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American Standard Colony Toilet Reviews (Specifications & Guide)

American Standard are a top brand with plenty of great bathroom hardware to compete with other big names in the industry. The Colony collection is one such example, and has designs for the whole bathroom. Not just toilets, but faucets and showers too.

The best way we'd describe their style is modernistic, but colonial inspired. Functionality wise, the manufacturer describes them as simple and practical for day to day use.

We've spent time looking at this range and picked out one we feel stands out from the rest based on flushing mechanism, performance, comfort, and bowl style below.

Our pick

American Standard Colony 221DA.104.020

We see the 221DA.104.020 as an opportunity to get your hands on a toilet that is compact, highly efficient, and affordable rolled into one. It may not include the same luxury innovations as high end options, but for the price point, it is worth consideration.

The efficiency translates to using just 1.28 gallons of water, meaning this meets WaterSense standards and can help you save up to twenty percent per year,

It fits a 12 inch rough, and has a two piece design with a round bowl made from a vitreous china material. For those needing smaller details on how much space it takes up, its dimensions are 25.8 by 19.2 by 29.9 inches, and it weighs 74 lbs.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - You may well have your heart set on this particular range. However, it's important to remember that there are some excellent alternatives like Cadet 3, Champion 4, Edgemere, and Town Square. The smart move is to look into every option available to you and make comparisons based on your own requirements. You can even look at specific flush technology like VorMax.

Rough in - Everyones plumbing is going to be different. Some people will require a smaller 10" rough, other a larger 14" one. The important thing to do here is measure and make sure you know what yours is.

Floor space - If you've got a large bathroom with plenty of floor space, it won't be necessary to plan as much when it comes to product dimensions. But for those with small bathrooms, it's of the utmost importance to know the limitations in toilet size.

Waste outlet - Where is your waste outlet? Does it go through the back and out the wall? Or does it go through the floor. Most washrooms require floor based waste outlets, but that's not always the case. Regardless of what yours is, there are some great options available for both.

Type of mounting - You will no doubt be aware of floor mounted options. They are the most popular choice and have been for many years because they are the most convenient to install. However, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, and aren't afraid of a bit of D.I.Y and plumbing work, you could get yourself a wall mounted toilet. They look fantastic and are quite versatile in where you can set them up too. Just be aware there is a fair bit of work involved in fitting the tank within the wall.

Trip lever or sensor? - With the improvements in technology we use everyday, it was inevitable that some of it would make its way into the home to make life easier. You now have a choice between the traditional trip levers and completely hands free options that use sensors.

Flow rate - When we refer to flow rate, we are talking about how many gallons of water the tank sends through the bowls to rinse it every flush. Some people prefer to sacrifice a bit of power for efficiency, others are happy to use more water for the highest levels of performance. What you choose comes down to user preference, but we recommend getting an eco friendly option. You can find these by identifying products which have the WaterSense label.

MaP ratings - Always look up the MaP score before buying anything. It's an unbiased way to check the strength of the flush from a 3rd party. They conduct a series of tests a rate each product on a scale of 0-1000 grams.

Glaze - Check that the product you want has a special type of glazing on it to fight germs and bacteria on the surface of the ceramic material. EverClean will be what to look for in this case.

ADA compliancy - Being ADA compliant is short for toilets which meet the Americans with disabilities act accessible design spec. These are labelled differently depending on who you ask. right, universal, and comfort height are among the most common names given to them, and they measure between seventeen and nineteen inches.

Seat included? - Check to see if the toilet seat is included within the price. Sometimes manufacturers get you to purchase them separately adding quite a bit of money on. This can certainly be a problem if you're working on a tight budget. Even basic slow close seats these days can cost you around fifty bucks extra.

Consumer reports - One of the easiest way to gauge customer sentiment towards a product is by looking at their reviews online. The best, and probably most reliable way to do this is to check out a number of leading shops online.


If you want to find a toilet that looks great, has first rate performance, reliability, and durability, you can't expect to find it on a low budget model. And yet, this unit from the Colony range has several of these qualities.

However, there are positives and negatives to any purchase. Readers should check our list of considerations above to be aware of common problems you may run into, and how to avoid making mistakes whilst shopping. It will hopefully save you time and provide you with enough knowledge to make an informed decision.