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Kohler Karing Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2024)

Are Kohler toilets any good? We think so. In fact, we rate them as one of the bathroom industry leaders. We base this off a number of things, not least of all there flushing performance and efficiency.

In this guide, we're going to be exploring the specifications of the Karing collection. We will be exploring how it could benefit you and if there are any drawbacks to buying one.

Our pick

Kohler Karing K-4026

The K-4026 is one to watch in the intelligent toilets category. It includes some brilliant features that will simplify and modernize your bathroom visits.

To start with, it has the ability to open and close automatically. How does it do this? Well, there are motion sensors on the bowl that will detect when you're close or when you're walking away. This means there will be no more arguments about who left the seat up.

In addition to the clever seating spec, there is a bidet built into it that gives users the option to choose a temperature and water pressure of their liking. Users will be able to wash the front and back and leave the toilet feeling cleaner and fresher than any amount of tissue and paper could. Some consumers have made it a point to talk about the wands positioning and how hygienic that could be. This may have been a problem in the past, but these modern units have self cleaning properties that thoroughly rinse the wand clean of germs and bacteria.

If you're anything like me, who hates sitting on a cold seat, you'll love its ability to warm the seat up. You get two user profile settings that enable it to memorize what your preferences relating to temperature and pressure are too.

After you've rinsed yourself clean, you can then turn on the built in drying system that removes the need to dry yourself with paper. Although it's sensible to keep a roll close by just in case.

If you're not a fan of switching on all the lights in the hall and washroom just so you can do your business in the middle of the night, you'll no doubt appreciate the LED lighting around and in the bowl.

The flush mechanism is controlled from the remote and once activated will send very efficient 1.28 gallons through its Power Lite system.

Externally, it's a minimalistic, but contemporary style with a hidden trap and one piece design. Its dimensions are 25 by 22 by 32 inches and it weighs 110 pounds.

Other things to consider

Alternative ranges - While there are plenty of advantages to owning such a impressive piece of hardware, it's important to remember it's more expensive than your average toilet. For those of you working with a smaller budget, we recommend looking into the Memoirs, Veil, Wellworth, Archer, Corbelle, Adair, San Souci, Persuade, Cimarron, and Tresham ranges. This may give you more insight into what to expect at lower price points.

GPF - We like the fact that the K-4026 conserves water, but is there better options available on the market? You'll certainly come across the odd 0.8 and 1.0 gallon units, but for the most part, a 1.28 GPF (which this has) is more than sufficient as it meets the Environmental Protection Agencies standards.

Seat height - If you're a healthy, able bodied person, you may never have considered the impact a standard bowl can have on those with disabilities like joint problems. This is why chair height toilets were designed by manufacturers, they add a extra couple of inches to the bowl, making them more accessible and comfortable. Think about who's going to be using it, and what their needs are before buying anything.

Gloss - Look for products that include a layer of gloss or glazing above the ceramic. This is sometimes known as EverClean and CefionTect depending on what manufacturer you buy from. This is a protective layer that keeps the surface smooth and waste free.

Consumer feedback - Yes, it may have some tremendous features that ensure it stands out from the crowd, but nothing is perfect. This is why we advise readers to check both positive and negative customer reviews. A product can have the longest spec list in the world, but it's all for nothing if certain aspects are faulty.


We really like the functionality included in the Karing toilet. It takes modern flush technology and innovations and applies it to sanitary ware with great results. For comfort and convenience in your families bathroom, this is one to watch. Just make sure you see what the competition if offering before you rush into any decision.