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American Standard Town Square Toilet Reviews

We always aim to ensure our American Standard toilet reviews are easy to understand, and descriptive enough for the complete beginner to understand. To achieve this, we list out the main features, and explain how they may benefit the average consumers bathroom. By doing so, we hope to make the shopping experience less time consuming and intensive.

The Town Square collection is the one we shall shine the spotlight on today in this guide, and try to better understand each of its specs, ranging from flushing power through to external design aspects.

Our pick

American Standard Town Square 2817.128.020

The 2817.128.020 is available in two colors, white and linen. It has a skirted trapway which gives it the modern look many people look for.

It's two piece, with a right height bowl that is elongated for maximum user comfort. A suitable spec for people with bone and joint issues, as well as the elderly.

When it comes to keeping the bowl clean, there are two features included that make a difference. The first is the Powerwash rim, and the second is the EverClean gloss that fights off bacterial build up. These two, plus the 1000 gram MaP flush power, ensure the bowl is fully rinsed of waste after every use.

It also has an excellent ten year warranty policy that protects consumers in the event that your product is broken or defective.

Other things to consider

Other collections - The Town Square range certainly has its advantages. However, it's important to see what other options are out there and how they differ in shape, size, performance, price, and accessibility too. Some of our favorites include the Cadet 3, Champion 4, Colony, Edgemere, and VorMax collections. After all, why limit yourself, when there could be something better suited to your needs.

Your bathroom size - Central to the reasoning behind your choice should be the product dimensions, and how it fits in with your current washroom. Do you need something small, or can your home handle a larger unit? It's sensible to take some rough measurements down before you go shopping. This models dimensions are 29-3/4 x 15-1/4 x 31-1/8 inches.

Glazing - A fully glazed bowl and trapway should be an automatic inclusion in this day and age. The advantages of a smoothed over surface certainly help keep the toilet stain free and cleaner for a longer period of time. Look out for EverClean within the product description.

ADA or standard height? - Your bowls height plays a role in user comfort. Standard size bowls are great for the average user, but from what we've gathered in our research, many consumers are beginning to lean towards a ADA toilet height for a improved experience that is more inclusive for senior citizens and the disabled too.

Elongated, square, or round? - Similar to how tall it is, the shape of the bowl can have a positive or negative impact on your comfort. We believe the models providing users the most natural posture seating position is the elongated shape. However, that doesn't mean there isn't advantages using round front options. In fact, round shaped options should be among the first products you look at if you have a compact bathroom, simply because they are lower profile.

Installation - Do you have any plumbing experience? Will you need to hire a professional? How will that effect your budget? These are all questions you need to think about. If you're going to be setting it up yourself, are you looking to get a two piece, or one piece toilet? This can also increase the amount of time spent fitting it as the tank and bowl come separately in a two piece unit.

Technology - With the rate of growth technology has had in recent years, it's hardly surprising there are a number of new innovations for the home. There are now touchless toilets that will flush automatically once you wave your hand above the sensor on the tank. There are also bidet attachments that utilize water jets to clean up rather than paper. The point is, see what's out there and how it can benefit you. Just be aware these aren't necessary additions to your washroom, but luxuries.

GPF - The GPF, or gallons per flush, gives consumers an indication of how well the product conserves water. There are two types you will come across. The first being 1.6 GPF models, which usually have decent power and excllent handling of waste. Then there is WaterSense ones which utilize 1.28 GPF and below and hold there own in terms of power. We recommend going for the low flow options if you live in a residential environment. It will save you money in the long run, and protect the environment, which is why it falls under Environmental Protection Agencies guidelines.

Consumer reports - The first place we usually look to identify any specific problems within a product is the customer feedback. Any common defects, and we're onto the next one. The great thing about these reports is you have a full overview in one place from people who have purchased it and used it in their house.


As far as the best home toilets are concerned, the Town Square holds its own against many of its competitors. It meets plenty of the criteria we look for when carrying out ratings. For us, it's a solid pick that's been well received by customers, and a good shout for use in a family household.