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Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review (Collection Guide 2023)

In our opinion, Kohler toilets offer great flushing performance that few other manufacturers can match. This, alongside their unique designs and innovations, make them a viable option for any modern household.

In this guide we explore what the Wellworth collection and its specifications. Is it the right for your bathroom? Find out below.

Our pick

Kohler Wellworth K-3978

The K-3978 has quite a plain exterior. It's two piece, and has an elongated bowl. It consists of the K-4198 bowl and K-4468 tank. The trip lever is located on the left hand side of its tank, and it's finished in white. However, if you shop around, you may also find it in almond and biscuit too.

One of its main selling points seems to be its class five flushing performance as listed by the manufacturer. It is a 1.6 GPF unit, so not the most economically, or environmentally friendly. However, what it lacks in efficiency, it makes up in power. And this is what many consumers look to for the effective handling of waste in bulk. Ultimately, this means that it's less likely to get blockages.

With the growth in popularity of comfort height bowls among consumers, it feels that there are fewer standard size bowls available today. The K-3978 is a great option for those of you not wanting that extra seating height. From the floor to the rim it measures 14-1/2".

It's floor mounted, built for waste outlets that pass through the floor, and fits a twelve inch rough in. The size of the trap passageway measures 2-1/8", and the distance from the water surface to the rim is 5-1/4".

The water surface area isn't too small either, with 11-1/4" x 8-1/4" dimensions. This will help combat smells down in the bowl, and leave the lavatory smelling fresher for the next person who enters.

As this is a two piece unit, they can be more time consuming to fit than their one piece counterparts. However, with the inclusion of the three pre installed bolts on the tank, it certainly makes this process a bit easier.

For those of you working with a compact washroom, you'll need to be aware of the overall dimensions. The specs given on this are 36 x 24 x 24 inches.

Other things to consider

Alternative ranges - Before you decide to buy anything, we recommend looking into the advantages of owning the Memoirs, Adair, Cimarron, Archer, San Souci, Persuade, Corbelle, Veil, Karing, and Tresham ranges too. You may also be interested in the K-3577, K-3997, K-3575, and the Pressure Lite K-3505.

Coating - Protection of the china is important for the longevity of your chosen product. Find out if yours has a glaze coat that covers the bowls surface as it can help prevent damage from occuring. It also helps prevent the build up of germs and works with the flushing mechanism to reduce staining and ensure the bowl is rinsed thoroughly.

One piece vs two piece - Two piece units are generally the less expensive option of the two. However, some plumbing professionals argue one piece units are more reliable because the joint between the tank and bowl can be a weak point. This is true, but if you're purchasing from a company with a good reputation, this isn't always an issue.

Flush type - The k-3978 operates on a single flush, but you should certainly take time to compare the differences between single and a dual flushing systems.

Customer feedback - Look at the big plumbing retailers online and check to see what their customers have been saying about the toilet you're potentially buying. Move onto the next one if you find there are too many negative comments about it. The ones we've chosen seem to be well recieved around the web, but it's important to do your due dilligence too.

Add ons - You may have set yourself a specific budget. If that's the case, you need to keep an eye on the accessories and hidden costs that may drive up the price. An example of this is the seat. Sometimes, manufacturers decide to sell seating separately to the bowl and tank, leaving you to pay the extra costs. So make sure you've read the small print in the descriptions to see if all the parts come together in one package.


We think the Wellworth toilet could be a smart choice for consumers working with a smaller budget. It may not have all the fancy features as some of the more expensive models, but it's got everything you need for basic home usage. For more information and reviews, click here.