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American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Reviews

Throughout our research process, we've reviewed a number of American Standard toilets. Among those are models from the Champion 4 collection. This is a product range that has many qualities that make it suitable for heavy usage on a day to day basis.

We've looked at several of the leading products in our research and hand picked ones that we feel rate the highest. We've done so by taking all its specifications and features and comparing them with other models on the market.

Our pick

American Standard Champion 4 2034.014.020

If you're after high performance, the 2034.014.020 won't dissapoint. It has a gravity fed flush that has a 1.6 GPF rate. Combined with its four inch accelerator flush valve, and larger than average trapway diameter, it achieves a 1000 grams MaP score, which is the highest score on offer.

It's this power combined with the EverClean surface glazing that helps it remain clean for a longer period of time, minimizing the amount of human involvement in cleaning tasks.

The bowl is ADA compliant, and overall dimensions are 29.8 by 17.8 by 29.5 inches.

The main drawbacks we see are that it doesn't include a seat, which is an extra expense, and it isn't WaterSense compliant, so not the best option for people wanting a economically friendly flush.

Other things to consider

Other collections - Similar to other big brands, they offer plenty of product ranges that excel in their own ways. Be sure to look at our reviews of Cadet 3, Colony, Edgemere, and Town Square toilets to see the bigger picture. We recommend checking out those with a VorMax flush too.

Rough in - Some consumers like to rush in and buy a toilet before doing their due dilligence. The problem with cutting corners in regards to plumbing fixtures is they often have specific measurements they need to meet in order to fit in your bathroom. In this case, you should be aware of what your rough in size is and why it's required. We talk about how to do this in more detail on our home page. However, to keep it simple, readers will need to choose between models that are 12 inch, 10 inch, or 14 inch.

Dimensions - Consumers should already have a rough idea of the maximum amount of space your product can take up. If you've got a fairly compact bathroom, get your measuring tape out before you go shopping, as you will want to know how far it can protrude without significantly reducing the amount of floor space. There are plenty of low profile units that are specifically designed for this purpose. Keep an eye on 26 inch and 24 inch depth options as they save floor space in front of the bowl.

One or Two piece? - If you've read our one piece toilet guide, you will know all about the advantages and disadvantages they have over their two piece counterparts. Well worth a read if you're not sure about the differences between them. In short, one piece models usually have advantages on the aesthetics front, as well as being easier to install. However, they tend to be more expensive.

ADA or Standard bowl? - The Americans With Disabilities Act looks at accessible design within the home and beyond. Why is this relevant here? Well, there are now tall toilet bowls that are easier to get seated upon than standard height bowls. What's the difference? Uusually just a few inches in height. But those few inches can make a huge difference to someones accessibility.

Round or elongated? - You shall have a choice between round, elongated, and square bowls whilst shopping. Square units look fantastic, but if you read what users say about them around the web, there is a common complaint about comfort. Then there is the choice between round and elongated. People tend to go for round bowls when the main aim is to save space, and elongated for a more comfortable seated position.

Concealed trapway? - When a manufacturer refers to the trapway being concealed, they mean there is skirting around the bowl that hides the piping and bends from view. This is good from an aesthetic point of view, but it also enables people to clean it quicker and easier.

Glazing - Cefiontect, SanaGloss, EverClean. These are all examples of glossy coating from various companies. The idea behind them is to form a protective layer above the ceramic china, smoothing it over and keeping it cleaner for longer by stopping the build up of mold and mildew, not just in the bowl, but all along the trapway too.

Water efficiency - So you're interested in an economically friendly flush that conserves water well? Look for a product with the WaterSense label. That is proof of high efficiency. They start at 1.28 gallons per flush and can go far lower depending on which brand you go with.

MaP ratings - You may of seen in the descriptions in stores featuring a number followed by grams as a fliush rating. This refers to Maximum Performances 3rd party testing of flushing power and it's a good starting point if you want something with a strong flush. In our opinion, you should stay away from anything 400g and below, as there are plenty that rank well above this that are very affordable for your average consumer.

Type of seat - Once you've found the perfect toilet, you will also need to see if it includes a seat. If it doesn't, there is plenty of options. Just try to stick with slow close hinges as they will help prevent damage by slamming. Alternatively, you could aim for a more luxury bidet attachment that usually come with seat warmers, jet nozzles that clean better than paper, dryers, and even night lights.

Consumer feedback - Are the comments being posted about it by buyers mostly positive? These are people with first hand experience using it, so you should be paying attention to what the majority are satying about it.


The Champion 4 toilet could be a excellent addition to your home. Especially when compared to older units with water guzzling 3.5 gallon flushes. It has a great ten year warranty policy, ADA height, and powerful flush. It's got a beautiful design that will look nice in any modern household.