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American Standard Edgemere Toilet Reviews

American Standard toilets tend to have a certain beauty about them that make them easy on the eye and great for consumers looking to achieve a contemporary theme in their bathroom.

We think this description applies to the Edgemere collection, which is the range we will be looking at in this guide. We hand pick one model, then cover all the important details relating to its flushing mechanism, external design, and what others have been saying about it below.

Our pick

American Standard Edgemere 204AA200.020

The 204AA200.020 utilizes a dual flush mechanism that allows people to select how much water to use. With this amount of control over your flushing mechanism, you can effectively choose between being conservative or excessive dependent on the situation and type of waste your handling.

It meets Environmental Protection Agency standards too, with a 1.1 GPF or a stronger 1.6 GPF rate.

It's right height, which means it's taller than standard options and ADA compliant. It's also equipped with a bowl that is elongated and coated with a glazing called EverClean that fights off bacteria and stains.

A sensible choice for home usage in our view, especially if you're not working with a large budget.

Other things to consider

The brand - This product range looks fantastic, and has enough differences in specs for all requirements. However, it won't take long to browse through and explore what the Cadet 3, Champion 4, Colony, Town Square, and VorMax collections have to offer. You will find that there are not only small differences in designs, but also price points.

Rough in - Get your rough in wrong and you will have to either return your product, or have to stick with a toilet that is too far from the wall, leaving gaps behind it. To find out what yours is. get yourself a measuring tape and measure from the wall behind the tank to the center of the closet bolts which secure it in place. Yours will most likely fit a 12 inch rough, but there is a chance that you may require a 10" product, or 14".

Height of bowl - You need to choose between buying a high toilet bowl, or a standard one. The difference between them both may only be a few inches (17-19" for comfort height), but it's what makes a product ADA compliant or not. This can make a big difference to some peoples standard of living. However, there are some things to consider before making this choice. On comfort height units, there is more chance of constipation because your bowels are not positioned as effectively as shorter models. However, the shortened bending distance make them a great choice for senior citizens.

Low profile? - Depending on the size of your washroom, you may want a lavatory with compact features that make good use of the small amount of space given to it. Some examples are found in 1 piece toilets with round bowls. These are usually closer to the wall and give users a bit more leg room.

Water efficient? - The Environmental Protection agency provide a set of criteria to follow if manufacturers want their products to be labelled as water saving. This applies to all types of flush mechanisms including single and dual flush. Single flushes can't exceed 1.28 GPF if they want the WaterSense label, and the dual flush average must also meet this requirement. But what does this all mean for the consumer? Well, compared to older inefficient systems, one can expect to save up to sixty percent in gallons per flush over the products lifetime. That's a huge number and can translate to over two thousand dollars in water bill savings too.

Seat - Spare a thought for the type of seat you want installed. Yes, some models are equipped with one, and some have it already attached upon delivery. However, not all of them are slow closing, which are a sensible choice if you want to prevent the dreaded slamming noises. You could even opt to upgrade with a bidet seat, which offer all sorts of convenient technology that will make your bathroom experience more hygienic and relaxing.

Consumer feedback - It's sensible to look at what buyers are saying about their purchases around the web. This rule applies to purchasing anything online in our view. In terms of finding out about any potential defects, it's arguably the first and best place you can look. The most popular models usually have countless comments about them with a huge variety in sentiment. The key here is to look at the average rating and decide if the negatives are rarities or not.


All things considered, we think the Edgemere chosen has great potential for usage in your home bathroom. A choice of two flush powers, a beautiful exterior, and accessible design make it a viable upgrade in our opinion. Don't agree? Check out our toilet comparisons to find something better suited to your needs.