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Swiss Madison St Tropez Toilet Review (2024 Collection Guide)

Got a toilet that's leaking? Or perhaps you believe it doesn't have a strong enough flush power. The Swiss Madison brand could be worth looking into. While not necessarily the most recognized manufacturer on the market, they do offer some fantastic products with great functionality and aesthetic exteriors.

In this guide, we shall look at a particular product line they make called the St Tropez collection. We analyze the pros and cons below.

Our pick

Swiss Madison St Tropez SM-1T254

If you want to move away from the more traditional shapes and styles of the past, the SM-1T254 could be the solution. It features a stunning skirted exterior that does a great job in hiding the outline of the trapway, and the tank and bowl are seamlessly integrated into a beautiful one piece design.

Of course, a benefit of one piece units is that installation time can be cut down significantly due to there being no requirement to attach the tank and bowl together. Just be ready to do a bit of heavy lifting when the package first arrives. This also means there are less places for water to leak out of, reducing the chances of unexpected plumbing bills.

Unlike some companies, you get a seat included. This isn't a standard seat either, it comes with slow close hinges to reduce the amount of times the seat slams shut. When they are purchased separately, the cost can catch people working with a low budget out.

The material used to build it is ceramic china, and the bowl comes in an elongated shape which provides the necessary space and comfort for users. It's also comfort height, ensuring that it's at minimum seventeen inches tall from the floor to the seat. Why? Well by doing this, it allows them to meet ADA standards, and ensure it's accessible for the majority of people. If you feel this is too tall for your liking, we have plenty of other guides relating to standard size bowls in our menu.

It has a dual flushing mechanism built in, which is described as sending water through the bowl in a tornado pattern. What does this mean? Well, it will swirl water round the bowl, hitting otherwise difficult to reach area near the rim. This is an effective way to ensure the ceramic surface leaves very little bacteria and dirt behind after use.

Users can choose between a light and heavy flush via the trip button on top of its tank. The light flush has a 0.8 gallon flow rate, and the heavy one a 1.28 gallon flow rate. Both meet the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense standards and can make a big difference to household utility bills at the end of the year.

Product dimensions are listed as 26.6 by 15 by 31 inches and it weighs 120 pounds.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - Make sure you look at different product lines as they all bring something unique to the table. We suggest checking out the Ivy, Concorde, and Sublime II ranges.

Consumer feedback - A tell tale sign about a products quality is usually found in the number of positive customer reviews. Look at what buyers have been saying about your chosen product and get a better understanding of the overall good and bad experiences people are having with it. This is a far more balanced way to gauge the overall quality.

Wall or floor mounted? - Typically, the average customer will be looking for a unit that bolts to the floor. This is due to the fact that most houses will already have the waste outlet in place. However, there are some alternatives if this isn't the case. One such alternative is installing a wall hung toilet. These generally rely on carrier systems within the wall and waste being flushed out the back rather than through the floor. You can also make the argument that they are far more aesthetically pleasing.

Rough in - A common mistake first time buyers make is to go out shopping, find a product they like the look of and purchase it without ensuring they have carried out the necessary measurements in their bathroom. You need to know what your rough in size is beforehand. This will ensure your toilet fits correctly. They usually come in three different sizes, 12 inch, 10 inch, and 14 inch.


After looking at both the good and bad points, it's easier to understand where the St Tropez toilet excels, and where it falls short. If you're wanting to buy something that has a modern style, an efficient flush, whilst remaining affordable, then it could be a great fit for your bathroom. However, a few complaints we've heard about relate to the seating being uncomfortable and some difficulty with the installation. All in all, this could work well as a replacement in a residential environment.

Before you take the plunge and part with your cash, make sure you compare it on our list of top toilets, to see how it matches up against market leading brands.