has been some great toilets made by Mansfield over the years. They are a reputable brand producing plumbing fixtures and hardware for residential and commercial use. The purpose of this particular guide is to look at the Summit collection and their pros and cons.

Our research covers all types of specifications and features, flushing systems, shapes, and sizes in detail. This enables us to hand pick a top quality product that we feel holds its own against the competition.

Our pick

Mansfield Summit 388.387.WHT

The 388.387.WHT is made in the USA, and meets criteria for being labelled water efficient and ADA compliant. It meets these things by offering consumers a low flow, 1.28 GPF magnaflush mechanism and a taller SmartHeight toilet bowl measuring 16-1/2 inches to the rim.

It's a two piece tank and bowl combo that is made in a ceramic material that is finished in white. The bowl is round, and glazed in PuraClean to help it stay cleaner for longer. Plus the tanks chrome plated trip lever is located on the front of the tank rather than the side.

The installation process is simple thanks to their smart fasten, three bolt tank to bowl connection, and it will fit a standard twelve inch rough in.

It's floor mounted, includes a three inch flush valve and a two inch trapway. However it isn't skirted, taking a few points off in terms of aesthetics.

Other things to consider

Other Mansfield collections - It's always worth researching into what else is out there and how they compare. Brentwood is another great range that brings many of its own design advantages to the bathroom.

Water spot - A large water surface area plays a role in keeping any streaks below the water line as well as stopping odors from creeping up. Then there is the argument that a bigger spot is preferential because it improves the accuracy of your aiming. The weir controls the size and level from the rim, which is another important spec to know because the further away from the top of the rim it is, the less chance there is of splashing. You also need to watch out for the water sitting too high in the bowl leaving little space for wiping, and increasing the chances of your hand dipping into the dirty water. Each of these specs can be in our comparison tables in all of our guides.

Flush mechanism - Most people will be familiar with single flush, gravity fed toilets. But there are alternatives out there that are growing in popularity. One such example is dual flush. These give consumers a choice between two different amount of water to clear waste with. The idea behind this is that people will be responsible and use the lighter volume flush for liquid and save water in the long run. You will then need to decide how this mechanism is operated between buttons, a trip lever, or a touchless system.

Bowl height - To make the bathroom more accessible for people of all abilities, manufacturers have been meeting ADA compliant guidelines more often with their products. What this means is they are adding a couple of extra inches in height to the rim, making sitting and standing easier on the body. These are known as comfort height and they measure 17-19". If you want to go higher than this, there are also attachments that sit on top of the rim known as seat risers.

One or two piece? - This model is a two piece unit. Known for there affordability. However, there are also plenty of competitors that are one piece too. Some advantages of choosing them as an alternative is they arguably look better in general, and are easier to install because there is no attachment required between the bowl and tank.

Washroom size - An essential step that needs to be taken is planning what size toilet you need. Think about your bathroom shape and where it will be installed. There are compact and corner units for smaller bathrooms, or large ones for comfort. You should also know what your rough in size is. Most people will require a 14", 12", or 10" rough size.

Bidet - Modern bidet products have some outstanding features that could compliment your current model as a simple seat attachment. They have built in night lights, jey sprays than clean more thoroughly, dryers, and even seat warming settings built in. So for those wanting a bit of extra luxury, it may well be worth looking into getting one of them.


The process of finding the best toilets on the market can be hard work and confusing at times. Our guide above will hopefully give you a more descriptive overview of the Summit collections capabilities. After looking at the features of the 388.387.WHT, we concluded that this is a cheaper alternative to many manufacturers top products. It still meets ADA and EPA requirements, and is easy to put together through their smart fasten system. We believe this could be a smart choice for buyers wanting a low budget upgrade.