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Swiss Madison Concorde Toilet Review (2022 Collection Guide)

We rate the Swiss Madison brand highly. They produce a number of high quality toilets that are designed to improve water efficiency and the handling of waste in bulk. They also hold their own against the big companies in the bathroom industry thanks to their innovative flushing mechanisms. A good example of this is found in their dual flush mechanisms.

In this guide, we will be exploring what the Concorde collection has to offer, by discovering its main capabilities and specifications. Find out how it can benefit you below.

Our pick

Swiss Madison Concorde SM-1T106

The SM-1T106 could be a great upgrade or replacement for your home. It includes a selection of modern specs that help it clean the bowl effectively while minimizing the amount of water wasted.

To further explore that point, the built in dual flush feature offers users a half and full flush. These two options are controlled through buttons on the tanks lid. But this is where it sets itself apart to many of its competitors. Unlike the standard 1.6 gallon options, even the full flush uses less. A 1.28 / 0.8 GPF flow rate highlights just how efficient it is in comparison. Over the course of a year, the water savings that can be made is impressive. Over the products lifetime, the amount saved in utility bills may even one day cover the cost of installing it.

Something else that we noticed was the square shaped bowl. Now this is something that comes down to personal preference, but some people argue that they're not as comfortable as elongagted options. They do however provide plenty of space and look great.

The trapway is completely hidden which is always a bonus in our view. The outline of the trap pipes isn't something we want to see visually as it doesn't look as good as the smooth lines offered with such a feature. Because the sides are seamless, there is nowhere for germs to hide, making the occasional cleaning taks quicker and easier.

You can forget about searching for a suitable seat that fits it too as this one comes with a handy quiet close seat that slowly closes when you put it down. Some manufacturers don't include seats, which can be seen as a hidden expense to many, so this being included is welcome. You also have the ability to remove it quickly to it being quick release and not requiring any tools to remove it.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - It doesn't matter if you have your heart set on this unit. It's always important to check out all the options available to you. If you're a fan of the contemporary styles offered by this brand, you may also want to take a look at the St Tropez and Sublime II.

Rough in - One mistake that consumers make when shopping is getting their rough in measurements wrong. This is bad because not only will it look like it doesn't fit, you'll also have to deal with the hassle that returning it brings. The majority of peoples bathrooms will require a product that fits a twelve inch rough, but you still need to measure as some people, although rarer, need either a fourteen or ten inch rough. If you're not sure, we recommend checking our guide on our home page, or hiring a plumbing professional to measure it for you.

Customer reviews - The easiest way to spot a product with lots of flaws and defects is through the feedback left by customers in online shops and forums. We recommend scouring the web before buying anything and see what other peoples experience has been with the toilet that you're thinking about purchasing. This is a smart move that will help you avoid and filter out the poorly made products.

Seat - Yes, the SM-1T106 comes equipped with a seat with quiet close hinges. However, this is a basic option. If you've got extra cash to spend, you should consider upgrading to a bidet seat. These are more expensive, but the added features are well worth it. Water spraying nozzles clean you up afterwards far more effectively than paper ever would, and many of them have luxury settings such as the ability to heat the seat.

One piece vs two piece - Given a choice between these two, we suggest sticking to the one piece toilets where possible. They have several advantages over there two piece counterparts, including the fact that they're less time consuming to install and more aesthetically pleasing. What's more the joint between the tank and bowl is seen as an extra weak point where leaking can occur.


We have a wide variety of criteria that we refer to in our research. The power, performance, efficiency, aesthetics, comfort, and how affordable it is are all explored and compared to similar products in its price range. We came to the conclusion that the Concorde toilet is one that stands out from the crowd thanks to its water saving flush and external design. Both are important in a residential bathroom.