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Swiss Madison Sublime II Toilet Review (2024 Collection Guide)

When you look at the best brands on the market, they share some features in common. Good performance levels, combined with efficiency and style. Swiss Madison are a great example of this. We've written up a buying guide on them, but in this article, we want to shift our focus to the Sublime II collection.

We choose a product and analyze the specifications and innovations below. We aim to help our readers learn about the pros and cons and much more.

Our pick

Swiss Madison Sublime II SM-1T257

The SM-1T257 has meets a multitude of criteria we look for in a toilet. It has a beautiful exterior, with skirting hiding the trapway and the bowl and tank combo joint to finish off a seamless, contemporary theme.

Because it's one piece, it gives the buyers the choice of installing it in a smaller bathroom. The compact nature of the design means it's only twenty four inches long, helping your washroom feel more spacious.

The dual flush system is a excellent example of handing control over to the user. What do we mean by this? Well, in comparison to single flush, gravity fed units, you will have a choice of utilizing larger and smaller quantities of water to wash down the bowl. This means you can make use of its highly efficient 0.8 gallon flush for lighter waste like liquids, or the 1.28 gallons option for a bit more power. In the long run, choosing between these two options sensibly can help you save money on your utility bills. We have a calculator that can help you understand the extent of that.

Because it handles waste with a maximum 1.28 gallon flow rate, it's also classified as a WaterSense This is the label given by the Environmental Protect Agency to show that a product meets there water conservation standards. Over a products lifetime, you will see benefits economically too.

To operate its dual flush, tornado rinse system, consumers will have to press buttons on the lid, rather than a tank lever. This is simple a two buttons, one for the half flush, the other for the full one.

Despite it being fairly low profile, it does offer an elongated bowl, which is certainly a priority if you're looking to maximize seated comfort. Compared to a round bowl, the elongated shape provides more space and support.

It comes equipped with the soft closing seat which ensures users slowly close the seat without it accidentally slamming shut. It also features a quick release spec that ensures maintenance and cleaning is simpler and more accessible.

The product dimesnions are 24 inches long by 14 inches wide by 15 inches to the bowls rim. From the floor to the top of its tank, it measures 28-1/2 inches.

It need to be mounted to the floor and will fit a twelve inch rough in. Make sure you've measured yours before hand. Just because twelve inches is the most common, it doesn't mean that yours is the same. In fact, many households require either 10 inches or 14 inches.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - While this is a great option, we always recommend that our readers explore everything available to them. Have a look into what the St Tropez, and Concorde product ranges can offer you before you make a decision.

Bowl height - This model offers a standard height bowl, which measures fifteen inches to the rim. Many consumers prefer this height. However, some manufacturers offer an alternative option known as universal height. This is simply the label given to a bowl which measures between seventeen and nineteen inches. It is given several different names ranging from comfort height to chair height. This benefits people with disabilities in particular, making it easier to sit and stand for your average adult.

Bidet - If you've got a bigger budget to work with, you may consider upgrading from the basic quiet close seating to a bidet. This offers a spray system that cleans you up far more effectively than using paper. Depending on the brand you go for too, you may also get built in dryer settings and a nightlight too.

Customer reviews - It can sometimes be difficult to filter out all the positive feedback surrounding a product. However, it's important you do because it can save you time and money in the long run. Check the low ratings as well as the high ones in shops around the web as that will give you a more balanced overview and let you know where the products flaws are. The most important thing is, don't rush, this is something that should be in your home for at least a decade, so it's important you make the correct decision.


We found plenty of positives in the Sublime II toilets specifications. It would be suitable in a residential, family home due to its aesthetics, flushing performance, and low flow system. However, it's also worth comparing it with the numerous competitors in the industry. You can check them out using our menu at the top.