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Kohler Persuade Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2023)

We've reviewed plenty of toilet brands on this blog. One name that consistently gets a mention is Kohler. There is good reason behind that. They generally produce excellent products that are reliable and effective.

One such example of this is the Persuade collection, which is what we shall be looking at in this guide. We'll help you explore its features, from the flush through to the exterior.

Our pick

Kohler Persuade Curv K-3723-0

Like all products, the K-3723 Curv has a mix of good and bad points, but for the most part, we like what we've seen in the specifications. It consists of the K-4353 bowl and K-4441 tank.

One of the first things that stood out for us is its dual flush mechanism. To keep it simple, this enables consumers to choose between a high or low volume flush depending on the waste type you're dealing with. The great thing about such a system is their ability to save water. If you use the low volume flush for liquids, you could end up saving 4000 gallons of water or more, than single flush mechanisms. This can have a big impact on your utility bills, especially if you have a large family. See our water savings calculator to get a better idea.

If you've always wanted something that's more environmentally friendly, then the flushing mechanism helps with this. Not only does it comply with WaterSense standards, but also the Energy Policy Act, and the CEC. The full flush utilizes a heavier 1.6 GPF. However, the half flush uses a highly efficient 1 GPF.

Lets face it, finding something aesthetic that matches your current bathroom color themes and layout is important. We feel that the external design of the K-3723 meets this criteria with a contemporary, two piece style that's fully skirted. This also hides the trapway from view in the process. However, being two piece, doesn't quite have the same effect as the seamless style of one piece toilets.

The bowl measures sixteen and a half inches in height (without the seat), ensuring it meets the height required to be labelled as comfort height. Depending on the seat you choose, it will be between seventeen and nineteen inches tall. The bowl itself has an elongated shape, ideal for leg support, and providing the appropriate space for male users.

The water surface size is 4-1/2" x 5-3/4", and the distance to the water from the rim is 8-1/2". The full dimensions are 38.5 x 31 x 23.2 inches.

Overall, we like this model. It's very capable of being used in a family bathroom, and is economically friendly compared to some of its competitors on the market.

Other things to consider

Other ranges - It's worthwhile checking out what else this company produces to get the full picture. You may end up finding something better suited to your households requirements, and if nothing else, it's great for making comparisons. We suggest checking out our guides on San Souci, Tresham, Karing, Corbelle, Archer, Memoirs, Adair, Veil, Wellworth, and Cimarron. We also suggest researching the K-6355, and K-3815 too.

Planning ahead - Making plans is important. If you've got a small bathroom, you'll need to consider how and where you're going to be installing your toilet. Is it going in the corner? Will it hang on the wall? Round or elongated bowl? These are all things to consider if you're aiming to save space.

You should also set yourself a budget, and try your best to stick to it. Without a budget in place, it's so easy to spend a lot on the accessories and matching hardware.

Rough in size - Why is this important? If you get the wrong size, your tank and bowl will have either a big gap behind it, or it will be too close to the wall. You should know your rough in before you begin shopping. We have guides for those of you with ten inch and fourteen inch rough ins.


We have our own criteria to decide whether we're dealing with a top toilet or not. There are quite a few things to think about in this process. Ultimately, this helps us decide if a product has the important qualities consumers need to be looking at. Efficiency, performance, and design are always high on that list. After analyzing the features of the Persuade Curv toilet, we believe it checks a lot of these boxes. The research around the web tends to reflect this too, because it's highly rated by customers in most of the sources we checked.