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Kohler Veil toilet review (Specs & guide 2024)

Should you buy a Kohler toilet? It all depends on your home, and the level of performance required. We find that their flushing power is very good in most cases. Combine that with the visual appeal, and you have a winning formula.

This guide looks at a specific collection they make, known as Veil. It's quite a unique range as it's intelligent and comes with features you don't find on standard products.

Our pick

Kohler Veil K-5401

This is the floor mounted option, and while they have a wall hung variant (the K-6299), we want to focus on the K-5401 and all of its functionality in this article. What are its pros and cons? How does it compare to the Karing? Read on to find out.

If you shop around, you won't find many products with smoother edges than this. Because it's skirted and one piece, there is no indents or a trapway visible. This results in it having a beautiful contemporary theme that will suit any modern bathroom. If you think about it, there are cleaning and maintenance advantages to this style too. It's hard to miss any part of its exterior when you're washing it down. This isn't the case in two piece units or those with the bowls showing their trapway.

The bowl is constructed in a vitreous china material, and the built in bidet wand is made of stainless steel. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that it's low profile and tankless with a direct water supply mechanism. This will help you save space if you've got quite a small washroom.

It includes a great dual flushing system that can help reduce the amount of water being consumed in your household. A 0.8 (4.8 lpf) or 1.28 (3.0 lpf) gallon flush can be activated via a remote control. This is commonly referred to as a partial and full flush in the plumbing community and they are designed for either liquid or solids waste. Over the products lifetime, you can save tens of thousands of gallons by choosing to trip the partial flush for liquids over a full one. In the event of an electrical failure, there is an emergency flush feature too.

Because of this, it meets EPA guidelines in bathroom water conservation, and is labelled as such with the WaterSense label. When you do the maths, you can expect to save up to 20% more than those with a 1.6 GPF flow rate. It may not seem like much but over the years, this adds up and our calculator highlights this.

The bidet utilizes a wand that gives consumers control over the shape of the water being sprayed, its temperature, and positioning. When we refer to positioning, we are talking about washing options for both the front and back. After you've finished spraying, you can then dry off with the built in dryer that blows out warm air. The temperature of this is also adjustable so you that it doesn't feel to hot.

It's also equipped with a quiet closing, motion activated seat. It detects people coming and going through movement and opens / closes accordingly. Combined with the flush being somewhat hands free through a remote, it's more hygienic than traditional methods.

There is a deodrizer to deal with odors and a LED nightlight too. It will fit a 12 inch rough in, which is considered the standard size for most homes, and its dimensions are 26.4 by 17.2 by 21.4 inches. You can expect a rim height of 15-5/18", a trap passageway measuring 1-15/16", and a water surface area of 7-15/16" by 5-5/8".

However, despite having some great functionality inside, you should note that in comparison to your average gravity fed toilet, these are expensive and not ideal for people with a low budget.

The manufacturer says that your water supplys flow rate should be tested and run at a minimum 9.0 gallons per minute. You can find more details about this on their product spec sheet. This is important because it ensures the flushing mechanism performs at a level it was designed to.

Other things to consider

Alternative collections - We're fans of this brand, we think they produce quality pieces of hardware that get the job done. That's why we've spent time researching a number of other product ranges that they offer. These include Memoirs, Wellworth, Corbelle, Cimarron, San Souci, Archer, Tresham, Adair, and Persuade. You may even prefer the wall hung K-6299-0 model because it saves space and is quite flexible in how it's installed.


The Veil toilet is smart with some top functionality included. This is the sort of unit we recommend to readers who are not worried about the price tag. Compared to basic products that don't have the technology and innovations, it will offers a level of convenience and comfort that you don't find often in sanitary ware.